Why a DIY relocation is never a good idea? Moving guide

Why a DIY relocation is never a good idea?

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When relocating, you have to make a detailed plan. And the good organization of relocation. So many things to keep in mind. What to leave behind? How much packing material will be enough? Would all that match in the rental truck or you have to store something temporarily? Do you have some bulky and heavy items? Or some fragile items that call for special attention?  Your family and friends are wonderful people, but to whom can you entrust these tasks? Therefore, a DIY relocation is never a good idea. You might find very quickly that instead of saving, your maybe need much more money to cover for injuries and damaged or broken items. Hiring Big Man’s Moving Company FL will spare you all these inconveniences. And, without professional help, things you did not even think of, could come up.

A man with black hat and white shirt is loading in vehicle carboard boxes with tops are not closed, and that is why the DIY relocation is never a good idea.
Loading not properly secured moving boxes is a reason why the DIY relocation is never a good idea.

DIY has its costs that you easily forget about when planning a move

First, DIY relocation is never a good idea because you start with the wrong assumptions. People usually think that DIY relocation is cheap. The logic behind it is that by not hiring the moving company, you are saving. But do you?  You can get moving boxes from the store. Friends and family will help you. So, you have the manpower for free. Even instead of buying packing material, you can use linen, towels, etc. All you need is to rent a moving truck. However, there are hidden costs you are not even aware of. And they cost. Sometimes more than hiring professional movers.

DIY relocation takes a lot of your time and energy

Yet another reason why DIY relocation is never a good idea. You are losing a lot of time and energy. And with already high nervousness caused by relocation, this is additional stress. And it takes its toll. Exposed to such pressure, you are starting to miss even obvious tasks. Calculations show that just packing a family of four takes about a week, or even longer. So, when you are completely preoccupied with packaging, it is easy to miss some important things. Say, the moving insurance.

Every relocation is different

Reading about relocation and following tips is good. That will give you general knowledge. You will know where to help. Thus, that will speed up the relocation process. You can also help movers with some work. And of course, you have to do sorting of your properties. Still, every relocation is unique. And each one demands a specific approach.  In such specific situations, you would get stacked and lose precious time. Movers from the moving company St Petersburg FL, know-how. That is why DIY relocation is never a good idea. Better let it to professionals. If you like doing some relocation job yourself, talk to them.

Women seating at the desk with empty coffee cup and laptop with statistics on the screen.
If you are still thinking about why a DIY relocation is never a good idea, try to make your own cost estimation.

There are foreseeable hazards with DIY relocations

There are some hazards that everyone can foresee. Like, your packing boxes are maybe not strong enough. Probably, your packing knowledge is inadequate for fragile items. Your friends are maybe not skilled to tackle some items moving specifics. Or to reassemble the furniture, either move heavy items. That way you might damage some of your possessions. Or some of your “domestic crew” could sustain injury. These are the risks you consciously take when moving DIY. You can try to take precautions. But would they be enough?

Are there some hidden hazards for which the DIY relocation is never a good idea?

To cut on costs, your friends loaded the moving boxes on the rental trucks. You are the one driving it, and you know how to do it. DIY relocation goes so smoothly. So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, there are some things that even good preparation cannot prevent:

  • It is not enough to load the items (they have to be properly secured so will not bump and crash inside the moving vehicle)
  • You are driving the rental vehicle to save on costs (hopefully you know how to drive large vehicles in sharp turns or do quick stops – all this has an influence on the items hopefully properly packed in the vehicle Hopefully you included costs of fuel and highway tolls into your moving budget.)
  • Your items might get stollen when you are resting
  • What in case you are involved in a car accident

In case of inadequate insurance, your loss or damages will not have full coverage. Also, check the rental truck insurances when signing the contract. Looks like undertaking a lot of risks. And it is. This way, instead of saving on moving costs, such shortcomings in relocation could easily become a nightmare. And produce the biggest hidden risks of DIY relocation – lost time and money!

Man in dark grey shirt and light color trousers is unloading moving boxes form the red vehicle, in from of the house, with flowering shrubs at the background.
Unloading alone would take an eternity.

Your DIY relocation passed well, and you have safely arrived at your new location in Florida

Congratulations! But the next question is crossing your mind. What now? You had your team help you with packing and loading the rental truck. But they started back home. Now, you are at your new place in Florida. And you are alone. Nobody to give you a hand. Nobody to help you with truck unloading. Unloading alone would take an eternity. Not to say that you will not be able to move the heavy items alone. This is yet another reason why DIY relocation was not a good idea. Luckily, there are labor-only services available in Florida.

Costs of a DIY relocation

DIY move is somehow adventurous. Aside from the reasons, but with this, you enter the zone of the unknown. Many are of opinion that DIY relocation is the cheapest solution. This mostly because they are not thinking about hidden costs. Or never thought about them. They concentrate on moving companies’ cost estimations for packing, hauling, and unpacking. They are forgetting that even your “domestic crew” has to eat. And you will have to treat them with some gifts, to say thank you. Bottom line,  DIY move cost. It is just that, when having the customized moving cost estimation, you have a good overview. All costs are transparently showed there.

If you are still thinking about why a DIY relocation is never a good idea, try to make your own cost estimation. Include in it all expected and hidden costs. And then, compare it with the moving company estimation.

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