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Who should you inform when moving office

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Moving your office is one of the most complex procedures that you can undergo. There are many tasks on your list, so you can easily disregard some of the most important ones. Some of those steps may even seem trivial. However, it is important to notify many different people in the chain about your office relocation. This will make the whole moving process much easier. Also, you will need to create a list of all the steps that you have to take. You will also need to notify one of the moving companies Clearwater FL about your relocation plans. In addition, it is necessary to start with your preparations on time. This way you will not miss any important step or person. Therefore, read this article and discover who you need to inform when moving office to make this a successful relocation.

What is it like to move your office?

This is certainly one of the most stressful situations, especially when you need to start your business in a different location. You already have both your regular clients and customers, as well as your business associates.

three women packing office items
Moving office is a complex procedure

When moving your entire office, you will need to attract new customers and invest in your advertising. In addition, you will need help from commercial moving Clearwater FL. You will not be able to handle everything on your own. Also, what you need to find in advance is a new space for your office that will suit all your business needs. Apart from that, it is vital to sit down and take into consideration every step that you have to take regarding this relocation. Create a moving checklist that will help you follow all the steps and not miss any I’m[portant tasks from this personal guide.

Start with your moving preparations

One family can outgrow the home and one business can outgrow its office. You may be looking forward to expanding your office or your business needs a fresh start. Whatever the reason, your employees are the first to inform when moving office. For some of them, this may come as a great surprise. Some may be able to follow you, others might need to quit. For this reason, you need to keep them in the loop. Before hiring movers Odessa FL, you need to sit and discuss with your coworkers about your plans. Make sure to give them enough time to think about this relocation and prepare accordingly. Remember that your employees are one of your most valuable assets. If you have an option for remote work, present it to your employees so they do not have to necessarily quit the job if they cannot relocate.

Inform your tenant or landlord when moving office

Another important door that you should knock on in this situation is your tenant. It is important to read your leasing contract and get to know how long in advance you should notify your tenant about your leave. Usually, it should be from two to four weeks in advance before you will definitely leave your old premises. Before booking your movers in Trinity FL, it would be good that your tenant already knows that you are leaving. In addition, moving can be quite an expensive action. For this reason, check with your tenant if you can leave your old office by the middle of the month.

two men sitting and talking
Notify your tenant about your office move

This way you will save some money on renting the space since you will not pay for the full rent and utility services for the whole month. Then, you can redirect this money to something more useful.

Also, inform your new tenant when moving your office

Once you have found the perfect location for your new office, make sure to contact the new landlord or the tenant that you would like to rent the place. The sooner you inform them, the greater the chances to get the place and be on the safe side. Since doing business is a serious action, make sure to get the leasing contract as soon as possible. Before booking one of the moving companies Wesley Chapel FL, you need to sign your leasing contract. In addition, prepare the extra budget for renting a new office. Depending on the contract you may need to pay from two to six months in advance for renting. Also, do not forget to check all the details from the contract with your new tenant and your lawyer before signing anything.

Let your movers know that you plan to relocate

Once you set up all the legal business with a leasing contract, you can start looking forward to your office relocation. Now that it is official that you will move, you will also need to inform your movers when moving office.

A movers as a symbol of moving company to inform when moving office
Book your movers in advance when moving office

This should happen approximately at the same time when informing your old and new tenants. Ideally, booking movers should happen at least two months in advance or even more depending on the size and type of your office. This includes hiring packing services Clearwater FL. Both you and your movers will need enough time to prepare for the relocation. Especially when you have professional packing help. This way your movers will know which items you plan to relocate. Then, they will be able to prepare for the whole process and provide both you and your employees with proper moving boxes to pack some lighter items.

Again let your employees know about the moving date and plans

After you have initially informed your employees that you plan to relocate your office, now the time comes to give them some more precise details.

people sitting in the office and talking
Inform your employees when moving office

This is also a great opportunity to see who of your employees plans to relocate to a new space and who does not. You may find yourself in a situation where a significant number of your employees will not follow you. One of the moving companies in Lutz will handle the packing and preparation of the large and bulky items in your office. For packing desks and smaller items, you can ask your employees for help. Organize a clear packing plan and share the sheet with each employee so they can start preparations on time. Make sure that you all follow the agenda so nobody misses any important step.

