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Where to buy your first home in Florida?

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    Don’t want to keep up with your rent payments in South Florida? Making the decision to become a first-time home buyer in Florida may be an exciting adventure, from selecting a property to decorating and personalizing it. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, make sure to research some tactics, and blunders that you’ll want to avoid while purchasing a property in Miami. If you’re not too sure about where to buy your first home in Florida, we at┬áBig Man’s Moving Company are here to lay out our top picks for the best cities in Florida to invest in.

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    Buying a house for the first time can be an exciting, but overwhelming adventure.

    Where to buy your first home in Florida?

    Buying your first home is an exciting time. But once you start actually searching for your perfect home, it can get overwhelming really quick. However, you should be lucky you even get to buy your first home in Florida. And we must say that whatever place you choose in Florida, you can’t really go wrong. Today, we have chosen our top picks for the best cities in Florida for first-time home buyers. It might be smart to already start looking for reliable moving companies Bradenton FL and asking for moving quotes as well.

    1. Miami

    A prominent tourist attraction, Miami is located near the southern point of the state and is known for its year-round hot weather, vibrant culture, and busy nightlife. As a result of net migration, the population of the Magic City grew by just 2.89 percent between 2015 and 2019. According to the United States Census Bureau. However, the median family income was spent on housing expenditures, including mortgage payments, rent, and property taxes, at a rate of 30.54 percent. There is just one city in the United States with a higher cost of living among the 150 most populated metro areas: San Juan in Puerto Rico.

    2. Lakeland

    Although Lakeland is not a coastal metro region, it is well known for the numerous lakes that dot the area. Lakeland is sixth among the 150 largest metro areas in the United States in terms of population growth owing to net migration, increasing by 10.56 percent between 2015 and 2019, according to the United States Census Bureau. However, incomes in Lakeland are comparatively modest, at $43,150 on average annually, compared to the national average of $53,490. But housing prices are lower as well.

    3. Tallahassee

    While Tallahassee does not attract the same amount of visitors as other regions of the state, its status as Florida’s capitol makes it a critical location for persons trying to further their careers. Tallahassee high school students score seventh in college preparedness among the 150 largest metro areas in the United States, according to statistics from the U.S. News Best High Schools ranking. Unfortunately, Tallahassee’s somewhat high cost of living adds to its ranking as the 76th best place to live overall. Residents spend 25.15 percent of their median family income on housing. If you’re planning on moving from Trinity to Tallahassee, as many people do these days, feel free to contact movers in Trinity FL for some quality moving services.

     buy your first home in Florida in beautiful Tallahassee
    If you buy your first home in Tallahassee, you’re bound to be surrounded by incredible neighbours.

    4. Daytona Beach

    Daytona Beach is approximately one-tenth the size of Miami, but that may not last long. Between 2015 and 2019, Daytona Beach had a 9.65 percent increase in population primarily due to net migration. Many of those drawn to this stretch of the Atlantic coast are retirees. Since the Daytona Beach metro area’s typical age exceeds 47. However, the expense of living is the primary reason for its good ranking on Niche. Residents in Daytona Beach spend 26.55 percent of their median household income on housing. Compared to the national median of 23.06 percent. If you choose to buy your first home in Florida and move there, take a look at movers Dunedin FL. They have affordable prices and very high-quality services.

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