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When is the best time of the month to move to Clearwater

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We all know that moving during the peak season is much more expensive. And the reason for this is a greater demand for moving companies. If you want to relocate cheaper, move during the less busy months. However, you may not be able to postpone the move. Or you will be able to organize it only during the peak season. So, such a situation does not seem to leave much room for savings. However, this is not entirely true. According to residential movers Clearwater FL, you can still have the cost-effective relocation. And you can do so if you choose the best time of the month to move to Clearwater. 


The best time of the month to move to Clearwater and enjoy in view of buildings, beaches, and the ocean.
How to choose the best time of the month to move to Clearwater.

If you are moving during the summer months, be ready to pay more

Everyone who was moving knows that the price of moving depends on the season. A peak season for moving is in the summertime. More precisely, that is a period from April to the end of September. The reasons for that are simple. For most people that is a period of annual vacation. Therefore, they don’t have to take additional days off to relocate. Also, children are not attending school during that period. So, due to those reasons, for many people, the summertime is the most convenient period for relocation. However, if you can organize relocation out of peak time, you will have to pay much less. 

Which months to choose to make relocation cheaper?

Usually, people move less during the winter months. At that time the children are attending the classes. Also, if you are moving locally and keeping your existing job, you will need to take days off. Moreover, during this period, you can easily face unfavorable weather conditions. Moving through a snowstorm is not an experience you want to undergo. You will also not be happy to watch the movers carrying your belongings over the icy surface. Additionally, heavy, stormy rain can easily damage your furniture. For these reasons, the demand for Clearwater moving services is lower. And that is why you can easily get some discounts. 

Is it cheaper to move on your own during the peak seasons?

Moving on your own, instead of hiring professional movers won’t change the costs much. In many cases, people are anyway completing the packing tasks themselves. So, what they require the most are transportation services. 

In case of moving on your own, you will need a truck rental. However, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that they are fully booked well in advance. Also, as in any other business, the rule of supply and demand applies. Simply said, the high demand for truck rentals will make the renting costs higher during the peak season. So, regardless if you are hiring the moving professionals or moving on your own, moving costs during the peak season will remain high. 


Calendar with notes on the orange desk.
Book the movers on time to get the best deals.

Which time of the month is the most expensive for moving to Clearwater?

If you check more closely all periods during a month, you will notice that the demand for moving companies is higher over the weekends. And in this case, the main factor is again the free time. People generally don’t work from Friday to Sunday. And, kids are not attending school.  So, this shows that moving companies like long-distance movers Clearwater FL will have more free terms during the working days. So, as a result, you can arrange the relocation at a much lower price.

How to choose the best time of the month to move to Clearwater?

Additional way to make your move cost-effective is to choose the right period during the month. If you check the statistics, you will notice that most of the people are moving at the beginning and end of the month. Those two periods are very convenient for most renters. That is the right time for them to cancel the lease in the old home. And also, that is the right time to sign the renting contract for the new place. So, the moving companies are rather busy in the first and last week of the month.

The same statistics will show that fewer people are moving during a mid-month period. Therefore, try to find a term for your relocation around the 15th of the month. Having fewer moving demands, the moving companies will have more time for you. And also, in that period, the prices of their services will be lower. 

Time of the day is also a factor that can influence your move to Clearwater

We have already seen the main factors that affect your relocation to Clearwater. We found that these are:

  • The season in which you move
  • The month you have chosen for moving
  • The time of the month in which you intend to move

However, the Clearwater Beach movers have suggested one more factor that can influence your move. And that is the time of the day. Regardless if you are moving locally or long-distance, it is always better to start early. That way, you will avoid the morning rush. And you will move during the cooler period, in case you are moving during the peak season. 


Buildings, and cars on the road in front of the harbor tunnel.
Starting early you will avoid traffic jams.

Benefits of choosing the right time of the day when moving locally

Also, in case you are moving locally, such an early start will save you money. Namely, you will move faster and will need less time to reach your destination. Additionally, you may also benefit if moving in the evening hours. Evening move actually comes with two benefits:

  • There is no traffic rush
  • Fewer people are booking this period, so it can be more cost-effective than a morning one 

It is well known that the local movers are charging per hour. So, the faster you complete the move, less your charges will be.  

People can’t always choose the best time of the month to move

It would be ideal if people can choose the move as per the above suggestions. In such a case, they would move out of peak season, during the mid-month, and at the right time of the day. In order to catch the best time for the move, you should book your move on time. 

However, preoccupied with other tasks during the preparation period, people are usually late with booking. Unfortunately, that way they are usually losing the best time of the month to move to Clearwater. Instead of getting the benefit of choosing the most favorable conditions, they have to book the terms which are still free. So, keep this in mind for your next relocation. You may be surprised how much you can save by applying this simple guidance. 

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