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Packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor

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    Palm Harbor is one of the best places in Florida to live in and we know you can’t wait to get there. However, you need to organize your move in the best possible way in order to have the least amount of headaches during the move. That’s why we at the Big Man’s Moving Company have decided to give you a hand. Here’s the best packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor you can get. The only thing you need to do is to follow it.

    Packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor – Gather packing supplies and create a plan

    Before you even start putting stuff in moving boxes you need to create a game plan. You can’t just randomly decide it’s time to pack. For that reason, by creating a well-organized schedule you can make the whole process of moving easier. It only gets better if you use the movers in Largo FL as they can really speed up the process. Another big thing you can do is to get the moving supplies ahead of time to make it even more relaxed for you.

    A woman protecting her furniture with bubble wrap
    Having the right packing supplies is essential in following the packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor

    Start with items you use rarely and continue with the ones you use often as the move gets closer

    People who don’t label their boxes and don’t have some type of order when packing will have a huge problem when it’s time to move. To make a streamlined packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor you need to start with belongings that you rarely use. Our local movers will tell you to do so because it makes the packing process easier. By starting with smaller and less stuff in general you’re creating a snowball effect. After you get a couple of boxes packed the rest will feel more natural to do.

    Leave the essentials and most valuable items for the end

    In the end, just before moving day take care of your most valued belongings. That might be your jewelry, your documents, or anything you can think of that adds value to your life. You really want to bring the most precious belongings with you with the help of  Palm Harbor FL movers at all costs. Just know how and where you’ve packed them. It’s important to find that box as soon as possible when it’s time for unpacking.

    A ring inside a box
    Save your most valuable items for last

    Packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor – Downsize as much as possible

    A move is generally the best possible time to declutter and downsize. So why not use your packing process to do just that? This will be the best time to see all the items you don’t use anymore or that are broken. There’s no need to have them as they’re making the job just more difficult. For that reason, recycle, donate old furniture or just throw something you didn’t touch in years into the trash can. You will thank us later.

    Moving is one of the most stressful things that happen during a person’s life. We as a moving company try to give our best and make it as easy and comfortable as we possibly can. One part of that moving process is also packing. It might seem easy but it can get very daunting. We hope you’ll follow our packing timeline for your move to Palm Harbor as we’re sure that it can facilitate your move a lot. We hope you’ll enjoy Palm Harbor and happy moving!

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