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The things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good

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So you are preparing to leave Lakewood Ranch. Maybe you received a new job in another city. Or you and your family found a more suitable home. However, there are many things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good. This city is a 7,000-acre planned community. It is placed in northeastern Sarasota County and southeastern Manatee County. Many find it an amusing place. Lakewood Ranch has a busy community. It encloses all aspects of modern infrastructure. This city has had an amazing residential and commercial development over the past few years. Also, you can find many fun things to do here. For instance, you can go dining. Or have excellent nightlife and entertainment. Lakewood Ranch is attracting different generations. However, if you chose to leave this place, Big Man’s Moving Company FL is here for you. 

Facts about Lakewood Ranch

Here we will see some interesting facts about Lakewood Ranch. In 1922, there was the Uihlein family. Back then, they purchased this outpost. For many years it remained as a place that is not suitable for development. Until the late 1970s. During those years, the family started exploring other uses for the land. Still, circumstances have changed in 1994. And during that time, a cattle ranch became a small village. In that area, the first village opened in Summerfield. Hence people living in the surrounding areas considered it as the big province. Things have certainly changed since then. Nowadays, there are more than 35,000 people living in Lakewood Ranch. This city can provide a lot of things to do. For instance, there are exquisite educational institutions, golf courses, country clubs, and sports facilities. In addition, Lakewood Ranch is close to the best beaches in Florida! Since you are moving out of this place, you may want to find a similar one. Luckily moving companies Lakewood Ranch FL can help you with that.

The things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good

Since you have decided to leave Lake wood Ranch, you should know what exactly you are leaving behind. Lakewood Ranch is a place that has 17 villages. And many more unique districts. Here you can enjoy many different lifestyles. For instance, you may engage in country clubs. Or tennis clubs. Also, here you can find beautiful and perfectly designed roads and landscaping. This is why this area is famous. Furthermore, each village within Lakewood Ranch can offer a unique lifestyle. In this region of Florida, you can find forests. As well as natural Floridian wetlands. Hence, conserve native wildlife here is one of the top priorities. Everyone can find their place here. You can notice that many young professionals live here. As well as retirees. Because one may find for himself a single-family house or luxury estate. That’s why Lakewood Ranch is considered an excellent home for everyone. Also, you can notice that long-distance movers in Florida have a lot of jobs here. Because many people are circulating in this area.

Leaving Lakewood Ranch

Since you have decided to move out of this place, we will single out some of the things that you will miss here:

  • Education opportunities
  • Communities
  • Sport activities


If you have children, you should know that Lakewood Ranch has a great educational system. Hence this place is considered great for families. Here you will find many top-rated educational institutions. And you can also choose between public and private schools. Or get a mix of both options. However, students can prosper here. Because these schools can provide you with a K-12 system. For instance, Robert Willis and Lakewood Ranch High School are schools with that system. There are private schools such as The Out of Door Academy. Of course, there are other highly-rated schools. And colleges too. They represent quality education with research-based schooling. Lakewood Ranch has ten public schools. And a handful of private schools.

Students are graduating
Education is great in Lakewood Ranch


For quite some time, Lakewood Ranch is still on the top list of destinations. Because there are people who want to spend their time here. Especially people who are retiring. They can live their retirement life peacefully and greatly. Lakewood Ranch is a place where retirees can enjoy a calm natural habitat. That’s why there are many senior relocations to this place. Additionally, retirees can participate in many activities. For instance, they can play golf and tennis. Also, both young and old can enjoy many local restaurants. With perfect outdoor dining. Or simply go to splendid beaches.

People holding arms
Community is one of the things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good

Sports activities are some of the things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good

Lakewood Ranch is an excellent place for people who love outdoor activities! There are numerous trails and sidewalks. And those are connected to each other. Precisely, there are 150 miles of sidewalks and trails! Also, all of the streets have bike lanes. Hence, if you like to ride bikes this is good for you. Lakewood Ranch is famous for its Premier Sports Campus. One can play different sports there. Because you can choose to play soccer, lacrosse, tennis, rugby, or any other sports.

Polo is a popular sport in Lakewood Ranch

Polo is very popular in Lakewood Ranch. Actually, it became a world-class sport. Here you can find many internationally famous players. The polo club has seven Bermuda grass fields. And there is also a half-mile horse track. You can find precisely a 72-horse boarding facility. Of course, with such a vast facility, there is an accompanying clubhouse. And a beautiful pavilion. If you love equestrian sports and championships, you can enjoy 22 weeks of gameplay. The club is open to spectators.

Men riding horses
Polo is a famous sport in Lakewood Ranch

Moving out of Lakewood Ranch

We believe that there are more things you will miss after leaving Lakewood Ranch for good. Because there are many people living in this place and even more are moving in here. There are many outdoor performances and interesting events. However, if you stay firm in your decision to leave Lakewood Ranch, we encourage you to do it the right way. Especially if this is your first time moving out to a new home.

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