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Should you move your Clearwater-based business in 2022?

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Moving your business is a risk any way you look at it. If you decide to move, you could spend a lot of money you didn’t plan to spend, lose some of your customers, and even lose some loyal employees who simply can’t relocate with you. In spite of all that, sometimes moving your business is the best option you have. There’s no universal right answer, only what is right for you and your business. Here at Big Man’s Moving Company Florida, we came up with a list of things to consider when deciding whether to move your Clearwater-based business in 2022. Also, you will find tips on how to go about it if you choose to do it.

Move your Clearwater-based business in 2022 – what to consider

Relocating a business usually comes with a lot of stress. It entails detailed planning, costs a lot of money, and requires some special logistics too. If they can help it, most businesses shy away from doing it. However, it can also be a great opportunity to expand your business. Consider the following to decide if moving your business is the right step for you.

Proximity to clients

Analyze the major clients for your business. Who are your clients and where do they come from? Do you often find yourself on the road trying to reach them? Or the other way around, they are always in transit just because they want to do business with you? If this rings true for your business, you may benefit from moving. You should be as near as possible to your important customers and clients. Every day the competition is getting tougher. You don’t want to give them a reason to think about doing business with anyone else offering a similar service or product. If relocating would satisfy your customers and therefore make a profit, then this may just be what your business needs now. However, if you are doing most of your business online, relocating may be an unnecessary expense. Just make sure you hire corporate movers FL residents recommend.

Man facing a smiling woman in an office
Prioritize your clients’ satisfaction when deciding whether to move your Clearwater-based business in 2022.

Reaching a new market

Let’s assume you are a proud owner of a Clearwater-based restaurant. Let’s also assume that your state government abruptly concludes they want to build a university in another city in Florida. This new school environment could need your service. If so, then you should relocate shortly. Sometimes, a particular market gets saturated. When that happens, usually new markets arise. As an entrepreneur who wants to succeed and evolve, you have to watch out for such changes and use them to your advantage. Even if it means relocating your business. The best long-distance movers Clearwater FL has to offer can help you do so.

In contrast, if you are satisfied with the market in Clearwater, risking your entire business by moving it into the unknown may not be the best idea.

Move your Clearwater-based business in 2022 if the cost of running the business is less expensive somewhere else

All growing businesses are on the lookout for ways to cut costs and increase profits. There are times when moving your business could be the best option you have to cut your costs and increase your profit. Consider the cost of living, commuting, and all other needs that affect your business. Many businesses move from cities to suburbs, and many others move from suburbs to cities, all because of expenses. Sometimes, even if you are closer to your target market, the location of your office may incite costs that will make whatever profit you make look trivial at the end of the day.

Calculator and money on a table
If moving your business would reduce your expenses, go for it.

Labor and workforce issues

Finding a suitable workforce outside Clearwater is a valid reason to move your business in 2022. It is conceivable for your business to have a low supply of the kind of workforce it needs merely because of your current location. If your business flourishes because of specific expertise that only certain employees can provide, then you should think about moving to a place where it will be easier to have access to such staff.

How to move your Clearwater-based business in 2022?

In case you decided moving your business in 2022 is the next step in improving it, you need to plan the move in detail. When you are relocating your entire business from one location to another, proper planning is key to a successful and stress-free move. Plan ahead to ensure all the details are taken care of. Also, be sure to arrange the move in a way that disrupts your business as little as possible.

  • Schedule the relocation outside of business hours. This will help to ensure minimal disturbance of your business and inconvenience to your customers. Also, the fewer days your office is non-functional, the less money you lose.
  • Arrange your Internet service and business telephone to be up and running in the new location. Do this even prior to turning the services off in your current business location.
  • Submit a change of address form to USPS. This is an important step and it is easily overlooked.
  • Notify your customers and vendors. They should know about your change of address well before the move. Contact them via phone, email, or post to let them know the date and time of your move. Also, include information about your new address and phone number.
  • Contact the IRS to inform them of the change of address of your business.
Person taping a carboard box shut
Professional movers can pack up your inventory in a safe and efficient way.

Consider the help of professional moving companies

If the entire relocating organization seems too much to handle, no one can blame you. Remember there are professionals who can help you move your Clearwater-based business in 2022. They can provide the experience, expertise, and supplies you need to carry out the move quickly and successfully. Movers can help you in many different ways, including offering the best packing services Clearwater FL has, as well as unpacking, and safe transportation of inventory to the new location.

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