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Why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations?

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Have you ever thought of moving to Lakewood Ranch, Florida? This city is getting more and more popular. You may wonder why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations. Many moving companies in Florida are doing more relocation to this place. It is a 7,000-acre planned community. And it is located in northeastern Sarasota County and southeastern Manatee County. It is an interesting place. With busy community, it encompasses all aspects of modern infrastructure. And also includes residential and commercial development. You can find many interesting things to do here. Such as dining, nightlife, entertainment, and more. However, this recent development is landing on many top 10 lists. And Lakewood Ranch is attracting both many young families and retirees. Because it has an abundance of neighborhoods that suit all different lifestyles. 

Lakewood Ranch, Florida

First, let’ see some interesting facts about Lakewood Ranch. Back in  1922, the Uihlein family purchased this outpost. And no one has considered developing this place until the late 1970s. At that time, the family began exploring other uses for the land. However, things have changed in 1994. Hence, a cattle ranch turned into a village. And when the first village opened in Summerfield, people living in the surrounding areas considered it as the province. Today, there are more than 35,000 residents in Lakewood Ranch. This place can offer a lot. Such as exquisite educational institutions, golf courses, country clubs, entertainment, and sports facilities. Additionally, Lakewood Ranch is close to the best beaches! If you are interested in this place, manatee county movers can always help you to relocate with ease.

Waves and beach
Lakewood Ranch is close to the beach. That is one of the reasons why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations

Why you should relocate to this city

Lakewood Ranch contains 17 villages. And other unique areas. Here you can find various lifestyles. Ranging from many country clubs to tennis clubs, young families, and more. You’ll definitely like all of the perfectly designed roads, landscaping, and pristine communities. Because of this, this area is famous. Also, each village within this community can offer a distinctive lifestyle. And also, Lakewood Ranch has beautiful landscapes. Here you can find forests and natural Floridian wetlands. So, preserving native wildlife here is one of the priorities. Everyone can find their place here.  From young professionals to retirees, single-family houses, and luxury estates. Hence, Lakewood Ranch can be an excellent home for anyone. Also, you can always ask moving companies Lakewood Ranch FL, to give more information. Here we will look into:

  • Education
  • Retirement community
  • Recreation

Education in Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is considered great for families. Because it can offer many top-rated educational institutions. You can choose public and private schools. As well as a mix of both options. Students can surpass here. Because schools offer a K-12 system. Such as Robert Willis Elementary School and Lakewood Ranch High School. On the other side, private schools like The Out of Door Academy are also getting more attention. And other highly-rated schools and colleges present quality education. And research-based schooling. All of this is attracting families from many different states. Lakewood Ranch has ten public schools. And several private schools. If you are interested in colleges, you should check out the highest-rated ones.

Retirement community

You can also notice that the Lakewood Ranch is one of the top destinations. That is for people who want to spend their retirement life peacefully and splendidly. Here, retirees can enjoy a good quality of life in a calm natural environment. And most importantly, retirees can relish in numerous activities. Such as golf, tennis, biking. And also enjoy local restaurants with outdoor dining. Or go to splendid beaches. Also, Lakewood Ranch has high-class medical facilities. With experienced health providers. No need to worry about senior relocation to this place. We are here to help.

Recreation is of the reasons why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Lakewood Ranch is a perfect place for you! You can find many trails and sidewalks that are interconnected to each other. Also, Lakewood Ranch has 150 miles of sidewalks and trails. And all of the streets in the neighborhoods have bike lanes. Which is perfect for persons who often ride bikes. There is also The Premier Sports Campus. It is a multi-purpose facility. It has soccer fields, lacrosse, tennis, rugby, and other organized sports. Another recreation center is the newly established Nathan Benderson Park. It offers a 3.7 miles trail around the lake. Many people can exercise. If you like to participate in rowing, then this is a perfect place for you. There are various national rowing championships every year. And also there are more sports activities that you can choose from.

Group of men rowing a boat
There is a rowing championship every year in Lakewood Ranch


This game became official with the first advertised match. And soon a real club rose up. In 1991, the Sarasota Polo Club opened off Lorraine Road. In decades to come, it became one of the world-class polo. There are many internationally-known players. Today, the club features seven Bermuda grass fields. With also a half-mile horse track. There is a 72-horse boarding facility. And of course, there are an accompanying clubhouse, pavilion, and 22 weeks of gameplay. From December to April, the spectators can come on Sundays. Because the club is open to its spectators, who turn out in droves to tailgate in a fashionable way. Even if you have never tried polo, this game might be interesting for you.

Man riding a horse
Polo is a popular sport in Lakewood Ranch


The Sarasota International Cricket Club was founded in 2006 in Lakewood Ranch. It is a nonprofit organization established in 1983. It was formed by hobby cricket players. These players wanted to bring one of the world’s most popular sport to the Suncoast. This club runs year-round. It offers locals the chance to learn, play or watch a match.

Why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations

Lakewood also offers residents two town centers. Many people gather here and have fun with their families and friends. While enjoying many outdoor performances and events. There are also restaurants and shopping malls. As well as local movie theatres. Here we just mentioned few reasons why Lakewood Ranch is great for all generations. As soon as you decide to relocate to this place, move quickly without stress.

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