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Types of moving services explained

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     There are two options you have to consider before you begin your relocation. Number one, you can DIY your move, and use a little help from your family and friends. Number two, you can hire a professional moving company to assist you. In case this is your first relocation, and you don’t have much experience, it is always better to get experts to assist you. However, there is a catch. Each moving company will have different types of moving services that they offer. That’s why it is crucial to do proper research before committing to a single company. Here are the most common moving services that are in the industry and that you can seek out.

    man and woman shaking hands
    Before you finalize a deal with a moving company, make sure they offer the moving services you need.

    Different types of moving services based on the distance

    First of all, the moving services you can get from a company depend on how far you are moving. If you are moving to another state, then you have to seek out interstate movers Florida. These are movers who are experienced in interstate relocations and know how to approach each one. The trick is this: even if you’re moving only 5 miles away, but you’re crossing state lines, the relocation will be an interstate one. 

    There are also local and long-distance moving services

    These will depend entirely on the distance your movers will have to travel. Usually, they would consider anything under 50 or 100 miles a local move, as long as it is within one state. Most of the time, they will charge by man-hour, meaning they will multiply the number of workers with the number of hours it takes to complete a move. On the other hand, long-distance relocations are over 100 miles, within state lines. And finally, the last type of relocation that relies on the distance will be an international one. This doesn’t have to mean that you are moving to a different country though. Relocation from the mainland to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico is also considered to be international because you are crossing national borders.

    a camera and a passport on a map
    Moving to another continent or just a country over? International moves are trickiest to handle.

    Types of moving services based on the moving tasks

    Nowadays, you can ask your moving crew to assist you with pretty much anything. From packing your moving boxes to transporting your vehicle, there is almost nothing moving companies Wesley chapel FL can’t do! In case you have any specific needs or wishes during the relocation process, make sure that the company you want to work with is able to help you.

    Person holding a map inside a car
    You can go on a roadtrip to reach your final destination, or choose to fly – but who will transport your car then? Your movers, of course!

    What can the movers do for you?

    For instance, some movers have experience in moving seniors or military personnel, whereas others don’t. Certain moving companies can easily relocate your business, but others will perfectly execute an emergency move. Relocating valuable art or really heavy furniture? Call the company ahead and see if you can come up with a solution as a team!

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