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Moving tips for seniors – how to do it with ease?

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No matter if you’re a senior moving for a more simple lifestyle, better medical care, to cut expenses, or to be closer to your family – the same thought remains: It’s not easy leaving the home in which you’ve made so many happy memories. But don’t worry. For you, packing up and starting fresh could mean a marvelous chance to claim the present. Moreover, to do it with ease, have a look at the list of moving tips for seniors that  Big Man’s Moving Company Florida has compiled for you.

Give yourself plenty of time – the most significant of all the moving tips for seniors

  • To deal with the change. Uprooting your life, leaving everything behind, and heading into the unknown can certainly have its toll if you’re not careful. Moreover, if you’re a senior moving out of a home you’ve lived in for your entire life, the stress only magnifies. Taking your time will help you process the imminent change and start focusing on the positive.
  • For the moving process. You should anticipate this to take longer than you’d expect. So, one of our moving tips for seniors is to start early. This way, you will be able to carefully organize your relocation, and put your plan to practice. A stress-free move is the one in which you aren’t rushed.
One of the most important moving tips for seniors is to start with early preparations.
Moving will require you to prepare well both emotionally and physically to be able to handle it. So, take your time to process and plan.

Declutter, but hold on to your memories

It’s possible that you’ve assembled many unnecessary items over the years. And, if you haven’t had time until now to declutter, moving is the perfect opportunity. Still, disposing of something you’ve had for a long time to be soul-crushing. Therefore, the next tip from our moving tips for seniors is to either keep the items that hold the most emotional value or leave them in your family’s keeping.

Keep it safe

Our best relocation advice of senior citizens is to set aside some funds to book professional moving help – even if you’re moving short-distance. For instance, even if you’re staying within Pasco County, Florida, moving companies in Trinity FL, or any other Pasco County moving company, will make a great difference. If you choose to handle only packing, invite some family members or friends to help you disassemble, carry and pack them.

Pack your essentials

Clothes, toiletries, medication, medical equipment… – anything you may need the first night, and the first day in your new home. Pack it! The essentials box will be the last one to pack and the first one to open. Having the essentials on hand will allow for a comfy night and following day.

Elderly couple lying in bed.
If you wish to make the first night in your new home comfortable, pack an essentials box. This is one of our valuable moving tips for seniors on how to handle moving with ease.

Moving tips for seniors: take care of your health

As we’ve already said, making such a change in your life can be both physically and mentally demanding. You’ll do well to prepare for the emotional side of moving. First of all, a positive mindset will do wonders for your emotional health. So, remember to stress the positives as it will significantly alleviate stress. Secondly, if saying goodbyes takes a moment or two longer, don’t hesitate to take as much time as you need. As for the physical part of taking care of your health, our moving suggestions for elders include advice such:

  • hire a moving company that will do the heavy lifting
  • if you’re doing the packing yourself, ask friends or family to assist you
  • remember not to skip meals or forget to drink water
  • take occasional breaks (both for body and mind)

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