Moving out of state? Why would you settle for less? - 5/6/2018 - Big Man's Moving Company Florida

Moving out of state? Why would you settle for less? – 5/6/2018

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    Did you know that Big Man’s Moving does out of state moves?  After hearing about dozens of bad experiences using the large semi/van line companies we made a decision that this was going to be an essential offering for our customer base.

    These few observations sum up the bad experiences people shared with us.
    1. The semi/van line companies never committed to a delivery date holding furniture for weeks before delivering.
    2. Semi/van lines often have 2 or 3 homes on a single trip forcing them to handle items multiple times increasing the odds of damage or lost items.
    3. These semi/van lines don’t have their employees doing the actual move. They act as a broker and hire out to the cheapest bidders for the load/unload/drive.  In this scenario the customer has no idea who they are working with and when things go south it leaves the customer in the dust for years fighting claims/lawsuits for their damaged/lost furniture.

    Here is how we are different.
    1. We provide every customer with an exact delivery date and time frame 100% of the time.
    2. We only put 1 customer’s belongings in our truck for these out of state moves. Your belongings are not going to be damaged or lost due to negligence or over-handling.
    3. When you hire us you are only dealing with us and our employees.  Our employees that load your belongings are the same employees that drive your belongings and unload the truck.  We are 100% responsible for your entire out of state moving experience.

    Don’t just take our word for it. Here is a picture and a recent review from a 4,000 Sq Ft waterfront home we moved from NE St Pete to Cashiers, NC.  The customer was impressed with our work and insisted our staff stay after the move was complete for a beer to watch the sunset from their balcony celebrating a successful move.


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    The level of professionalism I received from the first phone call to the last was awesome! The three movers (Charles, Tray and Owen) were so courteous. They showed up 10 mins early, they asked questions and were so polite. They had everything that was needed to make this move safe and efficient. I was very happy with the service I received. This was a big move for us and Big Ban’s Moving Company made it a breeze. Josh informed me that his wife, Brooke, carefully hires the guys that work as movers and I have to commend her for her hiring abilities. These guys were awesome, they were nice, and were ready and willing to work. We will call Big Man’s from now on for our moving needs and I recommend that you give them a chance. Their prices are very competitive, their customer service is excellent, and you can’t beat having peace of mind when your belongings are involved. Also, don’t forget to tip.

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