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Tips for a safe move during a pandemic

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The COVID-19 outbreak brought about a drastic change in our everyday lives. And this is why many people have wondered whether it’s safe to move during a pandemic. While social distancing should be practiced, some don’t have the luxury of waiting it out. Still, your health and safety should be your number one priority. So, for those of you whose moving date is not flexible, Big Man’s Moving Company Florida crew is here to shed some light on how it all works.  Most of the basics remain the same – only, with slight adjustments.

Getting estimates

Just like at any other time, it’s in your best interest to get estimates from a couple of moving companies. However, to avoid an in-person contact and ensure a safe move during a pandemic, you might want to opt for a virtual moving quote or an over-the-phone estimate. Instead of someone coming to your home, you can do a walk-through with your estimator using a video chat. Another option is to list the items you want to move, room by room, over the phone. Moreover, in case you want to cut the moving costs, you’ll most probably want to declutter before you start to pack. And, in this case as well, the internet is the best means to go about it. That is, avoid yard sales. Instead, you can sell or donate your belongings online.

Hiring movers for a safe move during a pandemic

Moving on your own might be the best course of action for a safe move during a pandemic. By conducting a DIY move, you can rest assured that your belongings will not be contaminated. However, if you’ve already decided to go with a full-service moving company, talk to the movers. For instance, whether you’re moving to or from St. Petersburg, you’ll want to know about the safety measures of the moving companies St Pete that are on your candidate list. Only then, you can decide which one best works for you, and, thus, ensure a risk-free relocation during a pandemic.

Getting through the moving day

Next, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions on when the moving date arrives as well. You’ll want to:

  • minimize contact by employing non-contact ways of greeting;
  • make sure that both you and the movers have the necessary protective equipment;
  • provide hand sanitizers and disinfectants;
  • practice social distancing at all stages of your safe move during a pandemic.
A hand sanitizer and a face cloth covering.
Use face cloth coverings and hand sanitizers to ensure a safe move during a pandemic.

How to pack for a safe move during a pandemic

Are you worried about the company’s workers handling your packing because of the pandemic? If yes, then an alternative is to do it by yourself. You can either purchase the packing supplies online or in-person during one trip to the shop. Avoid reusing old cardboard boxes from the markets and shops because COVID-19 is detectable on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Lastly, it’s advisable to disinfect your belongings before you pack them.

A man in a white shirt cleaning his phone.
Disinfect all of your belongings before you pack them.

If you display any symptoms…

If you or anyone you’ve recently been in contact with has developed any symptoms of COVID-19, postpone your relocation. What is more, check CDC guidelines about what to do if you’re feeling sick. If all is well, make sure to put the tips above into practice for a protected move in the times of pandemic.

Stay safe!

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