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Packing guide for single moms moving to Tampa

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We all know that moving is hard and time-consuming. At times, it can be costly as well. There are several moving stages that will waste your time and money like nothing else. You must organize like a pro, pack, and find reliable Tampa movers to help you out. And the packing process is probably what will take most of your time and energy. Therefore, we assembled a small guide to help single moms moving to Tampa. Let us pack together!

Realize how hard it is

To create the best packing plan, you must inspect your home and your belongings first. Begin with the kitchen, move to the bathroom, and then the rest. Those two are most complicated to pack due to a bunch of miscellaneous and fragile items involved. Also, do not forget to check your attic, basement, garage, and backyard. There you’ll find quite a few items that need to be removed, cleaned, and packed properly. And while moving through your home, note everything down on your moving checklist and use it later as a moving guide. It will help you calculate moving costs and realize if you need any additional moving service Fl.

single moms moving to Tampa will need help from reliable moving company
Movers will help far more than simply calculating costs. Check out the full coverage they offer.

Now, you must focus on your new home as well. Presumably, you already inspected it and you know where you’ll put your furniture. If not, you must create a floor plan in your new home so you can unpack it easier and put stuff where they belong right from the start. Otherwise, you will clutter your space and you will swim through boxes and furniture for days. Hence, inspect everything, make a plan, and call your movers when you are ready.

Single moms moving to Tampa should obtain the following moving supplies

Now when you know what you must cover in the upcoming days, start gathering your moving supplies. It won’t be hard at all. Note that you can purchase all materials from your movers, order online, or visit the nearest hardware store. Whatever you prefer the most. And bring with you a list of moving supplies you should obtain:

  • Cardboard boxes – There is no relocation without moving boxes. And you’ll need around 20 or even more depending on the size of your move. Carton ones are the best choice for packing everyday items. Although, if you have fragile and valuable pieces you want to protect, you can always purchase a few plastic bins. They are a bit more expensive but reusable.
  • Blister packs – It is used to wrap items individually and to create a nice cushiony environment for your moving boxes. But you can use blankets, sheets, old shirts, or anything similar you already have at home.
  • Packing tape and labels – Of course, you’ll need something to close your box with. Packing tape is the answer. Purchase a higher quality one because it must endure the voyage and you’re your boxes together. Also, you’ll need a label for each box.
Moving truck full of boxes
You will need a lot of moving boxes to cover your needs. Ensure you purchase enough.

Next to the regular moving supplies, you can also use whatever you have at home to support your packing process. Use crates, containers, garbage bags, hangers, etc. Simply pack your pillows, old clothing, and similar items using these methods. You can hire a packing service too and leave all the hard work to professionals.

Begin with the hardest part

Single moms moving to Tampa usually have no time to waste. Therefore, let’s get packing! As we already said, we suggest you should start with the kitchen due to all those small and fragile items there. Also, you must handle the appliances and all those sharp objects as well. So, begin by packing all the fragile items first. Start with your dishes, ceramics, glassware, silverware, etc. Wrap each piece nicely and fill the gaps with a kitchen cloth or blister packs. Then move on to the sharp objects. You can secure those in a bulk. Simply wrap them all in a sheet or a kitchen cloth and transport them separately. Out of the harm’s reach of course. And finally, unplug all your appliances, remove liquids, clean, and prepare for moving.

Here you can use the original box if you still have it. And remember to read the instruction manual in case you do not know how to disassemble small pieces. Note that you should move large appliances yourself. Let your movers do this part because it is too dangerous to handle alone. A single mistake can damage your appliance or result in a moving injury. Therefore, prepare your appliances for moving but let the movers do the hard part.

Secure your moving boxes

Now, a sound piece of advice is not to close your boxes right away. Simply because you might want to fill a gap or add something later on. Although, prepare a label for the box and keep it on the top. Once you are certain that the box is ready, close it, apply packing tape, and label it right. Ensure your boxes are secured, air-tight, and that the corners are secured. You do not want any of the boxes tearing in the transport.

wooden crate with a fragile sign on it
Label each box the right way and secure the safety of your cargo.

The power of labeling!

Single moms moving to Tampa should label each box adequately. If you do so, you will have an easier time unpacking in your new apartment. But more importantly, your movers will know what is inside the box. This will raise awareness and they will handle it more carefully. A simple “FRAGILE” sign will be enough. Although, you can write on your boxes the complete content for you to inspect the cargo easier once it is delivered. Therefore, think about the labeling system that you are most comfortable with. You can use numbers, colors, shapes, etc. One goes on your box and the other on your checklist. Cross-reference everything nicely and you’ll always know where your items are.

Single moms moving to Tampa shouldn’t handle robust items at all

We already said you shouldn’t move large appliances yourself. The same goes for any other robust piece of furniture. It is understandable that you want to help and prepare as much as possible before your movers arrive. The more you do the easier it is on your moving budget. But you shouldn’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Call your Big Man’s Moving Company FL and let them form a moving plan that will exclude you from the hard labor part. Professionals will move your heavy boxes and robust furniture cheaply, safely, and with the utmost care and devotion.

Ok, this was a simple guide for single moms moving to Tampa. Now you know how to obtain materials and pack successfully. Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll have more time to spend with your children and prepare them for relocation. Good luck.

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