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Manatee vs. Pinellas county – which one is better for single parents?

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    Moving is really one of the most stressful events in people’s lives, and there are no truer words than those. However, if you’re a single parent and deciding on moving to Manatee vs. Pinellas county, you’ll probably face even a bigger challenge. That’s why we from the Big Man’s Moving Company want to give you some advice on how to choose the best place for you as a single parent. Here are just some factors to check out before moving.

    Manatee vs. Pinellas County – How much money will you earn?

    Both of these counties will provide you with a living wage that is pretty good considering it’s Florida. However, if you make the calculation that it’s a single parent and not a family with 2 working parents things change. Our Manatee County movers will sadly admit that their colleagues from Pinellas probably have a 5% bigger wage. Obviously, it’s statistics, but as a single parent, you need to compare Manatee vs. Pinellas County on every single detail. Especially something as important as your wage.

    A bunch of money
    Manatee vs. Pinellas County? Depends on what you earn

    Housing costs

    Another important factor for you as a single parent with kids is your housing costs. Be it that you’re anywhere in Florida we can say that in both places the prices don’t vary that much when it comes to the housing market, however, the cost of living is a few percent lower in Manatee County than in Pinellas. That’s something that our movers St Petersburg FL know well, but they don’t complain. Being that you’re a single parent you might want to choose the location where you can save more money.

    Manatee vs. Pinellas County – Where will you commute the most?

    Wherever you go you can’t get away from the traffic. However, when you compare the two counties that you want to live in there are some differences. Average US citizens will take around 27 minutes to drive to work. But how much will you lose in Manatee and Pinellas? Our local movers can tell you that Manatee will take you around 25 minutes, while Pinellas just under 24. A minute’s difference might not seem like too much, but in a hurry, it can be. Especially when you want to go back home to your kids.

    Moving professional
    With a great moving company, you will move in no time

    Education needs to be a priority

    If you want your kids to excel in their education then choosing between Manatee and Pinellas is a pretty good decision. Both really show great results as the number of kids are always rising that have graduated. However, the department of education of Florida is always raising the bar when it comes to the quality of the kids’ education. Be it elementary or high school your children will get everything they need. Florida is also home to some prestigious universities.

    When you’re a single parent you’ll come across a lot of challenges. Inevitably, you need to prepare yourself and your kids for a lot of changes when choosing Manatee vs. Pinellas County. Every part of Florida has its own positives and negatives and we hope you’ll consider the information we’ve provided you with. Choose wisely and according to your needs and we’re sure that you’ll feel at home in any of the two counties in no time.

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