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America is one of the most mobile countries in the world. So it’s nothing unusual that people are constantly moving. From one state to the other or from one city to the next, the moving industry in the US has grown rapidly over the years. So it’s not surprising that Floridians also move a lot. And even if you need state-to-state movers, international movers or interstate movers Florida has all of them at your disposal. But even with all those options, you first need to decide where you want to move to. So where are Floridians moving to?

Why are Floridians moving?

Many people from Florida don’t actually move out of the state, they just relocated to a different city. Actually, there is a bigger number of people moving in than moving out of Florida. And you should probably know why before moving. First of all, Florida has always been the top pick for Americans, for spring break and beach vacations. But over the years it became more than that- a prime place to move.

A mover in front of the moving truck
There are many places in Florida that have a lot to offer. The only important thing is how far you want your movers to relocate you.

Especially in recent years with the development of online work and the pandemic which allowed people to work from home, many packed their bags and moved. This also applies to Florida residents. Due to not having to live in the same city as their employer, many decided to move to a different town with the help of local movers FL. But that’s not all! So where are Floridians moving to? Mostly to another city within the state. Why?

  1. Low taxes and affordable living costs– First of all Florida doesn’t have an income tax, and other taxes are either low or mild. At the same time, the costs of living are quite affordable. Especially if you compare them with other parts of the US like NYC for example.
  2. Job opportunities– The reason most people move is to find a better job. And in Florida, the job market is video and versatile. There are many job opportunities in FL, from tourism to aviation, and so on.


If you want to know where are Floridians moving to, then Clearwater is exactly one of those places. When someone mentions Clearwater the first thing that comes to mind is its famous white sand and clear blue waters. This is a place that has both beauty and class combined into one. Even residential movers Clearwater FL have noticed the number of Floridians moving there has increased. But you are probably wondering why? Well, there is a couple of reasons why Clearwater is one of Florida’s prime moving destinations:

  • Climate – If you look at Clearwater’s climate you will notice that it’s relatively mild. You won’t see that big of a difference even when seasons change. It never goes too hot or too cold either.
  • A fun place to live– There are many things you can do and enjoy here. From eating in one of many restaurants, visiting the local breweries and pubs, catching a play in theaters, to watching a game at Spectrum Field! But even that is not all! What Clearwater residents have is the coast! There are many sea-related activities worth a try!
  • Real Estate– Actually the price of homes here is quite affordable. But not only that the styles of homes that are out for sale are not just a few! Although the most searched type is single-story homes you will still have a wide range of options.
  • Costs of living-  5.4% less than the national mandarin. Some of the most significant factors for this are the impressive wages, affordable housing options, and good healthcare.
Skyline of a beach town
When picking where they want to move to, many choose based on the things they lack in their current city.

No matter where are Floridians moving to not everyone will agree with their choices. And of course, everyone will have their own opinions of Clearwater, FL. Many will think it through meticulously before they decide opt for the packing services Clearwater FL has to offer. But the city itself makes a compelling argument! It is a gorgeous place perfect for those who want to live in a beautiful, affordable, and exciting place.


When people ask “Where are Floridians moving to?” – one of the places that might be mentioned more than once is Tampa. This beautiful city in Florida has a population of 395,912 residents. This is a city that mixes both urban and suburban perfectly. But most residents here are not actually homeowners. Actually, most people in the city rent their homes. In Tampa, once your Tampa movers relocate you here, you will find many bars, different kinds of restaurants, coffee shops, and public parks. As for families with kids that want to move here one of the most valuable pieces of information is that the public schools in Tampa are above average.

  • Climate–  If you look at Tampa you will notice that it has a humid, subtropical climate. The two distinct seasons are the hot and humid season that lasts from May through October. As well as a milder, dry season from November all the way to April.  But between June and September, you should expect a lot of rain.
  • A fun place to live– If you look past all of the restaurants, cafes, nightlife, and clubs, you will also notice many other activities that will make your day!  For example, racing through the air on one of the best roller coasters at Busch Gardens, or taking a simple stroll down the stunning Tampa Riverwalk.
  • Real Estate- Typical value of a home in Tampa is $398,384. Home values have actually increased by 34.9% from last year. So when you take into account the rising home prices it comes as no surprise that many people decide to rent. The median rent in Tampa is $2,300 monthly for a 3-bedroom home. That makes it quite affordable when compared to some other US cities.
  • Cost of living-  For a family of four, the estimated monthly cost of living in Tampa is 3,604.83$ without counting rent. As for the single person estimated monthly costs are 1,002.93$ also without rent.
Women looking into where are Floridians moving to online
If you ask around where are Floridians moving to you will find some good suggestions.

