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Qualities to look for in Clearwater movers

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Whether you are moving to or from Clearwater, it is important to find good-quality movers. Annually, there are about 30 million moves in the USA. And, this further means that the demand for movers is huge. So, in such a milieu, many scams or shoddy practices can occur. Some people will opt for moving on their own. A DIY may be practical when you don’t have too many things. And, when you’re moving locally. Otherwise, it is much better to hire some of the reliable Clearwater moving companies. If you choose this option, you should know what are qualities to look for in Clearwater movers. So, we have prepared a short guide. It will help you by pointing out what to pay attention to when choosing a moving company.

Hiring a moving company vs DIY move

Will you hire movers or opt for the DIY move will largely depend on your budget. The other prevailing factors are the complexity of the move, the moving distance, and your health conditions. The people are mostly opting for a DIY move, as they consider it a cheaper option. However, that is not entirely true. For example, if you are moving long-distance,  you will have to rent a moving truck. Also, you will have friends helping you to load the truck. But, reaching your new home, you will have to hire movers to unload the truck. And to move your things into your new home.

Clearwater Beach Florida
With good quality movers, your relocation to Clearwater will be a nice experience.

Besides, don’t forget that your friends may need to take time off from work. And, that their health insurance is not covering injuries sustained during moving your belongings. Also, you will have other costs to cover, such as highway toll, fuel, etc. Consider all those costs. And compare them with the costs of hiring a moving company. You might be surprised to find that the difference is not that big. In addition, think about your health. Moving requires a huge effort. Just think of lifting and carrying heavy things. Or about driving a large moving truck on your own. So, hiring long distance movers Clearwater FL could save you from many troubles. Not only that it will save you time, but it will prevent you from getting injured.

How to find good moving companies in Clearwater?

People are usually not sure how to start. And where to look for moving companies. One way is to talk to your relatives, friends, and coworkers. Those are the people you know well. So, you can be sure that they will recommend you only the good movers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a good moving company has a strong online presence. Therefore, you can go online and find:

  • movers which are close to you
  • those offering the services that you need (for example the corporate movers Clearwater)
  • reviews their website (be sure that companies, which are using effort to present their work, will show the same diligence when handling your possessions)
  • reviews on other platforms
  • recommendations of the associations (such as the American Moving and Storage Association)

While checking the companies, find at least three of them which are meeting your criteria. After that, your next step is to contact them.

Ask the chosen companies for their moving quotes

Moving companies like local movers Clearwater FL usually have the moving calculator on their websites. However, such calculators can give you only a general idea of the costs.  So, the quality movers will appoint an estimator to take inventory of your belongings. And, the estimator will do that in person. Or, he will do a virtual survey. Remember that the behavior of the estimator is one of the qualities to look for in Clearwater movers. Why is that so? Well, the large component of the moving price will depend on the weight of your belongings. So, in case the estimator is just walking around, without questions or making notes, it is not a good sign.

Money and calculator as moving estimate is one of the qualities to look for in Clearwater movers
One of the qualities to look for in Clearwater movers is that they provide you with a moving estimate

The serious estimator will take inventory of all your belongings. He will also determine the bulk and weight of your move. Also, he will check the width of your corridors against the larger furniture pieces. Besides, a good estimator will ask about the items you don’t plan to move. So, he will not take into account the things that you intend to sell, donate, or leave behind. He will also check if you are moving the garden furniture. And what items from the attic and garage you are taking to your new home. Such specifics will help him to make the estimate as accurate as possible.

Ask the estimator to send you the moving quote in writing

Let us see why is that important. You will have three estimators visiting you. So, you will get three moving quotes. Having them in writing will help you to make comparisons, and to see:

  • if the estimator made a breakdown of the moving services
  • if in the quote are numbered all the services that you asked for
  • whether all prices are clearly stated for each service that the company will provide

Comparing the quotes, don’t immediately go for the cheapest option. Instead, you should check the quotes carefully. That way, you will find the best balance between the prices and offered services.

A person is using a laptop and calculator
Compare estimates of at least three moving companies.

What is usually included in the moving costs?

When the moving company is calculating the moving costs, they take into consideration the following:

  • size of your move
  • distance of your move
  • cost of labor
  • packing cost (in the case of full moving service)
  •  liability and valuation coverage
  • moving date (peak or off-peak season)

Arrange the meeting with movers in their office

Before making the final decision, ask the movers to meet them in their office. The main goal is to establish whether they have a physical address. In case they insist on meeting you in a restaurant, or somewhere else, disregard them. However, interstate movers Florida will be glad to invite you to their office. And that will give you a chance to establish the  qualities of the Clearwater movers, such as:

  • do they have decent furniture and a tidy office
  • is their staff polite and of good behavior
  • if their moving equipment and driving pool are looking good and well maintained

And, since you are already meeting them, that is your opportunity to ask additional questions.

Qualities to look for in Clearwater movers

This meeting will give you the possibility to establish many facts. So, here is the overview of the questions to ask. Also, here are the things about the moving company that you should find out.

Establish whether the moving company is reliable and reputable

First of all, don’t be shy to ask questions. Although you are in their office, you are the one who is paying. So, you have the right to ask questions.

