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Ultimate tips for reducing moving costs in Florida

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of preparation, planning, and saving. It’s not always the cheapest to move around, so it’s good to know some tips for reducing moving costs in Florida. Big Man’s Moving Company FL has been assisting people in their moves for quite a while, and we sure know a trick or two.

You will be reducing moving costs in Florida by hiring professional movers

We should start with this. A lot of people think that organizing a DIY move will save them money. More often than not, this is not the case. Moving alone or hiring cheap movers comes with risks. You could damage an item or property, injure yourself while moving heavy furniture, etc. Hiring professionals, such as local movers Clearwater FL is guarantee that nothing will be damaged or broken while moving.

If you hire movers for packing as well, you don’t have to worry about getting the needed supplies yourself, spending money on gas to travel to different stores, etc. However, we will touch on all of those options, so you can decide which one is best for you.

A mover in front of the moving truck
Reliable movers will make your move worth it

Make sure you are looking for the best services along with the best price

Don’t hire movers just because they are the cheapest. This can be tricky and make you lose more money than you would save. Try to find the balance and hire movers that have good customer feedback, are affordable, and will do a good job. The last thing you want happening is your items (fragile, large, or expensive) being damaged and needing repair. Or your old/new property being damaged.

If you have the option, move during the off-season

This is the simplest way to reduce your moving costs. If you are able to choose your own moving date, you can select one that is not during the peak. Of course, the price will always depend on the distance as well, but moving during the off-season will always be cheaper. You can arrange great Clearwater moving services any time of the year, so if you have the option, talk to them about an available date outside the season.

A calendar and marker
Moving during the off-season can save you money

An important note is that it’s not only about the time of the year, but also the time of the day. Certain hours of the day are busier than others, so choosing to move at a specific hour could also be a wise idea when reducing moving costs in Florida.

Why is the off-season better?

Florida is almost always sunny, so this is not the hugest issue there. However, in many other parts of the country, everyone wants to move during the late spring or summer months. This creates a lot of moving traffic and many movers are overbooked. If you really need to move during this time, you will pay for whatever is needed. But, if you have an opportunity to move during the fall or winter, you will be paying less and you might even have the chance to pick your own moving date instead of taking whatever is available.

Collect free packing supplies

Another way of reducing moving costs in Florida is by collecting free packing supplies and boxes. Many businesses are willing to help with this. Liquor stores, bookstores, and many others that use a lot of packaging boxes are usually willing to help out and give them away. You can always look up who is giving supplies away online and make your way there. You can also require packing services Clearwater FL can offer and have reliable movers professionally pack all of your items within the scope of your budget.

Use your items as packing supplies

You can’t do this with many items, of course, but you can use some of your already existing items as packing supplies. For example, instead of wrapping paper, you can use scarves, towels, or other soft materials. This can save you both space and money you would spend on the supplies. Long distance movers Clearwater FL recommend you do this with fragile items first.

Scarfs that will be used to wrap items and reducing moving costs in Florida
You can use your scarfs instead of wrapping paper

Reducing moving costs in Florida by canceling subscriptions

This one is a silent killer, but we are all paying some subscriptions that we are never using. Now is the time to cancel these and save your money. If you are subscribed to three different streaming sites or four different music apps, it’s time to stick to one and remove the others. Make sure you are paying only for those services that you are actually utilizing.

Less eating out, unnecessary purchases, and gifts

When trying to save up for a move, all unnecessary expenses must be minimalized. This is not the time to have shopping sprees or eat out every day. Try to think smart and prepare some meals at home. If there are birthdays or important events coming up that require a gift, try to not spend a lot. Everyone should understand that you are saving up, so this should not be embarrassing for you.

You will be reducing moving costs in Florida by decluttering and giving away

Probably one of the best tips for reducing moving costs in Florida is decluttering. What does it entail? It would be great if you would go through all the items in your house and separate the ones you believe you no longer want or need. It can be anything from furniture, clothes, and kitchen supplies to home appliances. If you are not sure what exactly to do with those items or how to decide what’s the right thing to do, here are some of your options:

  • Donate or give away
  • Sell the items (online or have a garage sale)
  • Recycle or repurpose the items
  • Throw away

It all depends on how important the item is to you or how useful it could be. Some items are ready for the trash, so don’t bother with finding them a purpose. On the other hand, those that are still in decent shape or can be used should be given a second chance.

