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Tips for packing power tools for a move

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    Garages and tool shed, attics, and basements. Let’s face it – packing up these spaces for a move makes us cringe, to say at least. Still, it’s inevitable. If packing power tools for a move is too big of a challenge, Big Man’s Moving Company Florida is here to jump to your rescue. To avoid any safety hazards, we strongly recommend that you start planning your next step as early and as carefully as possible.

    Be careful while packing power tools for a move.
    Avoid any potential risks of damage or injury by following these instructions.

    When it comes to packing power tools for a move, consider the professional assistance

    Think long and hard about this one. Letting the professionals to handle the boxing up and loading all of your power tools for a relocation is a much safer option than doing it on your own. The local movers Clearwater FL you hire will pack everything safely and efficiently so nothing is damaged, and nobody’s hurt. Experience counts! Don’t forget that while thinking about fitting it into your budget. If anything, we could say that this is, by far, the most cost-efficient option.

    In case you decide not to go with the professional movers

    Gather the supplies necessary

    If you no longer have the original packaging, you should start looking for some alternatives. You will need the most sturdy kinds of boxes you can find in order to be sure they are reliable enough to carry your power tools. Also, they need to come in different shapes and sizes to match the items. Next, obtain some bubble wrap, newspaper, or any other cushioning material, as well as some sheets or old blankets for extra protection. Last but not least, don’t forget the tape and some cleaning products.

    Before packing your power tools for a move

    • Carefully disassemble the items. Whatever tools you can take apart, make sure to do so. Transporting small pieces is much easier, and handling any sharp parts and blades individually is much safer. Therefore, if there are any removable parts, such as cords and drills, detach them and carefully disassemble your power tools before packing them for a move.
    • Dispose of power tool liquids. Be sure to drain any fluids before wrapping up your power equipment for a move, as you’ll want to avoid any spillage in a moving truck.
    • Thoroughly clean each item. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions for each item you’re cleaning. Never submerge them in water, and make sure they’re dry before packing them.
    Prepare your power tools before packing them for a move.
    Before packing up your power tools for a move, make sure to detach any removable parts.

    The final steps

    Time for the actual packing! Again, if you’re not sure how to go about it, reconsider using professional packing services. It might be a bit more costly, but you will achieve the most desirable effect. You can begin by using the protective and cushioning material to wrap every item and its parts. Then, properly secure everything with tape. As for where to pack your machines for moving, the best option is to use the factory box or a toolbox. If you don’t have either, pack the items in a sturdy moving box. However, it should be roughly the same size as the item, if not larger. Finish by cushioning with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

    Personal safety comes first

    Don’t forget that safety always comes before anything else. Therefore, our best piece of advice is to wear protective gloves, boots, and goggles. Proper preparation and packing of your power tools for a move will warrant they are safe from any damage. But, don’t think twice about the fact that your safety is the number one priority. We wish you a safe and smooth relocation!

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