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Things you should pack before your interstate movers arrive

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Deciding to move interstate is just the beginning of the process. You may want to take this step to join your extended family. Or you have an offer for a better job. Whatever the reason, interstate moving is not simple. You will not have the luxury to pack at the last possible minute. On the contrary, you should pack before your interstate movers arrive. And, to complete the packing process successfully, you will need a good plan. Especially because you will not be in a position to return and pick up forgotten items. What if you are not sure how to plan your move? Well, you can always consult with Big Man’s Moving Company FL. They will give you advice. And they can even help you with the preparation process.

Why pack before your interstate movers arrive?

When you are hiring a moving company, you are setting the moving date and time. And, naturally, you expect your movers to be punctual. Or simply said, to respect your time. So, you should also respect their time. You can’t expect the movers to idly stay around while you are deciding should you bring or leave something. Also, you are not their only customer for that day. So, at the time of their arrival, all your moving boxes must be ready.

Also, before they arrive, you will have to separate the boxes that movers will load. The boxes that will go into your car, you have to put in another corner. Or in another room. Otherwise, they will not know your intentions. And by mistake, they can load on the truck a box with your important documents. 

Man in Blue Dress Shirt and Blue Denim Jeans Standing Beside White Van - pack before your interstate movers arrive.
Pack before your interstate movers arrive, as they don’t have time to stay idle around.

To be ready for the arrival of the interstate movers, you have to start packing on time

In case you are a single person, living in a studio, you won’t have so many things to pack. Still, don’t wait until the last moment. And, a family of five, moving their large household, will need a lot of time. However, in both cases, make sure to start preparing to move on time. So, soon as the interstate movers Florida arrive, they can start loading your boxes onto a truck.

How much time you will need for packing?

Well, it will depend on the number of your possessions. And on the time that you can spare for packing. If you are fully employed, you will have evenings and weekends for packing. So, it would be ideal to start six to eight weeks before the moving day. However, moving on short notice, you may complete packing in several days. But, you will need help. And you will need to pack from morning to evening.

Reduce your moving load when packing for interstate moving

The interstate movers are calculating the costs on the bases of the load weight and distance of your new location. So, by making your load lighter, your overall moving cost will be lower. And you will make it lighter by getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. On the other hand, moving is also an ideal time to declutter. Say, moving the malfunctioning TV set across the country to throw it away in another town is senseless. It will be also the case with other things like:

  • thous that you are not using anymore
  • which are out of fashion
  • malfunctioning appliances
  • torn or old clothes and furniture pieces

So, check all your possessions carefully. In a process, you may decide what to donate, sell, or dispose of.


Person Holding White Plastic Bag.
Always get good quality supplies when moving interstate.

Purchase a good quality moving supplies

When you finish decluttering, you will know how much packaging material to purchase. When you are moving interstate, it is better to use supplies made specifically for moving purposes. Such materials will withstand a long-moving time. And thus, your belongings will be better protected. Such good quality supplies you can get in specialized shops. Or you can check if your mover is providing them. Or you can check with them about packing service FL. So, you can let the experts pack your possessions. This will further guarantee their safety.

In case you opt for DIY packing, here are the basic packing supplies that you will need:

  • Boxes in a various sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble sheets
  • Shrink wrap
  • Thick permanent markers
  • Ziplock bags
  • Sheets of packing paper
  • Scissors

Saving space on the moving truck

When you are packing your household possessions, consider using suitcases, and drawers. You anyway have to move them. So, putting inside the linen, or your clothes, you will save on space in the moving truck. And additionally, you will need fewer moving boxes. So, you will also save on the moving supplies. You can also use the wardrobe boxes for packing clothes. That way, your clothes will stay on hangers. And after moving, you will simply take it oud hang it in your wardrobe.


A Person Holding Folded Clothes in a Luggage.
Pack your linen or clothes in suitcases, to save up on moving costs.

Disassemble furniture before packing

It is much easier to pack disassembled furniture. Also, packed that way, it will take less space on the moving truck. Also, when packing the pieces in boxes, don’t overstaff them. Otherwise, the moving box can easily break up. And, that can easily cause damage to your things. Also, don’t leave boxes too empty. Not only that you will be paying long-distance movers Florida for transporting the air in the boxes. The things inside such boxes will shift. So, they can easily bump one into another, crashing or damaging other pieces.

Also, soon a moving box is packed and sealed, don’t forget to label it. That will help you a lot when unpacking in your new home.

Make sure your belongings are covered by moving insurance

So, knowing what you should pack before your interstate movers arrive, you have completed it on time. All your belongings are now safely packed. You have used the proper packing materials. So, they should be safe during the long-time trip. However, there is one more thing that you should have in mind. And that is the moving insurance coverage. The moving companies are providing the basic coverage. However, in case you want your things fully insured, discuss the full coverage with your mover.

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