Tampa movers advise all their customers to be careful when decluttering. This is because there are two types of people. Those who want to keep everything and don’t know how to say goodbye to an item. Then there are those who will start decluttering and give away or trash too many things, even some that they should have kept. This is why it’s important to go into this with a clear mind and with some time on your hands. Take as much time as needed to declutter.

You could be reducing moving costs in Florida by organizing your move on time

Taking enough time to create a good moving plan is more important than you can imagine. If you need to take a day off from work to focus on creating a good to-do list and brainstorming about everything that you need to do, you should. You can use this time to create labels, sort items, or fold and create piles of clothes and other soft items.

Woman setting up her watch
Organizing your move on time could be reducing moving costs in Florida for you

Making lists of everything is good when reducing moving costs in Florida

Writing down is much better than remembering because you will forget something. Making lists of inventory and to-do lists will help you a lot while preparing for your move. If you do an inventory room by room, you will know what is in each room and you can mark/label everything you want to give away. That is one reason to do it. Another reason is to keep track of everything and make sure nothing is missing. For both residential and commercial moving Clearwater FL lists should be created.

The importance of  to-do lists and checklists

These two are, however, the most important lists that you should make. They will help you keep track of everything that is already done and that should be done. You can give yourself deadlines and use a calendar as well. You can also always go back to the list and add or remove points. These lists will keep you aware of how far you’ve gotten and how much you have left to go.

Ship items such as books and CDs for reducing moving costs in Florida

Some items might be cheaper to ship than add to the moving collection. You can always ship those items via FedEx or a different postal service. Books, magazines, posters, CDs, and anything that is easy and safe to ship could be shipped for a fair price. This will also free up space for other items that need to be moved, or it will simply make a load of items to be moved smaller and lighter.

Some moves can be deducted from your taxes

This one depends on the situation and you’d have to wait for a year for it, but it’s not impossible. Depending on the reason for your move, you could request a tax deduction. Let’s say you moved to Florida for work. You could save the receipts and use them when the tax season starts to justify your expenses. Different tax return sites offer more explanation about this, so we recommend you do some research.

Gather family and friends to help you clean up and pack

In case you are not taking advantage of the packing services, you should gather some family and friends to help you out. With more people involved, you can save a lot of time, and time is money, You will have more time to take care of other tasks, which will save you money. This is the same reason why it’s great to have professional movers handle your move. It gives you all that time to handle moving related tasks and obligations that need to be done personally.

A mover holding packed chair
Getting friends, family, or movers to help you prepare for your relocation is useful

Why chose Big Man’s Moving Company FL?

Big Man’s Moving Company is a team of professional movers that have been trained and skilled for all sorts of moves. Some of the best interstate movers Florida has to offer are right here. As a family-owned, licensed, and insured business, Big Man’s Moving Company is all about taking care of each customer’s move as if it was our own.

The business is open 7 days a week, so there are no breaks when it comes to making your move enjoyable and stress-free. As we said, there are plenty of different services that you can inquire about from us. Some of them are:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Military moving
  • Senior moving
  • Packing services

You can learn more about our services and decide which ones match your moving idea. The best thing to do is get in touch with us and tell us how you envision your move. Our goal is always to come up with the best and most affordable plan for each customer’s move. All our moves include an electronic-signed agreement to make sure we will be arriving promptly on your move day.

Two people in front of the moving truck
Big Man’s Moving Compay FL will take care of your move

How do you benefit from hiring moving specialists?

We have briefly mentioned why hiring moving professionals is beneficial and even good when reducing moving costs in Florida. You will have a lot on your plate some weeks before the move and especially on your moving day. It’s important that you have time to take care of everything. Hiring movers, aside from being in safe hands, gives you that time. Other than the time, you are receiving a guaranteed successful move that will be handled by the most professional moving specialists out there in Florida. With owners of the company being on board with the plan from day one until you are in your new home, there is not much to think or worry about. We would love to hear your moving idea soon and make your move a joyful experience without inconveniences and trouble. Let’s get to it!

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