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Tips to Beat the Florida Heat

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    Moving to the Sunshine State may be a dream of many. So many opportunities, great beaches, theme parks and warm weather all year long. Well… how warm is too warm? If you’re not used to the heat, you may need to up your game if you want to beat the Florida heat. When you hire local movers for this adventure, such as movers Bradenton FL, they will sometimes tell you what you can expect. They may make a joke at your expense (especially if you’re moving from North), but they mean the very best! Here is some advice that the locals can give you about handling the humid Florida heat.

    Beat the Florida heat – the local way

    When you’re relocating or even just traveling to Florida, you are usually expecting the heat. You’ve heard the stories, and you believe you know what to expect. However, in order to beat the Florida heat, you have to know one more thing. That is, that it is mixed with very high humidity, and that’s what makes it a lot worse. If you’re not prepared properly, it could lead to more serious problems. Especially if you’re a senior who’s moving to a much warmer climate than you’re used to. Here are a few tips from the experienced locals.

    a hat, sunglasses and an e-reader next to a pool
    Putting a hat and sunglasses on is definitely a good idea, but not the only way you can beat the Florida heat!

    Sunscreen is your best friend in the harsh Florida sun

    There is nothing worse than getting a really bad sunburn when you arrive in Florida. It could ruin your entire vacation or your dream of living in this state. You shouldn’t have to feel like you moved long-distance for nothing, and that it was all a waste! That’s why you should apply sunscreen regularly and on all parts that are not covered by clothing.

    man holding blue camera and sunscreen
    Lather on a lot of sunscreen – better safe than sorry!

    Drinking plenty of water will definitely beat the scorching Florida heat!

    It seems simple, but staying hydrated will be the best way to beat the Florida heat. Dehydration in hot weather is serious and very underestimated. Even if you’re not thirsty, you should always carry a bottle of water or a sports drink with you. Avoiding dehydrating drinks such as alcoholic beverages, coffee or tea will also help a lot. The heat will make you sweat a lot, and you may not even feel like you’re losing water, so make sure you drink water frequently so you don’t dehydrate in this Florida heat.

    woman holding a plastic water bottle
    Bring a water bottle wherever you go to avoid the risk of dehydration.

    Avoid the midday heat

    If at all possible, try to go out only before 10 am and after 4 pm. Between these hours, the sun is at its peak and you’ll definitely feel its rays on your skin. When you’re planning to relocate to Florida, moving companies Wesley chapel FL  will also time their working hours around the heat. It’s not going to be good on anyone if you’re carrying heavy moving boxes at noon in the middle of summer! 

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