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Reasons to relocate to St Petersburg with your family

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Are you thinking about relocating to St Petersburg with your family? The Sunshine City has a low cost of living, beautiful weather, some of America’s greatest beaches, and a thriving employment market. In case you are planning to relocate to St Petersburg with your family, take some of the best Clearwater moving companies into account. If you choose their trained professionals, your desire for dependable and reliable moving services will be completely addressed. When thinking about reasons to relocate to St Petersburg with your family, consider the beaches, cost of life, transportation, education, employment, and entertainment.

1. Tons of beaches

St Petersburg is famous for its gorgeous clear seas and white sandy beaches. You could spend your afternoons and weekends soaking up the sun rays on the beach. Namely, being able to spend so much time at the beach is one of the biggest advantages of moving there for families with children. St. Pete Beach, known as one of the best in the country, receives thousands of visitors each year. The beach is located on a small island and is surrounded by boutique stores, a range of restaurants, and watersports for the entire family.

a beach in St Petersburg
One of the advantages of moving to St Petersburg in Florida is the variety of beautiful beaches where you can spend your leisure time.

If you need a good-quality moving company, movers in St Pete FL will certainly make sure you and your family members enjoy the process of relocation. All moving companies will say that each move is unique. As a result, their customers’ needs are also different. Some people choose full-service moving help, while others want labor-only moving services. Whatever your requirements are, Big Man’s Moving can assist you in a variety of alternatives, such as:

  • Residential, office, and commercial relocation services
  • Packing services
  • Military moving
  • Senior relocation

2. Cost of living

Even though you might expect that living on the beach in this dynamic city is pricey, the cost of life in St Petersburg is actually fairly reasonable. In fact, housing costs are 29% lower than the national average. Therefore, if you are looking for a property for your family, you will be able to locate beautiful real estate at a reasonable price. Furthermore, one of the numerous advantages when you to St Petersburg with your family is the absence of state income tax. The extra monthly income might be used to purchase your ideal property.

When it comes to affordable Clearwater moving services, Big Man’s Moving might be a perfect choice! Since they are a family-run business, their professionals certainly understand the value of family. As a result, they put a high priority on moving together and assisting one another. They operate as a team, and your participation is essential! Moreover, their services are quite affordable. Whether you need local or out-of-state moving services, you will not have to worry about spending too much money.

3. Education

When you need to relocate to St Petersburg with your family, you certainly have to think about your children’s education. Pinellas County public schools are Florida’s seventh-largest school system. Therefore, if you relocate to St Petersburg with your children, they will have a variety of educational alternatives. In addition to public institutions, this city provides a wide array of private schools.

a man thinking if he should relocate to St Petersburg with his family
If you are worried about your kids’ education, rest assured that St Petersburg provides excellent public and private schools.

In case you want to relocate with children, the packing process might be a bit challenging. However, Big Man’s Moving’s packing services FL might assist you in having a pleasant, stress-free relocation, even with children. Many people regard packing as a duty. However, it is much more than that. Good packing might go a long way toward reducing harm to your items. Moreover, when packing, it is crucial to keep everything in order. Packing carelessly, because you have to deal with your children, might result in longer and more frustrating relocation. However, their moving experts and their services are at your disposal if you want a smooth packing process.

4. Employment

Even though the city’s unemployment rate of 4.7 percent is now greater than the national average, it is reducing as St Petersburg jobs begin to resurface. Top employers in the investment banking and financial field include Raymond James. It employs approximately 4,000 workers in the area. Another significant employer is John Hopkins all Children’s Hospital. It has over 3,000 medical professionals. The best thing is that the job market keeps growing every day!

5. Entertainment for kids

No matter what your age and interests are, there is enough to help you enjoy life in St Petersburg. Busch Gardens, a zoo, an aquarium, and an outdoor water park are all located in Tampa. Living in St Petersburg requires you to keep active and get outside. When you are not at the beach, you might want to take a walk around one of the city’s 150 parks. There are also various museums across the city that cover anything from art to science to children’s activities.


Moreover, if you enjoy sports, be aware that the city is home to numerous nationally famous sports teams. Riding a bike in the beautiful hot weather has become a local favorite sport. Moreover, the city has built more than 130 kilometers of bike lanes to encourage inhabitants to spend time outside. You may discover secret areas in nature with miles of kayaking and paddleboarding pathways. While exploring the region, you might want to go fishing or take a look at stunning sea and wild animals.

6. Transportation

Transportation plays a very important role when moving with a family. Tampa has a number of public transportation alternatives to assist you in traveling and exploring the city. The TECO Streetcar, which runs between Ybor City and Channelside Bay Plaza, is an option. Moreover, there are over 200 buses and Amtrak rides available across the city. If you prefer strolling, Tampa has the world’s longest continuous sidewalk, which runs over 4.5 miles along Bayshore Boulevard.

a streetcar
It is easy to move around in St Petersburg because it has a range of transportation means.

Easily accessible

St Petersburg is relatively easy to travel and get around because it was planned in a grid format. You will have quick access to all parts of the city and the Gulf coast. For frequent and international travelers, St Pete-Clearwater International Airport is also nearby. Moreover, this city is in an excellent position, only a 35-minute drive from Tampa and a two-and-a-half-hour journey from Orlando.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why you should relocate to St Petersburg with your family. Firstly, you might want to prepare yourself for a lot of sunny days. In case you need real estate, look around Downtown St Petersburg for a good location to reside in. Of course, in case you move to this city with your family, you will enjoy relaxing at some of the top beaches in the United States. All things considered, you will definitely not regret moving to this lively and interesting place.

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