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Tips for moving with a pet to Florida

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Just like you wouldn’t leave your most precious possessions behind when moving, you will not do it with your pets too. Our furry friends are making our lives more interesting every single day, and they deserve all the love and comfort in the world. The moving process can be complicated enough for people, let alone pets who are used to not stressing out and changing environments that often. However, relocation is sometimes the best solution for everyone and all we need to do is prepare our pets as well. Take a look at some of the tips for moving with a pet to Florida!

Start gathering the documents

Way before you start looking for moving help in Clearwater, you will need to get some documents for your pets. If you currently live in another state, Florida will ask you for certain documents that you must have before entering the state. The good news is that these can be issued by your vet back home, but it is much better to do it on time. For your dogs or cats you will need:

  • The health certificate within 30 days of issuance
  • Certificate of current rabies vaccination
woman holding her cat
When you decide to do a check-up before relocation, ask your vet for additional advice

Do a check-up

To avoid wasting too much time and making double trips, use this opportunity to do a quick check-up of your pet. The vet should examine them, prescribe certain medications if necessary, and give you a bunch of advice. Feel free to ask them how to make your pet enjoy the trip better, and if there are any things you should look out for. If you manage to do it all in one go, you will not have to do it again before the moving-out day, and a huge part of this process will be over.

Focus on finding a perfect place to settle in

Even though it may seem easy to find a place to move to, a lot of factors will determine your final decision. Just because the place is nice and popular, doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you. And when you add your pet needs on top of that, you should be looking for a quiet specific place. Luckily, Florida is filled with places that are perfect for pet owners. The main traits are that it should include a lot of green areas, good vet clinics, and of course, accredited vet clinics. Long distance movers in Florida can take you to places like:

  • Tampa: One of the most pet-friendly cities in this state, with countless parks and green areas
  • Clearwater: Who wouldn’t want to move to a place that has dog cafes and playgrounds for cats?
  • Bradenton: Home to one of the best pet care centers in the USA, Chase’n Tails Pet Center
  • St Petersburg: Organizes Open Dog Agility National Championship every year
  • Palm Bay: Home to one of the best vet clinics in the USA “Florida Aid To Animals”

In case you want your pet to spend more time outside then you should find moving companies in Gulfport. This place is home to Chase Park, one of the biggest parks for animals in the state. 

Before moving with a pet to Florida, get them used to a car ride

Not everyone practices driving around with their pet, especially if they don’t use their vehicle that often. Those who live far from the new place they chose in Florida must know that their pet will not enjoy the ride only because they will be with them. They can easily get anxious and you will have to make stops or even stop the trip for some time. There is an easy way to avoid all of this, and all you need to do is get your pet used to being in the vehicle. Pick the new park that is further from your home, and try to go there with them as often as possible. The more you do it, the easier it will be for them to enjoy the actual moving-out day.

grey hamster
Smaller animals should be in their cage or home during the ride

If you end up moving to Tampa, try to avoid moving during the working days, if that is possible. The traffic will be heavy and even moving companies in Tampa will suggest you do it once the season is over. As a result, the best time for moving is between April and June.

Preparing supplies for the trip

No matter how long the trips will last, your pet must have all those essentials while it lasts. The more pleasant it feels during the ride, the less stressful the entire thing will be. This will also help you stay focused on the road without constantly checking up on them in the back seat. Considering that no one knows your pet better than you, this process will be relatively easy. You will need:

  • Fresh food, water, and snacks
  • Their favorite toys and a couple of new ones to make things interesting
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Spacious sheet for sleeping or playing
  • One item they used to love in your old home

And if you are going for that dog championship, movers in St Pete FL will warn you that temperatures there can get high in summer. This will require extra supplies of fresh water for both you and your beloved friend. 

How often should you make stops?

This entirely depends on the distance that stands between you and your new home. Moving with a pet to Florida should be pleasant for everyone but should not last for too long. If you feel like you would use a short stop, go for it. This will be even better if you use your vehicle and stumble upon a lovely park. Your pet will appreciate the opportunity to stretch out and so will you. The state of Florida has some amazing hotels and resorts down its roads, and they will help you make this trip much more pleasant.

dog in the car
While moving with a pet to Florida make sure the car ride is super comfy for them

For long distance relocation staying the night at the hotel is highly advisable. Driving constantly will make you extremely tired and you will still not be able to go over the distance you planned. Before the moving-out day, look for pet-friendly hotels along the way and check their availability. 

