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Moving to Clearwater on short notice

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According to experience, the ideal time for moving preparation is about eight weeks. However, in some cases, people have much less time for that. So, how to organize moving to Clearwater on short notice?  What to do in case you have just two weeks or less? Or if you have just several days to organize it all? Well, you can do all the job yourself. Or, you can get in contact with already known movers, like Clearwater moving companies. That way, you will save time on checking reliable moving companies. Also, they have skilled employees able to complete the job fast. So, with their help, all your possessions will be packed and relocated within days. 

When moving to Clearwater on short notice, you have to be fast

When moving, most time you will spend on the preparation period. Checking moving companies is a part of the preparation. And, as we already saw, by hiring proven movers, you will save up a lot of time. Also, you will save up time packing fast. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you will simply throw everything in the moving boxes. Bottom line, some of your possessions are fragile. And you don’t want to break them up. Also, you will still have to check your home and get rid of everything that is:

  • Broken
  • Not in use anymore
  • Torn and worn-out

By checking your entire home, you will find out many surplus things. Without much deliberation, just put them aside. You can also quickly decide about the things that you want to give to charity organizations. Give them a call, and they will come and collect those items.

Woman bonding with her daughter when moving to Clearwater on short notice.
Moving to Clearwater on short notice – you will have to pack fast.

Even when moving on short notice, you have to be organized

The better you are organized, the faster your preparations will go. So, while separating surplus items, pile the good items onto another side. Those things you will move, with help of  Clearwater moving services. That way, you will have a clear picture of the size of your moving load. That will help you in three ways:

  • The moving company will be able to give you a reliable cost assessment
  • In the case of a DIY move, you will know how big a truck rental you need
  • You will know exactly how many moving supplies will have to find

Also, that will help you to assess how many helpers will you need. And how many hours you will need for packing. Even packing fast, you will have to apply some packing principles. And that will, inevitably, take up some of your precious time.

Regardless of the rush, get the proper packing materials

In such a situation, you will rush to complete as much as possible in the shortest possible time. However, you will still have to find good moving material. That is essential, regardless of moving locally or further away. So, to save up time, don’t be shy to ask for help.

Ask friends and relatives to help you

They might know someone who was moving recently. So, they can get the supplies from them. Or, they can check the internet. Many people are selling used, but still good moving supplies. That way, you will get the necessary things fast. Keep in mind that ASAP packing is very important when you move on short notice.

Empty apartment with packed carton boxes before moving.
Regardless of the rush, you have to find good-quality moving supplies.

Hire packing services when moving to Clearwater on short notice

In case you decide to hire packing services Clearwater FL, they will bring their own supplies. So, you will not need to lose your precious time on that. Besides, the skilled packers will complete the job much faster than you and your relatives. And, don’t forget that you have furniture that has to be disassembled before packing. Not only that your packers will have the right tools. They will know how to pack every single piece in the right way.

The only help they will need from you is to separate items into categories. For example, you can separate kitchen electronics, dishes, and kitchen linen. So, that will help them to pack your kitchen faster.

Other ways to divide your items into categories

You can do this to help your hired packers. So, they will not need to think about which items are going into which box. Also, it is important when preparing for DIY packing. Your helpers will not need to constantly ask questions. With things separated into categories, they will just wrap them up. And put them into belonging moving boxes. That way, you will considerably speed up the packing process.

But, what criteria to apply when separating items? Well, you can actually apply several criteria. For example, you can divide your items by being:

  • Big or small
  • Heavy or light
  • More or less important
  • Fragile or non-fragile
  • Electrical and non-electrical items

Following this example, you may also come up with some other criteria. In case it looks logical, and faster, apply that one. 

Persons packing ceramic tableware in parchment.
To help your movers, divide items into categories.

Apply the pre-packing to speed up the moving preparation

It is obvious that packing speed has an important role in short-notice moving. And pre-packing is one of the ways to speed up your preparations. But, what the pre-packing actually mean? Well, it is actually nothing mysterious. Pre-packing just means that you have to pack the essentials first. You will pack them a bit more carefully. And after the local movers Clearwater FL relocate you, it will be easier to find them. That is important, as you will be able to use them immediately.

Having just several days to pack, you will fill up the rest of the moving boxes, following only the general categories. That way, many of your items will be mixed up. So, you will have to spend more time unpacking. But, once in a new home, you will have much more time. So, you can go slowly with unpacking and putting items into their proper places. And, you will have the essential, pre-packed items to use. Therefore, you will not need to rush.

Whenever you move on short notice, ask for help

To complete packing on time, you will definitely need some help. Several days is a too short period to complete such a big task alone. So, moving to Clearwater on short notice, either hire professional packers or accept help from family and friends. However, make sure they have a clear idea of what they have to do. That way, regardless of the rush, your last-minute move will be well organized. And all tasks will be completed successfully and timely.

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