St. Petersburg

Where are Floridians moving to? Well, many are moving to St. Petersburg, Florida! Known also by the nickname St. Pete, the city is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Actually, it is considered a great place to live. Not to mention how popular boating, fishing, golfing, and other watersports are in this area. Actually living here is often compared with living in the neighboring city of Tampa. But if you really want to go into details, St. Petersburg has a better atmosphere when it comes to nightlife, luxury restaurants, and its proximity to beaches. if you look at any moving company St. Petersburg FL has, you will notice all of them are experienced in helping people move safely.

  • Climate- When discussing the climate in St. Petersburg, you should know that the summers are very long, hot, wet, and quite cloudy. As for winters, they are shorter,  cool, a little windy, and cloudy.
  • A fun place to live– This is actually a “green city”, and among many programs, it also has a wide list of places to choose from where you can take a stroll, bike, dine, drink, shop, swim, and so much more! Among all that the arc scene here is very good as well as the nightlife.
  • Real Estate- The Real Este here is actually quite similar to Tampa but less expensive.
  • Cost of living-  Living here is actually very affordable! Actually, the housing expenses are 29% lower than the national average! And not only that but that means they are 7% lower than the Florida mandarin!  This makes it cheaper than living in Tampa. The average annual salary is around $77,000 and that is enough to live comfortably.
A moving truck in the yard
Some cities have a lot of green and outdoor space. And are perfect for people that like to be closer to nature.

Palm Harbor

We already mentioned Tampa. But when talking about where are Floridians moving to, some places have to be mentioned separately. And one of those is Palm Harbor. Even though Palm Harbor is a suburb of Tampa, it still has its own unique charm. With a population of 61,787 residents, it is actually a tight-knit neighborhood. Palm Harbor is proclaimed as one of the best places to live in Florida. We already mentioned that most residents of Tampa rent their homes, but this dense suburb is actually another story. Most residents here own their homes. Moving companies Palm Harbor FL are experts that have years of moving experience! So do not hesitate to contact them if you decide to move here.


If you ask anyone related to moving companies in Gulfport, where are Floridians moving to, you will get many answers. But one of them will also be Gulfport. Why? Well because they helped many people, especially in recent years move here. When talking about the best places to live in Florida you can’t miss out on mentioning this town. This is a place where most residents own their homes. And the town even though small still gives a little of an urban feeling. Here you will find a lot of bars, restaurants, and parks where families, as well as singles, can enjoy.

A Big's Man Moving Company mover
Not everyone will like the same city, and that is OK.

Gulfport is actually a beach town. The stunning beach overlooks Boca Ciega Bay. Covered in white sand and complimented by calm waters it is a perfect destination for people that like calm peaceful towns. There are many things you can do here from picnicking on the beach or in the parks, beach volleyball, kid’s areas, a way to bocce ball, and more. As for all of the fishing lovers out there the Williams Pier is a prime spot you can visit.

Indian Rocks Beach

Where are Floridians moving to? Well, some go to Indian Rocks Beach, and movers Indian Rocks Beach FL has to offer are more than happy to help. Why are they moving there? Is Indian Rocks Beach nice? Well, Indian Rocks Beach is a very nice place to live, and has gorgeous beaches! This small beach town has a lot of nice restaurants, beaches, parks, and other attractions that mix perfectly. And they are not only for the many tourists that visit but also for residents. The beaches are wide and clean, covered in white sand, and easy to access.

Two cahirs on a beach as a place where are Floridians moving to
Sometimes beach towns can be overwhelmed by tourists. But many have private beaches meant only for locals.


If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors then hiring then movers Bradenton FL to move you to Bradenton is the right choice.  Yes, it can get quite hot during the summer. But on the other hand, during spring, fall, and winter, the temperature is ideal! This is a place where the sun is shining, and the water is great! If you like taking walks or biking then this is a place for you. Not to mention barbecuing, beaches, and, of course, we can’t go without mentioning fishing!

The question “where are Floridians moving to” has many answers. And all of them are different. You see before you move anywhere and pick any place in the state of Florida or even out of it you first need to know what are the reasons for your move, and what are you looking for in your new city. Of course, some other things like personal preferences for climate, housing, jobs, the size of the city, and so on will affect your decision.

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