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The perfect weekend in Clearwater: A 48-hour itinerary

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Clearwater is the ideal location for a romantic escape or a family vacation due to its white sand beaches and calm coastal breezes. You may connect with intriguing sea life, indulge in delicious meals, and go on enjoyable adventures here. Clearwater is a wonderful vacation destination with year-round sunlight. If you need long distance movers in Clearwater FL to help you make this place a forever home you won’t need to worry. The professional team will be more than happy to help you. The city features a lively social atmosphere, making it a popular American vacation spot. However, it also makes a great starting point for exploring some of the less well-known vacation attractions in that part of Florida. Therefore, the perfect weekend in Clearwater will be easy to plan.

The perfect weekend in Clearwater is waiting for you

The best vacation spot for all types of tourists is Clearwater. No matter your age or interests. Whether you are in an adventure, art, or zen mood. The sun-kissed city never lacks interesting things to do. You can always use one of the best Clearwater moving companies if you fall in love with this place. With Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico near. This Florida city, which is technically a part of Pinellas County enjoys sunshine almost all year long. The region’s residents and visitors both adore outdoor activities because of the beautiful weather. There is a great variety of things to do in Clearwater, so whether you want to spend a weekend filled with theme park excitement or a week lounging on the warm sand, this lovely oceanside city is calling you. We will tell you how you can spend the perfect weekend in Clearwater

  • Visit the beautiful marine life at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • Observe dolphins in their natural habitat
  • Sail out on a private boat while in Clearwater
  • Go to the Calypso Queen
  • Explore the famous Pier 60
  • Visit Busch Gardens
  • Take part in a treasure hunt
  • Take a tour of Clearwater Beaches by helicopter
  • Take the Clearwater Ferry to travel
  • Board the pirate ship
  • Take a trip to Sand Key Park
  • Visit the Westfield Countryside Mall
  • Attend a performance at Ruth Eckerd Hall
Parked moving trucks
Enjoy your perfect weekend in Clearwater and who knows, maybe you decide to relocate here.

You can do all of the things on this list if you plan accordingly. There is always room for improvement so taking some of the fun activities out and putting something else in is completely fine. You need to make sure that it’s the perfect weekend in Clearwater for you. Therefore, make an itinerary that you will love.

Visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The well-known Clearwater Marine Aquarium, in addition to its local dolphins, also has a variety of other animals. Many of them are in the kid-friendly touch aquariums, including slippery fish, astute pelicans, amusing otters, adorable sea turtles, and terrifying rays. It’s an engaging and educational day out with an emphasis on educating people about animal rehabilitation and rescue. You can see in person the full treatment of the animals in the aquarium. Their operational animal hospital has a specialized rescue center. After being restored to full health, the aquarium intends to release the aquatic animals back into their original environments.

Sea turtle in an aquarium
You will be able to see many beautiful animals in the aquarium and learn more about them.

Observe dolphins in their natural habitat

One of the unquestionably finest things to do in Clearwater is to witness dolphin groups breach the surface of the water in their natural habitat. If the aquarium doesn’t satisfy your urge for marine life this definitely will. Many packages, including catamaran or tugboat-based tours, enable enthusiastic tourists to approach these lovely oceanic beasts up close. Choose from a one-hour, 1.5-hour, or 2-hour dolphin-spotting expedition while cruising in the Gulf of Mexico. Some excursions even offer free ice cream on the balcony. Therefore, you will enjoy the most beautiful views while packing services Clearwater FL will make sure you are ready for relocation. You will have the smoothest move with the help of professionals. You can plan more activities you can do while living in Clearwater.

Sail out on a private boat while in Clearwater

Florida’s Clearwater Beach, arguably the most picture-perfect stretch of sand in the state, offers pristine waters, breathtaking views of the ocean, and plenty of space to chill. One option for vacationers is to lease a yacht with a skipper already on board, or they can hire and operate their own private boat. With space for up to six people on deck, it’s not the cheapest activity initially, but it becomes much more doable when divided evenly. Therefore, it’s very doable with a couple of good friends. You will definitely enjoy the beautiful trip that you will go on.

Boat on a dock waiting for people to come
Leasing a boat can be both a fun and peaceful time.

For the perfect weekend in Clearwater go to the Calypso Queen and Pier 60

If you enjoy sailing, you should definitely check out the legendary Calypso Queen in Clearwater. Dance the night away at the Caribbean-themed party with endless beverages such as beer, wine, and rum punch after indulging in the buffet and taking in the colorful sunset. On the ocean, it resembles a nightclub. It shouldn’t be surprising that visiting the lively pier in Clearwater is one of the most sought-after things to do as the 1,080-foot-long Pier 60 is a well-known fishing location worldwide. You can make this place your home with the help of household movers Clearwater. You will be able to picnic or watch pelicans in addition to fishing for your own dinner at Pier 60. Make the perfect weekend plans in this area of Clearwater fast and easy.

Have fun at Busch Gardens

If you’re looking for an exciting time, head to Busch Gardens near Tampa Bay, which is owned by SeaWorld. It’s approximately a 40-minute drive from Clearwater. At Busch Gardens, there are a lot of fun things to discover for people of all ages. Ride the first Dive Coaster in America, take in the African-themed performances, get up and personal with African creatures as you zipline through the air, and much more. Spending the extra money for a skip-the-line ticket during the busy and hot summer months will be well worth it.

