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Top weekend getaways in Florida

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Overall, you will surely be able to enjoy Florida. Especially if you want to spend a weekend or two. However, where to go from all the beautiful Florida cities that it has to offer? We’re here to help with the list of the top weekend getaways in Florida. And of course, if you like any of the places, Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will be there to help you with the move from start to finish. Take a look at some of the places that we’re sure will provide you with perfect ways to relax.

Gulfport will offer you everything that is necessary to enjoy some quality time

You can’t overlook Gulfport as a place for enjoyment. It has all that is necessary for you to unwind a bit and spend some quality time be it on your own or with your family and friends. However, it’s also great to look at it as a place to stay for longer. After the expert movers Gulfport FL help you move, you can be sure to have picked a great place to live. Especially as there are always some fun events that you will be able to enjoy. Overall, it will provide you with an experience that will be relaxing, be it that you end up being there for a weekend or decide to stay for years.

A pool from a bird eye's perspective
Top weekend getaways in Florida will include Gulfport

Among the top weekend getaways in Florida needs to be space for Dunedin

Located on the Gulf Coast, Dunedin will offer you just what is needed for a weekend getaway in Florida. From the pine forests to the beautiful beaches, you will find it all here. And many people even call up the moving companies Dunedin FL to help them relocate as there’s a lot to benefit from. And when we’re talking about entertainment and beautiful places in Dunedin, you can’t overlook the Honeymoon Island State Park. With around 30,000 residents Dunedin won’t be too big of a place. That will leave you enough room to truly enjoy it and who knows even move to the Dunedin area.

You’ll be able to enjoy Safety Harbor for the weekend and much more time beyond

A small community with a lot to offer is how you can describe Safety Harbor. It’s on the west shore of the Tampa Bay area and has plenty of relaxing places you can visit during the weekend or any free time you have. It’s also a popular destination for people that are moving, and our movers Safety Harbor FL always have plenty of work cut out for them. Even if moving to the area isn’t for you, there are some great places you need to visit. The first that comes to mind is the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, but also many other beautiful places in the area that are worthwhile to visit.

Moving truck in the yard
Safety Harbor is a small community that has a lot to offer

Bellair isn’t the biggest place in Florida, but it offers plenty of opportunities to relax

With a population of just under 4,000 people, Bellair is perfect to get away from the crowd that some major places in Florida can bring with them. It’s home to many resorts and spas as it’s truly a place people come to enjoy. Of course, it’s no secret that the moving companies in Belleair usually work with celebrities and more affluent people. Especially as it’s one of the richest parts of the state. This isn’t maybe the biggest place to visit and can end up being expensive, but it’s totally worth visiting it for a week or two to unwind and enjoy the beauty.

A palm tree on the beach
Bellair is small but very enjoyable

St Pete can be a very fun city that you’ll want to come back to

St Pete is known as the Sunshine City. And what more do you need from top weekend getaways in Florida? However, it’s much more than a place to get your peace and tie for yourself. Overall, staying for a weekend just won’t give you a good idea of what this beautiful city has to offer. That’s why you might want to consider calling moving companies St Pete and actually relocating to it. However, it’s important to underline that even if you go for a small period of time, you can enjoy everything that you dreamed of. Be it that it’s boating, fishing, or golfing, you will always find places to enjoy those activities. And of course, many other activities that we advise you to explore.

Largo has its place among the top weekend getaways in Florida

In an area full of beaches, Largo will give you a more of a farmland feel. Its position makes it one of the main places for the citrus industry, so many beautiful farms will be around and in Largo. That’s a beautiful way to spend some time after a tough and hard week at work. But also there’s much more to it. The moving companies Largo FL in area have helped almost 10,000 people move to the area. The city has more and more become an important place in the area, and besides just enjoying a casual weekend, people are moving to it to stay.

Tampa is a big city that provides all that you need to unwind

Tampa is one of the most populous places in the area. With almost 400,000 residents, and the number is rising, you can be sure that you have the right place. Be it that you’re moving or just want to spend a great weekend, Tampa can be the right place for you. Of course, even by calling the Tampa movers, you won’t make a mistake as it’s a very popular place you will be able to fully enjoy. But to put light on the entertainment. From amusement parks to animal-watching areas, there’s something for everyone in Tampa.

