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Most popular moving destinations for military families in Florida

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Florida is like safe haven for veterans. We will now check out some popular moving destinations for military families in Florida. Florida offers multiple job and educational opportunities. It is also a community that is very supportive of veterans. Florida’s climate is also awesome. Military families like to enjoy warm weather. Of course, they also like enjoying beautiful surroundings. Mainly because it is almost an amazing environment for building a new civilian lifestyle. Just ask any person from the service who is now in some other sphere. They will all tell you the same. There are so many opportunities in Florida. If you are one of the people moving to Florida for the same reason, you better hire Big Man’s Moving Company to help you with your relocation process.

Let’s check out some of the most popular moving destinations for military families in Florida

After some time, military service family members switch to a regular lifestyle. That is why finding an affordable place to settle is extremely important. They usually choose the initial military basis where they were assigned to. Some places offer a high quality of life. However, not all of them are affordable enough for using their VA home loan benefits. Still, every city has its own good and bad sides. You just need to choose the most suitable option for you. If your family is one of the military families that need to move, let military movers FL take care of your needs. When you are choosing the city, you need to think of safety, the job market, and living conditions. Here are some most popular destinations for veterans in Florida:

  • Tampa
  • Jacksonville
  • Belleair
  • Orlando
City buildings of Tampa
Tampa is one of the most popular destinations for military families in Florida

Tampa is one of the most popular moving destinations for military families in Florida

The city has been a very popular destination for military families for years. Blue Star families that are living in the Tampa Bay area claim that it is a city of great opportunities. Basically, there are tons of programs here. There is nice cooperation with national organizations. The programs are providing unique opportunities for military families. Blue Star families are the families who have someone who served or is serving at the moment. In Tampa Area, they have created a network. The network enables better job and home search. In case that Tampa is a great choice for you, don’t hesitate to hire Tampa movers to help you in your moving process. According to statistics, Tampa takes 8th place in the best family-friendly city in America category. Tampa’s cost of living is also affordable. Housing and the price of groceries are also very cheap.


Jacksonville has a mild climate. The climate is awesome. You can enjoy the sandy beaches all year round. This beautiful city is a unique mix of charm, culture, and modern design. The technology sector is also booming in Jacksonville. That is why a lot of people are moving their business here. In case you also want to move your business here, make sure to check out corporate movers FL to assist you.  Jacksonville is also great for women in tech. That means more working places. The city is also very safe. When you compare it to the national average, you will see that it is safer than most cities in the States. The unemployment rate is very low. Last, but not least, the cost of living index is 91.3. That is pretty awesome. Because of that, Jacksonville is one of the most desirable cities these days.

Sunny beach in Jacksonville
Jacksonville has great sunny beaches.


Now,  let’s check out some smaller cities too. Most veterans just want to move here for peace. This charming town is in Pinellas County. According to statistics, Belleair is one of the best places to live in the beautiful state of Florida. Living in Belleair offers an urban-suburban mix vibe. The majority of people own their homes. There are a lot of great parks and restaurants. Belleair movers will help you with the moving process if you want to settle down in this little town. Besides peace, people also move here for safety. According to statistics,  Belleair is 92% safer than other cities of Florida. Because of the base, most military officers decided to stay here.  If you are not living here you can not access the beach unless you want to walk up the surf line from the other beaches.


Orlando has the most vibrant arts scene. It is very pleasant to spend time here. This beautiful city is also one of the greatest cultural centers. The weather is generally pleasant. Although is pleasant, summers can be extremely humid. Orlando’s real estate market is booming. The housing is affordable. Therefore, the time to move is now. The unemployment rate is 3.90%. That is significantly lower compared to most cities in the United States. Living conditions are awesome. There is no income tax. That fact makes it extremely attractive. The most popular jobs are in healthcare and construction. Still, recently, startups are booming also. The tech is everywhere and Orlando does not miss out.

Orlando at night
Orlando can be magical at night.

Here, we listed popular moving destinations for military families in Florida. Feel free to check them out. There are no taxes on military retirement pay. It is an extremely friendly state for veterans. Education for military people is awesome. The job market is full. You will have a lot of great opportunities here. The weather is pleasant. You have thousands of sunny beaches to enjoy. Every state has its own charm and magic. Florida is taking care of thousands of military families. There are a lot of higher education benefits for Veterans. Everyone can choose the benefit that best suits their needs. There are no enrollment fees. Most veterans will agree with the statement that Florida is the best for them. So, if you are one of them, feel free to embrace the adventure!

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