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Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city – Relocation guide for 2023

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Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city is not an easy question to answer. That’s why it’s necessary to get as much information as you can in order to make a decision that will be the best for your needs. Of course, whatever you choose, you can be sure that the movers Clearwater FL will be able to assist you with the relocation process. And in order to find the perfect place for you, make sure to ask the right questions. Here is some info on Tampa and some of the smaller towns around Florida that we think can work out for you.

Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city? – Things that make Tampa so great

Tampa is the right place for you as it offers something for everyone. Located on the west coast of Florida, it has a lot of benefits that come with living in Florida. Of course, you can enjoy the amazing weather in Tampa whether you like going to the beach or having a barbecue in your backyard. After the Tampa movers complete the task, you will have a plethora of quality options. There are many benefits of living in the area, and 2023. seems like a year that will come with more of them. Overall, you can be sure that Tampa is the place to be if you move on your own or with your family. Let’s take a look at more details that will make Tampa stand out.

3 moving trucks
If you are wondering if should you move to Tampa or a smaller city, read this article, make the decision and hire the right movers

It’s a big area to live in which comes with many benefits

As the biggest city in Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay area, you can be sure that the city will be the right choice for you. Especially as it can offer you a variety of benefits that you won’t get in the area, the state, or even the nation. Ask any moving company St Petersburg FL and you will see that a lot of people are moving to Tampa in recent times. Its diversity and overall safe environment make it perfect for living. And whatever your lifestyle needs might be, if you love the summer, you will love Tampa. With almost 400,000 people you will see that there’s a sea of opportunities.

Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city? Getting around is easier in Tampa

Even if usually a bigger city means more traffic, for Tampa you can’t say that. Especially as the average commute is around 24 minutes. That’s a little over the Florida average, but still 2 minutes short of the US average of a 26-minute commute. On top of that, Tampa is well-connected to other cities and towns in Tampa Bay and it will be easy to navigate. Even moving around Florida won’t be too difficult of a task. One thing that will be very helpful is that you’ll be able to use quality and reliable public transport to get around the whole Hillsborough County area.

Affordability when it comes to the cost of living and housing is something that Tampa can offer you

One of the main reasons for moving will be affordability. And Tampa is one of the more affordable places in the area. On top of that, when you compare it to some bigger cities in Florida, you will see that you will have all that you need at a fair price. Especially as the cost of housing is almost identical in Tampa to the average Florida housing cost. When it comes to some important numbers, you want to take a look at the median rents and median home prices in Tampa. To buy a home, you will need around $300,000 on average, while for rent you will need on average around $1,400.

A person holding money as a symbol of the question should you move to Tampa or a smaller city and what is more affordable
Finances will have a big impact on your move

There are many opportunities that you will get in Tampa

Of course, you want to pick a city that has a plethora of great opportunities for you. And thankfully, Tampa will be the right place for you. Be it that you’re looking for a job or want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will have a plethora of options. When you combine the unemployment rate of around 5% and the median household income of around $48,000 you can be sure that you won’t have to struggle. Especially from a financial and economic standpoint. But there will also be some great places to enjoy your free time. From amazing beaches and parks to cultural and entertainment options, there will never be a dull moment.

If education is what you’re looking for you’ll get it

Are you a student that’s looking to move? Or do you have a family with kids and educational options are important for you? Then you won’t make a mistake by moving to Tampa. There are a big number of options that you can pick out from Tampa. On top of that, a lot of them are high-quality and you won’t be disappointed with the choices that you have available to you. Besides more than 200 schools there will be colleges and universities ready to offer you the right education. Here are just some of them that we would recommend:

  • The University of South Florida
  • The University of Tampa
  • Hillsborough Community College

Tampa is a very family-friendly city with a lot to offer

Feeling great about your new place will depend on a lot of factors. And one of them will be to ensure that your whole family feels great about the new area. Thankfully, you can be sure that Tampa is a very family-friendly place that you’re able to enjoy in so many ways. By having a lot of options for you and your kids to relax, you will feel great at all times. And thankfully, you will never have a lack of options. Here are some places that are great to check out with your kids in Tampa:

  • Zoo Tampa
  • Adventure Island
  • Glazer Children’s Museum
  • Busch Gardens
A mom with kids having fun at the zoo
There’s a plethora of things to do in Tampa

There are plenty of quality neighborhoods to pick from

Tampa is a very big city with a lot of opportunities. However, it’s important to find the place that will fit your lifestyle the most. Thankfully, there will be a lot of neighborhoods that you can enjoy living in. And all of them come with their own benefits and downsides. It will greatly depend on your needs to find what’s the best neighborhood for you. Are you looking for options downtown or near the coast? Are you looking for a job or want a peaceful place to raise a family? Here are some of the neighborhoods that we think are best overall:

  • Ybor City
  • Hyde Park
  • Downtown Tampa
  • Seminole Heights
  • Beach Park

Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city? – Here are some smaller cities to keep on your radar

Is Tampa just big of a space and crowd for you? Then there are other options that you can pick that will fit your needs better. Especially as smaller towns will have their own charm. However, they will also come with their own set of benefits. From a safer space to probably a lower cost of living, there can always come benefits to choosing to live in a smaller community. But of course, it will all depend on where you decide to go. Let’s take a look at some of the places that are smaller than Tampa but can offer you a quality lifestyle.