  • for how long is the company in moving business
  • do they have employees or hire the daily help
  • do they have complaint records, and what is their policy for solving them
  • what licenses do they have (state and national)
  • are they registered by BBB (some companies avoid this, which is usually a red flag)
  • what kind of liability coverage are they providing
  • do they offer the additional insurance

So, reliable Clearwater movers will gladly show their documentation, licenses, and records. That is one of the important qualities to look for in Clearwater movers. 

A person using a magnifying glass.
A good estimator will check everything carefully, and ask many questions.

Questions related to charges and estimates

During the meeting, don’t forget to ask about estimates and possible additional costs. So, you would like to know:

  • can the company provide you with a binding or a not-to-exceed estimate
  • besides the charges stated in the estimate, should you expect some additional charges
  • in case the additional Clearwater moving services are needed, how they will inform and charge you
  • in case the additional moving supplies are needed, will you have to pay for them
  • what policy do they have for cancellation or need for changing the moving date
  • what form of payment do they accept (never pay a large cash deposit in advance)

Questions related to moving and logistics

You must know when to expect your belongings at your new address. In case of long-distance relocation, the moving companies are having two weeks delivery window. So, you will have to book a hotel, and organize living in a new town, while waiting for your things to arrive. Naturally, you will want to know their whereabouts. And when to expect them. So, ask the company representative:

  • how you can stay in contact with the driver
  • who you can contact in the company during the moving time
  • what is the company policy in case of late delivery
  • in the case of some specialized moving services, do they contract a third party (if so, ask the references, and make sure that the moving company is liable for possible damages or loss)
  • to provide you with the list of non-allowable items
  • what is their policy, and where you can file claims for damaged or lost property

Regarding the last point, keep in mind that the law prescribes nine months after the delivery for filing the complaint. Therefore, open all your boxes within that time and make sure that all is right.

Singing the contract with the Clearwater movers

Once you decide which company suits your expectations the best, it is time to sign a contract. However, before endorsing your signature, make sure that you understand all points of the contract. If not, our advice is to hire a lawyer. It is an additional cost. However, it may spare you a lot of trouble.

Never sign a blank moving contract

Regardless of how much you trust your mover, absolutely never sign the blank contract. For example, if you agreed to pay for full services, make sure that all costs are included in the agreed cost estimation including packing services Clearwater FL. In case you sign the contract without checking such omission, the chances are that you will actually pay for some services two times.

Two women sit at a table and review papers.
Before signing, discuss the moving contract with your lawyer.

Before signing, pay attention to the quotes stated on your contract

Checking your contract, you may notice one of the three usual quotes:

Non-Binding Estimate

A non-binding estimate is based on the number and weight of your possessions. However, since it is “non-binding”, the final moving charges can be higher. In this case, the actual charge will not be based on the estimate, but on the actual size of your move. However, the good news is that the moving company can’t charge more than 10% above the original estimate. This extra charge you will have to pay within 30 days of delivery.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate

In case the company has this type of estimate stated in the contract, you will not be charged any extra costs. Even if the actual weight is higher than estimated, you will be charged as per the original estimate.

Binding estimate

If you agree to a binding estimate, you will have a guaranteed price for the move. However, at the time of delivery, you may ask for additional services. For example, you may ask the moving company to help you with unloading. Only in such a case, you will have to pay the extra fee. And, you will have a deadline of 30 days to settle the cost.

Moving insurance and valuation protection

These points you will have to discuss before hiring the moving companies Pinellas County. However, make sure they are stated in the contract the way you have agreed. The fact is that all moving companies are liable for the goods they are transporting. However, during the negotiation period, they may offer you:

Full value protection

It can cost you more, but during the move, all your possessions will be under the mover’s full value protection. Simply said, while in your mover’s custody, for all your lost, damaged, or destroyed possessions, the mover is obligated to reimburse their full value.

Blue, broken ceramic composition.
In the case of full-value protection, the mover is obligated to reimburse the full value of destroyed items.

Alternative level of liability

This no-cost option provides only minimal protection. However, it is a bit risky. In case of damage or loss, the mover will be obliged to reimburse you only 60 cents per pound, per article. For illustration, your TV, which costs $1000, and weighs 10 pounds, gets destroyed. The mover will be obliged to reimburse you $6.

One of the qualities to look for in Clearwater movers is that they will not miss supplying the  inventory list

Never sign the contract before checking the inventory list, which must be attached. Also, read the inventory list carefully and compare it with your own list. In case you notice that some things are not on the list, make the objection immediately. Why is this important? For example, your TV is not on the inventory list. And, you sign the contract. At the time of delivery, you may discover that the TV is missing. But, not being on the list, you will not have any proof that you had it. Usually, the moving companies are careful when making the inventory. And, such unfortunate things are not happening often. Still, it is better to be careful than regret it later on.

Beware of fraudulent movers

The whole process of assessing the qualities to look for in Clearwater movers may look long and very demanding. But, clarifying that the moving company is legitimate will give you peace of mind. Moreover, it will save you from being scammed by fraudulent movers. Unfortunately, in such a huge industry, besides many honest and trustworthy companies, you can still easily run on such persons. Therefore, all the tips that we gave are meant to help you to have a good moving experience.

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