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Planning and Packing for a Last Minute Move?

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    Moving is a complicated process and we recommend starting the process at least two months in advance. However, sometimes circumstances are not as you would like them to be resulting in an unexpected last minute move.  Since packing usually takes the most of your time, here is how you can simplify packing for a last-minute move.

    Find a good local moving company
    When you need to organize a last-minute move, you should find a local moving company as soon as possible. You can search on the Internet about movers and add your location as well, for example moving companies Clearwater, FL.  This way, you can focus on moving companies close to you. Then, read their reviews both positive and negative to see what people say about them and how they respond to criticism.

    Let the movers perform the more difficult tasks
    Have the movers do the more difficult tasks. These include packing your furniture, home appliances, and other large items. To disassemble large household furniture takes a lot of time, especially if you do not have relevant previous experience. Adding to this situation a lack of time, you can end up damaging furniture, losing some parts, or injuring yourself. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, have your movers to take care of this. Big Man’s Moving Company certainly possess the necessary skills and brings the proper tools to help you with this part of your packing.

    Create a packing list
    When you are short on time, you need to remain organized. The best way to achieve this is by making a list.

    Get packing papers and scissors 

    • Brand new moving boxes, don’t buy used and don’t get free grocery boxes.
    • Markers and tape
    • Bags – you can use garbage bags since they will do the trick and they are not expensive
    • Protection material – packing paper, bubble wrap, old shirts, socks, bedding
    • Suitcases

    Throw items away or sell items 
    This is the perfect opportunity to throw away all the items you no longer use. Granted, you do not have to throw them all away since also you can donate or sell as well. You can donate almost everything to Goodwill or Salvation Army, but only if it is in good condition.  Items that are almost in perfect condition you can sell online or at a garage sale which can contribute to your moving budget.

    Pack room by room 
    If you really want to simplify packing for a last-minute move, then pack your items by rooms. Start with your bedroom for example, and do not go the next one until you finish with your room. Use the new cardboard moving boxes for your items since they offer the best protection. Smaller boxes are better due to being lighter in weight which means less chance for the bottoms to blow out. Pack each box full from top to bottom so they can’t crush in when you stack them on top of each other.   In addition to this, do not forget to label the boxes according to the rooms they are from since this will help you once you start unpacking your items.

    Use suitcases
    You can save money and time by packing your clothes in suitcases.  For your hanging clothes, you can leave them on hangers, just put a garbage bag over them. You can put them like this in the backseat of your car. This is even more applicable if your move is a local one.

    Ask for help or let your moving company do your packing
    When you need to simplify packing for a last-minute move, you should get some help. Ask your friends and family if they can help you with packing.  If you can’t finish packing by moving day call your moving company a few days prior to communicate with them that they will need to assist you with some packing on moving day. We recommend sending them pictures via text or email so they have a clear scope of work and can bring the appropriate supplies to the job.

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