Gulfport is a great place to move to

If you’re looking for a small and welcoming community, you will absolutely love Gulfport. It has so many benefits and people care about each other and the overall community. There’s always something fun to do and you will never have a dull moment. After the moving companies in Gulfport help you move you will be able to visit some amazing shops and restaurants. But also go out for a walk on the beach. Overall, there won’t be anything you’ll miss in Gulfport.

A beautiful beach with two coconut trees on it
Gulfport will offer a lot of options

You won’t make a mistake by relocating to Palm Harbor

Are you looking for a place that is fun and beautiful? Then Palm Harbor can be the perfect place for you. There are so many parks, beaches, and areas where you can enjoy nature. On top of that, there’s a big diversity in the area itself. After the movers Palm Harbor FL help you relocate you will have amazing places to eat. Even at the level of Florida, you won’t find a place that has more diversity when it comes to cuisine. But you can’t forget about the fact that you’ll have job opportunities available too.

Indian Rock Beach is a beautiful and enjoyable area

As a small community of around 5,000 people Indian Rock Beach will offer you a small area but big opportunities. It was originally built as a weekend getaway but it has been growing in the last decades. And the stats of the movers Indian Rocks Beach FL will only confirm that fact. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico and the overall benefits that living in Florida has to offer. And its location and proximity to other parts of Florida are going to make it a very relaxing place to live in in 2023.

Make sure to keep Odessa on your mind when choosing the perfect place

Odessa is a beautiful suburban area just outside of Tampa. It has all that is necessary to make sure that you feel great in a town. Even if it’s a small area with around 8,000 people living in it, the houses are well spread out. For that reason, you can have both your personal space and a sense of community. The overall feel of Odessa will make you want to put your roots here. And of course, you can always count on professional moving companies in Odessa FL to assist you with the relocation process. Take a look at some basic information about Odessa FL and see for yourself if it’s the right place for you. Here are some of them:

  • Unemployment Rate 5.0%
  • Median Home Price $500,000
  • Median Income $61,000
  • 14% Population Growth
Moving truck in the yard
Should you move to Tampa or a smaller city? Odessa might be the perfect small town for you because of the housing options

Is Largo the right place for you?

Do you want to live in a relatively small, but affordable community? Then Largo can be the right place for you as the average rent will be around $1.400. That’s cheap when you consider just how many benefits this town can offer you globally. Add to it the affordable and expert movers in Largo FL assistance, and you won’t have problems feeling good about your budget. Of course, with a population of 70,000, it’s not exactly the smallest place. But it’s still almost 5 times smaller than Tampa. However, it won’t lack opportunity, be it from an economic or entertainment standpoint.

There’s not much that Lakewood Ranch can’t offer you

It’s not easy to pick a small town in Florida to live in. However, when you check out all the benefits of Lakewood Ranch you will see just how great it can be to live in such an area. It’s a small area but it offers a big variety of benefits for everyone from families with kids to retirees. Combine that with the help of movers Lakewood Ranch FL and you will be more than happy with the results. As a very safe community with a lot to do, you will never feel bad in the area.

Wesley Chapel is a great place to live

If you want to live in a quiet but still very active suburb in the Tampa Bay area, you need to keep Wesley Chapel on your mind. It will come with a lot of great benefits and you will feel great about it. On top of that, you can count on the assistance of movers Wesley Chapel FL to be sure that you get into your new home and start your life in the area. There will be a big variety of housing options and you will see everything from apartments to homes in the area at different prices. Overall, if you want to move to a safe and family-friendly Wesley Chapel is the right place for you.

A family walking toghether
Wesley Chapel is the right place for families with kids

Are you still wondering if should you move to Tampa or a smaller city? Well, Florida has a variety of options when it comes to lifestyle. And thankfully, there are many cities and towns to live in. Every single one of them will come with its benefits. There are so many details that come into answering that question. With a variety of places in the state of Florida you won’t make a mistake be it that you move to Tampa or a smaller town in Florida. Overall, you won’t make a mistake wherever you decide to move.


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