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Top Florida cities for remote workers

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Remote work, just like any other has its pros and cons. And it can provide many possibilities when location isn’t a concern. Many things are more available when you work remotely. For instance, you can move closer to family. Or you can find a lower cost of living. And even visit loved ones for an extended period. These are all possible when you can work remotely. Also, due to the current pandemic situation, more and more people are working from the comfort of their homes.  Also, working remotely might also continue to be the new normal. For many workers. Luckily there are many Florida cities for remote workers. Here, Big Man’s Moving will help you to choose some of these great cities.

Ranking top Florida cities for remote workers

In order to rank which cities in Florida are great for remote workers, it is important to have certain facts. Those facts consider information about many different things. Such as speed and Internet availability, which is crucial for any remote worker. Another fact is concerning the size and cost of a home. Because taxes and bills must be taken into account. Also, health and lifestyle are important facts for the cities that are good for remote workers. Not to mention the safety and climate change impact. If you want to know more facts and statistics, you can always ask movers in St Pete FL for recommendations.

Graph and line chart on a paper
Get the information about top Florida cities for remote workers

Remote working

While remote working is quite popular these days, some workers may be eagerly awaiting the return to their workplace. Remember that working remotely isn’t for everybody. However, it surely has some undeniable benefits. Such as avoiding to commute. Because it saves both time and money. And you can happily enjoy casual Friday every day without the worries about being late. And working from home can also make it easier to balance a personal and professional life. On the other side, setting boundaries that lead to a better work-life balance can be difficult. That is if your bedroom and office are one. If finding enough space in your home is the problem, you can always ask movers in Largo FL for help!

Person typing on a computer
Remote jobs are getting more and more popular

One of the best Florida cities for remote workers

Now, we will list some of the best Florida cities for remote workers:

  • Belle Isle
  • Rio Pinar
  • Wedgefield
  • Conway
  • Lake Butler

Belle Isle

Ranking as one of the best places for remote workers in Florida is Belle Isle. It is called the beautiful island. Actually, in many statistic reports, this city is among the top five cities for remote workers in Florida. For instance, Belle Isle’s median home value is second-highest. But its median rent is far lower than the rest cities. And it is nearly half that of Lake Butler. Also, homes in Belle Isle have a median of 6.5 rooms. Hence that’s plenty of room. Which can be perfect for setting up a home office. So, earning money can be easier.

Rio Pinar is among the top Florida cities for remote workers

Rio Pinar is also considered a great city for remote workers. Also, if you like to relax and hitting the golf course on weekends, Rio Pinar is perfect for you! This city has many country clubs that could be suitable for you. Moreover, 94% of residents here have the access to exercise opportunities. When it comes to finding the perfect home, 100% of homes in this census-designated place are single-family. Which could give more opportunities to be outdoors. And also be socially distant during a global pandemic.


If Rio Pinar isn’t the best for you, Wedgefield could be another option. It is about 20 miles to the east. Still within Orange County. Similar to Rio Pinar, 97.4% of the homes within this area are single-family. Hence there’s a great opportunity. In order to spread out with a median of 6.6 rooms. And that is perfect for any remote work! Additionally, Wedgefield has an average of 236 sunny days a year. Hence if you are a fan of outdoor activities, the perfect weather awaits you here!

Conway is considered another top Florida city for remote workers

Conway is another option in Orange County for remote workers. This city continues to be among the best places for remote workers in Florida. Conway is popular because it also made up ground in other categories. Such as climate change impact. If you are interested to relocate to this place, you can always ask long-distance movers to aid you!

Lake Butler

Lake Butler is a good place for remote workers because you will appreciate that it possesses internet availability. Which we all know that remote workers are in need. In this city, 90.8% of people have either cable, fiber, or DSL. And is a great condition for online jobs.

Tips for finding work-life balance when working remotely

Now that we mention great cities for remote workers, it is also good to know some other tips. It is important to find a work-life balance when working from a home. Hence you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Go outside

Florida has great weather all year round. There is a lack of snow in the winter. This means that you can take your lunch break on your patio. Or you can swap your commute time for a nice outdoor training after work. Remember that working from home makes it easy to stay inactive. Sitting all day in front of your computer can influence your health. Thus make sure you get up and go get some fresh air. And also stretch!

Woman is streching
If you are working remotely, make sure to exercise regularly

Take a break from the computer

First, you should tell your coworkers when they can reach you. It is important to make boundaries. So you won’t be answering emails all day. Apply those boundaries by stepping away from your computer. Also, turn off alerts on your phone. And don’t check email outside of work hours. Because constant pings from your colleagues can disrupt the time you need for yourself.

Determine a workspace

You might be thinking to work from the comfort of your bed. But you’ll feel better returning to it after being away from it. You can make a special place in your home to work. Also, you don’t need a full room to turn into an office. It is important to be a consistent spot. Now you know top Florida cities for remote workers, and also tips for working online. Be sure to enjoy your remote job and get the most from it!

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