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Moving to Bradenton FL: pros and cons

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    When you are moving to a new city, you will want to explore it and learn as much as you can about it. And your professional movers can help you figure out if this is the right city for you with ease. This is why, if you are moving to Bradenton FL, you are in the right place! We are the best movers Bradenton FL has to offer, and today, we take a deeper dive into this Florida city. Find out whether you will fall in love with the place in this article!

    Bradenton by the numbers

    First, let’s look at the city from a purely demographic perspective. You will find the city of Bradenton in Manatee County in the State of Florida. The city also serves as the county seat, so a lot of things will be happening here. It is by no means a small place! There are almost 60,000 people living here according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The city is also a principal city of the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton metropolitan statistical area. Its population was estimated to be around 821,573 in 2018.

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    You will never feel alone in Bradenton!

    What this means is that you will never feel lonely after moving to Bradenton FL. The city is full of life – and many come to visit and commute to work here. Not everyone will be a fan of this, however. If you prefer something more remote and private – then you might want to look for other Florida communities – of which there are plenty!

    If you do decide to call your long distance movers Florida and move here, though, you will immensely enjoy it! Make sure you look into the Village of the Arts. It is a neighborhood south of downtown with special zoning laws. It is also the largest arts district on the Gulf Coast. The zoning laws will allow you to live and work in your home. Houses you will find here serve as studios, galleries, restaurants, and even small businesses!

    Explore the weather before moving to Bradenton FL

    Another thing that you need to really think about is the weather. Florida weather is famous all around the country for ranging from being nice and mild to being unbearably hot – and something similar can happen in Bradenton FL as well. The average high temperature in December is 73 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low is around 54 F. Meanwhile, the high temperatures in June can average to up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lows go around 73 F.

    a beach in Florida
    The beach is never far away!

    If you are not a fan of this weather, then you should consider moving somewhere else. However, the fact that Bradenton sits on the Gulf of Mexico helps balance the weather out. Whenever you feel tired of it, you can go to a beach and spend the day in the sun. This is why we recommend moving to Bradenton FL if you have the chance. What’s more, if you contact us today, we will be able to help you with anything related to the move, and make the experience easy and carefree!

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