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Pros and cons of living in Odessa as an elderly citizen

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If you are thinking about where to live when you retire, the choices are endless. You can finally move to the coast and have your beach home. If you are considering living in Odessa as an elderly citizen, we are here to share the pros and cons of living in this small Florida suburb. Choosing a good moving company to help with your relocation is a must. Why stress over the moving process if you can let the professionals take care of it? On the other hand, you can use your spare time to explore Odessa and see if it is the right fit for you.

an elderly couple with moving boxes smiling because they are moving to Odessa
Living in Odessa as an elderly citizen is a nice change compared to the city rush.

Living in Odessa as an elderly citizen- pros

There are many pros of living in Odessa in your senior years. Some of the most important reasons for hiring moving services FL and moving to this Florida suburb are:

  • it is calm and quiet, perfect for senior citizens
  • the crime rates are exceptionally low in Odessa
  • the cost of living is excellent

Low crime rate

An important thing about Odessa is that the crime rates are significantly lower than the US average. Before moving anywhere with the help of Pasco County movers you want to check about the safety of that place. You will not have to worry about being robbed or anything of the kind if you choose this place for your post-retirement days. Low crime rates and an overall safe environment are what makes Odessa perfect for elderly citizens.

Life is affordable in Odessa

The general cost of living in Odessa is lower than the national average. This includes the price of groceries, the cost of utilities but also the home prices are not too high. If you are considering moving, now is the time to call moving companies in Odessa FL. If you are planning on buying a house in Odessa you will have to set aside around $500,000. Compared to home prices in some other popular Florida suburbs, this is a lower than average price.

a senior couple smiling because they found out that living in Odessa as an elderly citizen is great
You will be able to afford your post-retirement dream home in Odessa.

Living in Odessa as an elderly citizen- cons

Of course, as with any other place, there are also downsides to living in Odessa too. There aren’t many, but the biggest cons could be:

  • the general Florida weather
  • the population size in Odessa

Florida weather

Florida is known for its humid climate. Many senior citizens may find this as a major issue when looking for a place to live after retirement. If you are not comfortable with hot, humid summers you may want to choose a coastal state other than Florida.

Population size in Odessa is small

Population size could be seen as a minor issue if you are used to living in large cities. Odessa has about 8,000 residents which is next to nothing compared to Miami, for example. The general rule of thumb is that large metropolitans are economically better to live in than places with few residents.

Living in Odessa as an elderly citizen is a good choice!

Odessa is an excellent place for seniors to live in. Living in Odessa as an elderly citizen has many pros and a few cons. The cost of living is lower than average as well as home prices. Crime rates are virtually non-existent. The only downside to Odessa is the humid weather and not many residents. Overall, you will not regret moving here.

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