People smiling at the camera after the perfect weekend in Clearwater
Alone or with friends, you will have the best time in Clearwater.

Hunting for treasure will make the weekend in Clearwater perfect for you

While professionals at Clearwater moving services are busy moving your belongings you can rest and have some fun with a scavenger hunt. By having experts move your items you will have more free time and avoid mistakes. When leisurely tours start to get a little dull, a fast-paced, competitive treasure hunt will spice up any trip. You’ll see all the best parts of Clearwater as you search the entire city for hidden objects, finish tasks, and solve puzzles along the way. This is a fun activity for couples and families. Get going by selecting a 1 or 2-hour game. This is some sort of mix between an outdoor escape room and the Amazing Race. Additionally, this is a fantastic way to engage in enjoyable and interesting sightseeing in Clearwater.

See the beautiful Clearwater from the sky

While cruise ship sea views are lovely, nothing compares to the unrestricted aerial views of the city and shoreline. The Anclote River, Tarpon Springs, and Caladesi Island can all be seen on scenic flights above Clearwater when a qualified and skilled pilot is in the pilot’s seat. Flights last 20 minutes, or you can choose a longer 45-minute trip if you’d like extra air time. This is a terrific activity for couples or photographers. You’ll also pass by other attractions like Clearwater Beach, Pier 60, and Honeymoon Island State Park. After this, there is a high chance you will fall in love and want to live in this city. The local movers in Clearwater FL will make the whole process as easy as it can be. Your belongings will be at your new place sooner than you think. Therefore, start planning your housewarming party.

Helicopter in the air above Clearwater
Clearwater is especially beautiful from the sky. Be sure to check it out if you can

Take the Clearwater ferry to travel and see other beaches

Although the beach is beautiful, it would be negligent of a visitor to ignore the other attractions Clearwater has to offer. The iconic Clearwater Ferry, makes stops at Dunedin, Downtown Clearwater, and the Marina, among many more. It is the greatest way to explore the entire area while avoiding the headache of traffic. Obviously, you can always walk down the Causeway Bridge if you are ready for a 45 min walk. Both will give you beautiful views of the city and it will be especially breathtaking if you go in time for sunset. The moving companies Pinellas County can help you with the whole process of moving. Of course, if you decide in the end that this place is perfect for you. The relocation process will be an easy task with a professional team that you will have by your side.

Board the pirate ship before a trip to Sand Key Park

Themed cruises are part of what makes Clearwater such a wonderful tourist destination, and there isn’t a cruise that is more suitable for the whole family than the famous Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise within the traditional-looking ship, “The Pirate’s Ransom.” It is a fantastic day on the sea with crew-run activities including face painting, treasure hunts, and water gun games, as well as the dolphins that frequently swim alongside the ship. There are two distinct areas in Sand Key Park. The park and the beach. The beach, which has an exceptional expanse of white sand, is perfect for strolls and picnics. There are plenty of things to do here, so visitors can explore the various artificial reefs, water features, and playgrounds for a full day.

Pirate ship in the sea looking at a sunset
Go onto a pirate ship and let your childhood dreams come true.

Westfield Countryside Mall will give you a chance to shop till you drop

Shoppers, be happy and ready. The Westfield Countryside Mall is the largest shopping complex nearby and is home to countless boutiques merchants and big-box stores. Even after the credit card has been used up, there are still lots of things to do, including a 12-screen Cobb theater and an on-site ice rink. When you’re finished shopping, think about dining at some of the top-notch neighborhood establishments. The well-known Ruth Eckerd Hall, a center for the arts situated on the eastern side of Clearwater next to Old Tampa Bay, is well-known for its live music. Numerous accomplished and well-known performers, including Pink, The Allman Betts, and Travis Titt, have appeared here throughout the years, and there will no doubt be many more well-known performers. The venue also holds dance and theatrical acts in addition to concerts.

Plan for the perfect weekend in Clearwater

We can talk about when to visit now that we understand why to do so! You may choose the best time to visit Clearwater by considering a number of criteria. For one thing, there aren’t many spring break tourists in Clearwater. For their Spring Break holidays, the majority of college students from Florida choose other, less family-friendly locations. Instead of traveling so far south for the beach. The non-Floridians frequently stick to the northern beaches like Pensacola. If they decide to go south, they typically choose cities like Miami or Tampa because they have a more vibrant nightlife. Spring is an excellent season to travel because there aren’t any Spring Break crowds. But generally speaking, October, November, and December are the greatest months to travel. In Florida, autumn doesn’t typically bring very chilly weather.

Have a perfect weekend in Clearwater even in the offseason

Compared to other beach cities, the city of Clearwater does not have a significant off-season. Being so far south means that it doesn’t get as cold as northern beaches. The summer is the preferred time for many visitors from outside the city to visit Clearwater. Most Floridians stay away from the beach during these oppressively hot months. Although tourists frequently underestimate this heat, it can reach a point where it can actually be harmful. The beaches are frequently less congested in late January or early February. The first few days of January are still crowded with visitors who spent the holiday in Florida. Snowbirds haven’t typically departed yet either. The months of December, January, and February will be cooler. Even though Clearwater doesn’t have many chilly days, you might notice fewer people on the beaches throughout the winter. No matter the time you can have the perfect weekend in Clearwater.

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