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Moving long-distance with a pet- Florida edition

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Whether you are planning out-of-state moving or moving within Florida, relocation on its own is not an easy process and it can be quite challenging. But adding your pet to this whole process can be truly overwhelming. You are already feeling stressed about changing the environment, but can you imagine how anxious this can be for your pet? Nobody will deny that moving long-distance with a pet can be difficult. However, if you prepare yourself and your pet on time for this journey it can be easier. Here is a brief guide on how to move long-distance with your pet.

Prepare for moving long-distance with a pet

The most important thing that you should do before the relocation is to prepare your pet for the moving day. Try not to change your pet’s routine and you should spend together as much time as possible. For example, hiring professional packers will leave you more time to spend with your pet. Knowing that you are present will make your pet feel less anxious. 

Also, prepare an essential bag for your pet and fill it up with things that you will need during transportation and a couple of days after the move. The essential bag should include:

  • Treats, food, and water
  • Medications
  • Your pet’s favorite toy

Choose the best travel option for your pet

Once you are done with preparation it is time to find the best travel option for your belongings, you, and your pet. Hiring long-distance movers Florida is a good idea to transfer your belongings. Still, you will have to choose the best travel option for you and your pet. If necessary consider hiring professional pet movers when moving long-distance with your pet.

English bulldog inside the car as a symbol of moving long-distance with a pet
Decide which travel option is the best for you and your pet

However, if you are planning to do your relocation by car make sure to acclimate your pet to the vehicle before the moving day. On the other hand, if you decide to go by plane you will have to prepare your pet for the crate. The best way to do that is to place treats inside the crate so your pet will connect it with something positive.

Before moving long-distance with a pet check local laws and regulations

Be aware that every state has different laws and regulations when it comes to pet transportation. To get informed about interstate pet travel regulations do good research on the internet and talk with your vet. Make sure that you have all the paperwork that you might need for your pet. Also, moving long-distance with your pet may require obtaining different vaccines and health certificates. Consult with your vet and avoid any unpleasant surprises for you and your pet on your moving day.

Woman holding a dog while the vet is checking on him
Before moving long-distance with a pet consult with a vet regarding health certification

To have successful relocation contact the experts in Florida. For example, ask for moving help in Clearwater for any assistance that you might need during your relocation process. Delegating jobs to professionals will give you time to prepare before moving long-distance with a pet.

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