A picture of the moving truck that will move your belongings to one of the top weekend getaways in Florida
There are a lot of benefits to visiting Tampa, but also hiring movers and relocating here

One of the Top weekend getaways in Florida is Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the biggest places in Florida. With that comes a lot of benefits. It’s located on the Atlantic coast and will charm you with its beauty and the variety of things it has to offer. From boating to restaurants, the fun truly never stops in Jacksonville. Even if it’s a big city you can still find a place you can relax and truly feel peaceful and at ease. And with the largest urban park system in the US, you will truly have a place to enjoy for yourself or with your family.

West Palm Beach provides the fun and entertainment that is necessary for you to feel great

A fun and vibrant city like West Palm Beach can always offer you something great. However big or small your needs might be, there’s always something to do here. From restaurants to clubs, there’s always something nice to do in West Palm Beach. Especially for younger generations, this will be the right spot for you. Even the movers Pinellas County will often relocate people here. That’s because it’s the perfect mix of professionalism and entertainment. And with around 100,000 people living in it, you can be sure that there will always be something to do. You won’t ever feel a dull moment in West Palm Beach and there won’t be any problems getting accustomed to what the city has to offer.

Why not unwind and have a fun weekend or more in Naples?

If enjoying beautiful beaches and visiting some high-end shopping malls is your thing, Naples is the right place for you. With around 20,000 residents it’s a very calm and relaxing area that everyone can enjoy. From young people to seniors you will see a variety of people moving here for all the benefits that it has to offer. But besides that, it’s one of the top weekend getaways in Florida. Having that mix truly makes Naples stand out from other places in the area and even the whole state. And you can’t forget about all the parks that Naples has in its area. Overall, you won’t regret spending some of your precious time in Naples.

Top weekend getaways in Florida need to include Orlando as it has a lot of options

What better place to have fun in Florida than in Orlando? Besides being a big city with a plethora of options, it’s also home to one of the best amusement parks in Florida and the world. Or better say two. The first two that come to mind are Universal Park and the other is Disneyland Orlando. Overall, both are amazing if you have a family and want to enjoy some quality time. Besides that, it’s also a great place to live as you will have all the necessities to have a quality lifestyle. Among them are quality job opportunities. But also a great education for your kids, or you if you decide to move to Orland as a student.

An amusment parks as a symbol of top weekend getaways in Florida
Orlando is home to some of the best amusement parks

Fort Lauderdale has a lot of amazing places that you can enjoy

Known for its beaches and boating canals. Fort Lauderdale is a place that truly stands out from other places in the state. It’s beautiful and everyone will know how to enjoy it as it has a lot to offer you. With a population of almost 200,000 residents, you can always be sure that you’ll have something to do here. Be it that you want to move here or spend a nice weekend, you won’t be disappointed with Fort Lauderdale. It will have luxury hotels to amazing restaurants wanting you to come for more. Just take your time and visit a couple of times, and you will see just why so many people are in love with Fort Lauderdale.

Sarasota stands out with the great ways you can relax and enjoy it

Miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches. That’s how you can in short describe Sarasota. It has around 50,000 residents and it’s a pretty big population for such a small place. Overall, you will be happy with what it has to offer. As one of the best places in the state of Florida, you will be more than happy with staying here for a few days. And for many even for moving to the area. For example, checking out Lido Beach would be the first thing that we would do in your place. But getting to know the city will come with many benefits too.

Key West will make you feel like you’re in a resort

What better way to spend a great weekend than paying a visit to a literal island city? With Key West, you’ll get just that. It will give you a resort feeling and all the benefits that come with it. From amazing views to beautiful beaches, there’s not much that you’ll need from it. And by having 20,000 people living in Key West you will be much more than your small resort city. For that reason, a fun weekend can be the best opportunity to check out if Key West can be the right place where you can stay for a longer period of time and settle in.

Top weekend getaways in Florida will have to include Marathon

Located on 13 islands in the Florida Keys you will be able to enjoy everything the area has to offer. Of course, this city is famous for its numerous beaches and boating that go around the area. However, there’s much more to it. You will also be able to enjoy the tropical forests and other natural beauties that you can experience only in the Florida Keys. And who knows? After visiting Marathon, you can truly get to know why it’s also a good place to live. Marathon is truly a city that won’t disappoint whatever your needs might be.

A beautiful beach
Marathon is the perfect getaway from all the stress and problems

Every city from the list comes with its own benefits. That’s why the top weekend getaways in Florida that we advised will surely be a great way to assist you with picking the right spot for you. From beautiful beaches to luxury hotels, there’s always something fun to see and check out. And on top of that, we’re certain that every city on the list will have the ability to attract you once again after your first visit. Make sure to relax and enjoy some free time.

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