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6 Things People Forget to Pack when Moving

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    Packing for your upcoming relocation can get really frustrating and stressful. In this chaos, there are a few things people forget to pack and that get left behind. In order to prevent this scenario from happening to you, we wanted to let you know which items you should keep an eye out for when packing for the move. Big Man’s Moving Company FL has seen hundreds of relocations in our time in the industry, so we know which mistakes people keep making over and over again. So, let’s get started!

    The most common things people forget to pack when moving

    One of the things people forget to pack is the medicine from their cabinets. It’s simple enough – you don’t need it at the moment, so you don’t open this cabinet often. On the other hand, you don’t pack it immediately because you might need it before you move. This usually happens when people don’t do a proper walkthrough before they leave the house for good. A good tip we can give you here is to go through all the medicine, toss the ones that have expired and keep the ones you really think you might use. Many moving companies Brandon FL recommend that these should go in your essentials box as well! 

    an assortment of pills
    Don’t forget to look through your medicine drawer or cabinet to get the medicine you want to bring with you!

    Documents and keys

    Even though they are among the most important belongings, these two often get left behind. Now, we are not talking about your passport and your house keys. We know you won’t forget these. However, what about the little keys that are scattered all over your house? Your P.O. box keys, the keys to your parents’ house for instance. You mustn’t miss all of the documents from your bank, car documents, and your employment contract, etc. Go through every drawer and gather them all in one binder as to not forget them! 

    man holding car keys
    Keys are among the most common items people forget to pack.

    Chargers and cables

    You will probably use your phone and laptop chargers up until the very last day in your old house. Many people also choose to leave their TV up until their moving day, and when they get packing services Clearwater FL, they know that the packers will safely prepare it for transport. But, these should definitely be high on top of your packing checklist. You should always double-check to make sure you didn’t forget them in a socket somewhere in the house!

    two phones with chargers in them
    Chargers are so easy to forget – unplug them as soon as your phone is done charging.

    And last but not least, don’t forget about the food. Your moving day will be long and tiresome, and you’ll need something to keep your energy levels up. Even when you’re moving locally, you should always empty your fridge before letting the movers load it onto their truck. That way, nothing inside it will go bad or get spilled!

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