Include movers when moving with a pet to Florida

At a certain point, you will need some help with your home inventory. And while friends and family can help a lot, you may want to consider hiring movers. Relocation is a lot of work, especially once you begin packing and moving your items around. At the same time, you will have to look out for your pet, who will still need the same amount of your attention. When you include movers, a lot of that work will instantly be off of your back. Once they arrive you can take a walk with your pet or put them in another room, so that movers can begin loading your inventory.

A sign best of the best Big Man's Moving Company
Hire reliable movers to help you out when relocating with your pet

Florida is a very popular state among tourists, and a lot of cities are filled with people from everywhere no matter the season. Apollo Beach was rated as the second favorite destination for US citizens back in 2019. Movers Apollo Beach FL can find a much better route to get your items from your hometown and avoid traffic jams even during the peak season.

And what about other animal species?

You will not need a permit to possess a lot of animals as pets in Florida, which means a lot of people with different species can move as well. Even though dogs and cats are the most common ones, people tend to have birds, rabbits, or even reptiles. The more unique your pet is, the more you will have to be focused on preparing them. Movers Wesley Chapel FL do not practice transporting your pets in their cages or terrariums which means you will have to do it on your own. This is mainly because professional moving companies care about your satisfaction and the risk of transporting your pet without you may be too much. 

Things to avoid when moving with your pet to Florida

Knowing what to do is good but knowing exactly what to avoid is even better. And since everything is about making them feel good, it is good to know some of the most common mistakes people during this process. Let’s begin by saying that if the place you will be moving to is pet-friendly, that doesn’t mean every single location there is. This is even more important for those who plan on renting their home. Make sure to check with your landlord if you and your pet can stay there. If the answer is negative, you will have enough time to find something else.

Leaving your pet with friends and family members before moving is also not a good idea. Our furry friends are very smart and can sense the change in the air even before we do. They will know that something is up and will not feel relaxed during their staying in another home. If you have a lot of things to do before movers arrive, it is much better to leave them in a particular area in your home and check up on them from time to time.

woman playing with her dogs
After moving with a pet to Florida they may need a little bit of extra attention from you

Consider using pet-sitting services

You can do this before or after your relocation. Your hometown surely has at least one good pet-sitting organization that will take care of your dog or cat. Once the relocation is over you can turn to Bradenton and its amazing pet-sitting services. While some of the best moving companies in Bradenton FL unload their trucks, you can make arrangements to leave your pet there when needed.

And finally, let them get used to their terms

Just like you will need some time to get used to new surroundings and people, your pet will need it as well. And since they tend to be way more sensitive about sudden changes, it is good to give them as much time as they need. In the first couple of days in your new home, expect some behavior changes that are not red flags as long as they don’t stick around. Dogs and cats may seem less active than usual, occasionally checking the place out with a lot of precaution.

Smaller animals like rabbits or guinea pigs may not leave their cage at all for a couple of days. The most important thing is that you remain calm as this is just your pet being careful about the new things surrounding them. If you want to cheer them up, you can spend some extra time playing with them, or award them with a special treat. After a while, you will get your pet completely back. Once they are sure that the area is safe and clear, let them explore the place to the fullest. For an even stronger effect, you can join them as they will know for sure they are home!

two cats playing representing that after moving with a pet to Florida they will need time to adapt
Let them explore their new home as much as they want

The aftermath of moving to Florida with your pet

Moving with a pet to Florida will have a lot of benefits, and you shouldn’t worry about how things will turn out. As long as you have good movers by your side and can prepare your pet on time, everything will be fine. While both you and your pet are exploring your new home in Florida, make sure to get to know other pet owners in your neighborhood. They can help you find important locations in the area including good clinics, pet stores, parks, and much more. And even though your pet loves you the most, they will still feel good when they start making other friends as well.

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