Other services to inform when moving office

When moving your office there will be many utilities, providers, and other services that you will need to inform about your upcoming leave. It would be great to appoint an office move manager so you can split the responsibilities regarding relocation. Provide them with a list of all the actions that they need to take. Before movers Apollo Beach FL jump into your moving plans, you need to address your telecommunication system. You need to establish the idea of home many phone lines you need in your new office. In addition, notify your phone providers if you plan to stay with them. If you are about to change the operator, make sure to contact them as soon as possible. This way they can set up new phone numbers and telephone lines in your new office. Make backups of any voice or communication data that you’ll be taking with you.

Contact your utility companies when moving office

When moving your office, you need to have fully functioning water and electricity services. This will make the relocation process much easier.

a woman writing on the laptop
Contact utility companies and inform when moving office

For this reason, you need to let your utility providers at least two weeks in advance that you are planning to move. This way you will ensure not to have any supply lapses or some bills that you did not pay. If you are changing a provider during a corporate relocation, you will also need to let them know the time that you are moving into your new office. In case you keep the same providers, contact your gas, water, and electricity providers and let them know about your account changes. Also, contact your domestic waste collection services. You should let them know about the change of your address so they can come and collect waste accordingly.

Let the internet provider that you are moving

The internet is one of the most important assets when doing business. Through it, you can communicate with your customers, and business partners, advertise your business, and do millions of other vital things. For this reason, you need to contact your internet provider as soon as possible and inform when moving office. Among your office relocation essentials should be booking a new internet provider if you do not find the current one satisfactory. The speed of your Internet plays a vital role in doing business. So if your current Internet is too slow or has glitches in working, make sure to change it as soon as possible. If you also have a cable TV provider for your office, make sure to let them know about your new address. This way they will ensure to set up a new connection properly.

Inform your bank and credit card providers that you are leaving

As soon as you have the new address of your office, it would be necessary to inform your bank about it. You can either visit your local bank or credit card provider.

credit cards
You need to inform your bank when moving office

Or you can go online and change the address for all of your company cards. If you fail to do this on time, you may cause delays in certain payments. This way your business may suffer losses. You should avoid this common office moving mistake when relocating your office. Your banks need to have your new address as soon as possible since they send important notices by mail. If you use online banking you will be able to change the important data in several minutes. Finally, remember to update your investment accounts, student loans, or retirement accounts.

Your clients need to know about your office relocation

Depending on the type of business you have, it may be vital to inform your clients and suppliers that you will be moving to a new address. You may receive your daily, weekly, or monthly supplies to the current address. In this case, you will need to inform your suppliers when moving office. This way you will not have any passes in receiving goods and your business will not suffer. Engage your employees when moving office, so they can do this task for you. They can both advertise it on social networks and send emails, or new business cards to your clients. In addition, you will certainly want to attract new clients. Therefore, make sure to advertise in every possible way so you can expand the business circle of your potential clients. A simple change of address e-card or a map will do good.

Inform your insurance companies when moving office

You certainly have insurance coverage for your business. For this reason, you will need to make sure to inform when moving office an insurance company about the address change. In case you experience some damage or loss, your insurance company will not be able to file a claim if you still have the old address in the policy. The same rule applies to your life and health insurance providers. In addition, make sure that you inform HMRC of the address change.

a person trying to inform when moving office another person
Your insurance company should change the address in your policy

Also, your employees and company records should have the new address updated accordingly. It is very important that your employees’ data is up to date at all times. Finally, in case you have a company pension provider, you will need to inform them that you are relocating office accordingly.

There are many different tasks that you need to check and people to inform when moving office to a new location. In some cases, you may personally visit your business partners and let them know about your address change. For all the other activities, you can appoint a person in charge or do the rest of the tasks online. This will help you save a lot of time on your office relocation preparations. Just make sure to start on time, and you will have a successful relocation.

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