Moving?? Hundreds getting scammed! BEWARE! - 4/5/2018  - Big Man's Moving Company Florida

Moving?? Hundreds getting scammed! BEWARE! – 4/5/2018 

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    Watch the story on ABC news here…

    ​Big Man’s Moving Company prides itself in keeping a good reputation and doing 100% of our moves ourselves. Many companies don’t care about anything but getting your money.  We often warn people against these large interstate moving companies due to their lack of a consistent product. These large companies collect your money and broker out your move to the cheapest bidder for the load/unload/driving.  They don’t check for insurance, licenses, etc.  GOOD JOB FMCSA BUT YOU NEED TO BE MORE PROACTIVE.  Hundreds of people got burned before action was taken.  As a customer you can  avoid this by staying away from these larger big box semi/van line companies who have tons of bad PR all over the internet on a simple Google search.  Call us today for any local or out of state moving needs!

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    Dylan and Marcus, the movers, were exceptional! Arrived on time, great communication, very professional, efficient, personable. Took great care of our belongings. I would not hesitate to recommend them!! Josh was communicative throughout the entire experience from receiving a quote to follow up.

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