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The timeline of your local move within Florida

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    Everybody knows that moving is stressful. However, with the right checklist and the right plan, you will be good to go, whether you are planning a long-distance move or a local move within Florida. There is a time and a place for all of your tasks leading to the big move day, and knowing when to actually start doing things will help you with getting rid of moving stress before the big day.

    Moving within Florida
    Make a list of tasks and check everything off as you go with the moving process for your local move within Florida.

    The first thing you should do before the move

    The first thing you need to do is to get organized. You should start with your moving process at least eight weeks or two months before the actual move date. Get a folder or a file for all of your moving-related paperwork, such as a moving quote. Another thing that you should do as soon as you decide to move is to start researching moving companies. Check online for companies with positive customer feedback and reviews, ask your friends and family members if they have any references. Take your time with this part of the process, as it may take up to two weeks.

    Sort out your belongings

    The second task in the timeline of your local move within Florida is to sort out your belongings. This means you need to decide what to keep, discard and donate. After you have figured this part out, you should go and buy packing materials and supplies and start packing. If you want to save time and stress, you can always get professional packing services with Clearwater Beach movers.

    Local move
    After you have sorted your belongings, it will be a lot easier to pack and move everything.

    A month before the move

    Two months before the move will be dedicated to doing your research and sorting out all of our belongings. Around a month before the actual move, it is time to book a moving company. Thanks to your research you will be ready to pick and choose the right moving company St. Petersburg FL. You will need to pick movers you feel confident in, and then it is time to confirm the date, time, and all of the other details.

    What to do after you have booked a moving company?

    After you have confirmed your moving date, it is time for some final tasks. This includes taking care of your food situation, your pets, and your plants. Another thing you will need to do is change your address and transfer insurance. After you take care of your old home, your pets and plants, and your new home, you will need to take care of your car. With all of these things, you should be all set to go and have a stress-free move.

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