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Rules of moving day etiquette

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    Moving has its own set of rules and things that are viewed as self-considered. Above all, there is a relationship between the mover and clients that is strong and is full of respect. For that reason, there is a moving day etiquette that is being respected by both sides. We from the Big Man’s Moving Company FL have decided to tell you about just a couple of parts of that etiquette in order for you to know how to react in certain situations when moving.

    Want to follow the moving day etiquette? Make everything accessible for your movers

    There’s no better way to be helpful to movers than actually leave them enough space to work. They are the experts and can do everything for you, so providing them additional help from you might only backfire. Especially if it’s the interstate movers Florida that we’re talking about. You don’t need to stand around and tell them what to do. The best way to help them is to keep their way clean and without obstacles and that will be more than enough.

    Movers moving a sofa
    Part of the moving day etiquette is to keep access to items clear

    Pack and label everything before the move

    Part of the moving day etiquette is also to pack and label everything before the movers arrive at the scheduled time. Nobody wants to waste time by waiting, be it you or the movers. There’s a lot of work to be done so every minute counts. Especially if it’s a local move it really can be unnecessary to waste precious time. If it’s a long-distance or interstate move it can be easier to handle some additional time, but smaller moves need to be as precise as possible.

    Offering  refreshments is part of the moving day etiquette

    Whenever you move, be it summer or winter it’s equally hard. Especially for the moving crews that are doing the heavy lifting. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer them some food and drinks if you can. Above all, some water and fruits will definitely be useful during the summer months. Nothing is better than that to keep your energy up for long distance movers Florida and to keep everyone fresh. It’s nothing you need to do, but it is a nice gesture.

    A woman drinking water
    You can offer movers some water if you see that they’re tired or thirsty

    Tip your movers

    Do you feel like our movers have done a good enough job? It’s completely ok to tip them if you want. There’s nothing wrong with it and they will appreciate it a lot. Obviously, that’s nothing that is an obligation, but doing it will make everyone feel better. There’s not an ultimate guide to how much to tip movers but anything you can spare for hard-working people is a big bonus. And don’t worry, if you don’t do it, there are no hard feelings. A moving company will always respect your hard-earned money.

    There are many things that can make your movers feel better if you follow the moving day etiquette. Thankfully, with a lot of them, you can be very helpful. From cleaning everything up and leaving enough space for them to work, to packing and boxes on time, you can really do a lot. We know that moving, especially the longer distances, is very stressful. But the same goes for the movers that have to do the work. Whatever your situation is, we hope that everything will go by quickly and efficiently. Good luck with your move!

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