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Pros and cons of moving to Manatee County in summer

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A lot of Americans are using the period from May to September for moving. During the summertime, kids have vacations. Also, if you are employed, you can easily take annual leave. Of course, in case you are moving locally, within the County. But, what if you are moving to Manatee County in summer? Well, maybe you have got a good job offer. And you can’t wait for cooler days. In such a case, hire Big Man’s Moving Company FL as soon as possible. On one hand, the roads will not be wet and slippery. On the other hand, you will have to handle high heat. And, moving prices are generally higher. So, moving in the summertime has its pros and cons.

Manatee County

Manatee County is located in Central Florida. So, no doubt that during the summertime you have to expect high temperatures there. The county has about 400,000 residents. The county seat in Bradenton, which is also its biggest city. The other bigger cities in Manatee County are Sarasota and North Port. 

The median home cost in Manatee County is $330,400, which is higher than the average Florida cost of $294,900. However, the rest of the costs are equal to or even lower than average Florida costs. And, the median household income sits at $63,629 per year. Moreover, living costs in Manatee County are lower than the US average. So, all this is making Manatee County a good place to live.

Sarasota, FL, USA as a symbol of moving to Manatee County in summer.
Living costs in Manatee County are lower than the US average.

Pros of moving to Manatee County in the summer

Reasons for moving during the summer are various. Those reasons are different for everyone. However, some of them are common for most summer movers. Here are the most usual of them:

It’s school vacation time

Summer is the optimal moving time for families with school kids. A change of location is especially hard for kids. And, if interstate movers Florida are bringing them far from home, it’s even harder. So, moving during the long summer holidays will give them time to accommodate to the new place. And hopefully, they will make some new friends before the beginning of the new school year. 

You can count on extra help

The kids will not be occupied by the school or extracurricular activities. So, they can help with decluttering and packing. This will help you a lot. First, kids will know which of their things are surplus. So, you will not make mistake by throwing away something they treasure. And, the whole packing process will be completed much faster.

You will have a longer period of daylight

When you are moving during the summertime, you will enjoy a longer period of daylight. In case you are moving locally, you might have enough time to complete unloading. And even to unpack some basic things. And have a comfortable overnight stay in your new home.

In case of long-distance moving, you will cover more miles per day. And thus reach your destination in Manatee County faster. 

A Young Couple Using their Smartphones while Sitting in a Bedroom.
You can have enough time to unpack basics and have good overnight rest in your new home.

Good weather conditions

This is probably the most obvious reason. This is especially important if movers Bradenton FL are binging your things from a distant place. And especially if you are moving from the northern areas. Without good summer conditions, roads could be icy and slippery. Or you could get stuck in a snowdrift.

Cons of moving to Manatee County in the summer

The summertime is not the most ideal time for moving to Manatee County. Here are some of the most common cons of summertime moving:

Moving companies are very busy

Over 70% of Americans are moving during the summertime. So, most of the moving companies are fully booked in that period. And, unless you have booked your move in advance, you will have a problem finding a good company. Or hope that someone will reschedule its move, and get its term. Also, due to such high demand, the summertime moving charges are higher.

It is not easy for everybody to stand the heat

In case you are moving from cooler areas, you may find it very hard to stand summertime heat. As you are approaching Manatee County, you may feel increasingly uncomfortable. Under normal circumstances, the body needs 48 hours to adjust to a temperature change of 10°C (50ºF). 

During the move, the body will not have this possibility. That’s why you have to be especially careful. So, don’t overexpose yourself to the sun. Drink as much liquid as possible. And try to stay in an air-conditioned car. Heat stroke is not fun. And, it can have serious consequences.

Drinking Glasses with Fruit Juice on the Table.
Stay hydrated when moving to Manatee County in summer.

Your belonging can easily overheat too

When you are moving to hot areas, remember that some of your belongings are especially sensitive to heat. The best is to discuss this issue with Manatee County movers. They will advise you about the best solutions to preserve them. And to bring them to Manatee County in good conditions.

Additional tips for moving during the summertime

When you are moving during the hot season, you have to be extra careful. Try to start your move as early as possible. The sun is strongest between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. So, do the loading and unloading before or after that period. Also, take a lot of water and fruit juices. In case you need to travel for two to three days, take very light meals. And, choose the motels with good air conditioning for the night’s rest. Besides all that, wear loose clothing made of natural materials, such as cotton. All this will help you to stand the heat easier.

Moving in the summer to Manatee County

So, moving to Manatee County in summer is not very comfortable. You will probably regret your decision many times during the move. But, remember that most of the people are moving at the same time. So, if they can do it, you can do it too. And luckily, you have at your side some of the best movers to help you move in the summer. So, relax. Stay hydrated. Stay in cool places as much as possible. And give yourself time to adjust to a new climate.

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