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The benefits of living in St Petersburg?

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It is only natural to prepare yourself before making a decision on where you will move. There are quite a few factors that should be put into consideration before actually opting for a place. People often do a lot of research and try to learn as much as they can. The same goes if you are considering living in St Petersburg.

You should learn about its history, find out what it’s famous for and how much it will suit your current lifestyle. If you are a person who doesn’t like changes, you should avoid moving to a place that will make you change your habits. However, if you love changes and are willing to adapt to a new environment, living in St Petersburg will be a wonderful adventure for you. Let us introduce you to all the benefits of living in this lovely city. It’s charming, developing at a fast pace and there is room for everyone, no matter how you look or feel. With this guide, you will discover St. Petersburg in a new and fun light.

The affordable cost of living in St Petersburg is a benefit

Living oceanside is usually really expensive and people need to have a lot of money to afford it. However, living in St Petersburg is really affordable, so feel free to call Tampa movers and schedule a relocation to this beautiful place. The housing expenses are exactly 29% lower than the national average. That’s a really significant number. It is also 7% lower than the Florida average housing expense! So once you start searching for a home, you will encounter a lot of really nice real estate for some reasonable prices.

While talking about money, one of the biggest benefits of living in St Petersburg is the famous no-state income tax. You can save a reasonable amount of money by living in a state with no income tax. All the money you save you can later use to buy a home here. It is also much cheaper than living in Tampa. An average salary of $77,000 is a sum of money that can really provide you with a comfortable life. This place is so much cheaper. Compared to other similar places. From clothes and entertainment to restaurants.

Enjoying beaches is a big part of living in St Petersburg.
Sunshine is a big part of this city. Most of the year, the place is really sunny.

The job market is thriving

Some people are scared to start living in St Petersburg because they aren’t sure they’ll find a job. Don’t be afraid. With a low unemployment rate of 4.6%, St Petersburg is one of the best places to find a job quickly, both in Florida and in the country. During the last year, it has seen the job market grow by more than 2% and in the future, the job growth is predicted to grow by 42% over the next 10 years. St Petersburg is ranked higher than any other city in the state in terms of having the best job market.

If you opt for living in St Petersburg and book Big Man’s Moving Company Florida to relocate you, you will get a chance to work in some of the Fortune 500 companies. Companies like HSN, Jabil, Raymond James, Tech Data, and Wellcare Health Plans all have headquarters here. Financials, healthcare, and data analysis are the dominant industries in the region. For opportunities in healthcare, St Petersburg has top-rated facilities that you will be able to apply at.

The first designated green city in Florida

The city has made a thorough transition to clean and renewable energy sources in an effort to promote green living and sustainability. While there may still be some areas that need improvement when it comes to energy, the goal towards a complete eco-friendly environment and lifestyle will soon be reached by people living in St Petersburg. Many programs have been added. Some were started for water conservation, others are the preservation of estuaries, there are the earth-friendly recycling programs, and using fuel-efficient technologies is a big step in the right direction. St Pete is becoming a big model for other cities that are trying to become greener. There are always some big tree-planting projects you can participate in.

Three men are holding a solar panel.
It’s really easy to lead an eco-friendly life while living in St Petersburg.

Beautiful beaches are everywhere

If you love the beach, pick movers for your St Pete relocation right now. St Petersburg is famous for warm and clear waters and beaches of white sand. In fact, there are three beaches in this city that made it to the very top of the Tripadvisor Best U.S. Beaches list. It’s literally always sunny so spend your soak up the sunshine of the oceanside all day every day.

Enjoying St Pete Beach is a part of living in St Petersburg

Because it is one of the best beaches in the country, St Pete Beach is an attraction for thousands of tourists every year. Set on an island near the city, it is filled with very nice restaurants, boutique shops, and watersports for every member of the family. You can learn how to paddleboard or scuba dive in no time.

Clearwater Beach is another tourist favorite beach

Its emerald waters and quartz sand beaches make it a tempting attraction for any tourist. Spending a day at Clearwater Beach is something most people only dream about. There is a big chance that you will see some dolphins. Also, stick around to experience the unforgettable views of the sunset.

Try out the beaches of Sand Key as well

Sand Key beaches gifts you with amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico. There is no better way to escape the big city than by going to this beach.

A plate full of shrimps is on the table.
If living in St Petersburg, you will have a great opportunity to try world-class seafood.

Living in St Petersburg means eating good food

The food you can try in St Petersburg simply does not get the credit it deserves. Famous for its freshly caught Gulf Coast fish and seafood and unique flavors, the culinary scene in this city, even though underrated, is slowly becoming more and more recognized for what it is. New restaurants are popping up all over St Petes. There is plenty of seaside cafes or sophisticated eateries. Hire movers St Petersburg FL and check for yourself why people living in St Petersburg always talk of food with so much excitement. The food served in this cities restaurants will soon be famous all over the country.

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