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Who should you notify when moving?

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    When moving house, you are not the only person this change affects. This is probably the last thing on your mind when planning your relocation, but it still has to be done. Believe it or not, apart from your family and your  Clearwater Beach movers, there are still others who you should notify when moving. By contacting all of these people, you are simply checking off another task in your moving checklist. It can be really easy to forget someone, which is why we’ve combined a list of the most important people who you should inform about your move.

    Who should you notify when moving to avoid any moving mistakes?

    Apart from the most obvious (your family, friends and close neighbors), there is still a list of other people who should know about your relocation. This goes especially if this is a long-distance move since that is quite a big change. However, even a local move brings a few changes and there are parties that need to be informed.

    Notify the post office about your relocation

    This one goes for both types of relocation. It also makes no difference if you’re moving your family, or are planning commercial moving Clearwater FL. You will get mail both to your house and your office, so the address change needs to be reported either way. To do this, you can visit your local post office or fill an online form to have your address changed. The good news is that you can have your mail forwarded to your new address up to a year after your relocation

    close up photo of a mailbox
    Changing your address in the post office should be your first task when informing people about your move.

    Call your utility companies to notify them when moving

    In order to prevent service lapses and past-due bills, let your utility companies know that you are moving at least two weeks prior to the moving date. They will also need to connect them to your new house, so make sure they know when you’ll be moving. You don’t want to arrive at your new house only to find out there is no water or electricity!

    Contact your bank to let them know you’re relocating

    You would need to update the addresses on all your credit cards before your relocation. Don’t forget that your loyalty cards need updating as well. All of your existing bank accounts have to have your correct address, and you can easily change that in your online banking app or over the phone in a matter of minutes. Just like you can call your movers, you can also give a call to your bank!

    close up of two credit cards
    Don’t forget to change the address on your credit cards and bank accounts as well.

    Your doctor and your insurance company also need to be notified of your move

    Moving to a new town or a new neighborhood means having to find a new doctor’s office for your family. It also means that you will have to let your previous doctor know that you are relocating. Once you know who your new doctor will be, let the old one know so they could transfer all your medical records. Your insurance company also needs to be notified of your move, so you won’t have trouble when settling your bills.

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