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Moving from Trinity to St Petersburg, FL – how to prepare your family?

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Moving from Trinity to St Petersburg FL with your family may not seem like a big endeavor. However, leaving Trinity and moving locally just down the road to St Petersburg needs careful planning and preparation like any other big-size relocation, especially if you are moving with your family. Clearly, it is only a 42-minute ride to your fresh smooth start in St Petersburg but let’s see what you are leaving behind and what awaits you in St Pete from a family point of view.

Moving from Trinity to St Petersburg FL – facts

What do moving companies in Trinity FL have to say about town? Trinity is a growing suburbia town with a population of 11,493. New buildings and housing areas are being added but there is still some quiet rural feel in the town. Working in Trinity brings a median household income of $79,509 which is higher than in St Petersburg. Furthermore, houses are more expensive, crime rates are lower and the schools are highly rated in Trinity. 

-seaside at the sunset
Beautiful, breathtaking sunsets and lots of outdoor activities for the whole family all around Florida

St Petersburg –  facts

 So, what attracts families to move to St Petersburg? A moving company St Petersburg FL may have an answer as well as a range of moving assistance options for your St Petersburg relocation. They are sharing some details on 

  • housing
  • public schools
  • good for families
  • outdoor activities
  • weather   
  • crime and safety

St. Petersburg is a city in Florida with a population of 261,338. St. Petersburg is in Pinellas County and is ranked #4 in best cities to retire in America still it attracts young professionals on the other hand. Nobody denies it, it is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in St. Petersburg offers residents an urban-suburban mixed feel with a lot of diversity in it. It is a fast-growing city, a lot of houses are being built fast an average median home value is $205,000 and most residents own their homes. 

St Pete – amenities

Due to great weather conditions, you can be outdoors all year round.  Beautiful water surrounds the city and there is a beach at almost every corner. There are many parks and various nature spots which make St.Petersburg the perfect place to experience a tropical, island-like feel in the state of Florida. St Petersburg doesn’t lack outdoor activities. It is a good place for families in general with a slightly higher crime rate than in Trinity. There is a capturing downtown area with excellent restaurants and cafes as well as museums. The city offers rich possibilities to lead a ’cultured’ life.  Public schools are rated above average and the best part is that you can find those schools literally sitting on the beach. In St. Petersburg, you can drive to a friend’s house by boat and even pick up your food thru a “boat drive-thru“. 

Moving from Trinity to St Petersburg
Take the advantage of a small city which has all the amenities of a big city

Are you still rethinking moving from Trinity to St Petersburg? You can freely relocate without worrying much.  St Pete is held dear for its safety, natural beauty, and superior environment.  It is great for families, young professionals, and retirees. St. Petersburg definitely provides a unique way of living.

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