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All there is to know about moving estimates in Florida

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Have you ever considered moving to Florida? The idea of moving itself can be terrifying. Especially to a new state or simply a place that you don’t know much about. Well, we are here for you. Our team is here to help you relocate, wherever you chose. And we also provide knowledge! If you want to relocate to Florida, moving help in Clearwater will offer you all of the information. Also, more than 1,000 people move to Florida every day. So, many people choose Sunshine State. Here you can read about what you need to know about moving estimates in Florida. Let’s get to it!

Facts about Florida

Before we see moving estimates in Florida, let’s see some interesting facts about this state. Just like some other states, Florida has a rich and interesting history. Also, the state is ecologically diverse. There you can find some of the country’s most beautiful natural settings. Florida is known for flourishing tourism. Hence, the state employs over a million people in both the tourism and hospitality industry. Another significant part of Florida is agriculture. The interesting fact is that the state produces 70’s of the US’s oranges. All of that is thanks to its sunny and warm climate. Because it is perfect for growing plants such as oranges, tomatoes, and more. And, of course, there are perfect beaches for you to enjoy! Besides beaches, there are many beautiful parks to explore. Florida has many known colleges and universities. So there is a bustling collegiate culture that many residents love.

Moving estimates in Florida

In order to estimate your relocation to Florida, the first thing you should do is to choose the right movers. It depends on wheater you are moving interstate or intrastate. You can always get to know long distance movers Florida and their conditions. On the other side, intrastate moving companies are those where movers help you relocate inside the state of Florida. They are obligated to register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services If you are in need of an intrastate move, it is good to check if that company is registered. And also see if that company has any complaints filed against it.

Important information about moving estimates in Florida

In order certain about the company, make sure to find out these facts:

  • Does the company offer any additional services?
  • How will the company handle any loss or damage?
  • Does the company provide conciliation for claim disputes?
  • Does the company fulfill delivery schedules?
  • Can the company provide proof of its’ employees, general and legal liability coverage?

Carefully read and find the answers to these questions. Many people make mistakes when not choosing a moving company.

Plan everything ahead

Bear in mind the time for planning. Approximately, it will take between two and six weeks to organize, plan and prepare for a relocation. Take advantage of this planning period. And make sure to have at least three moving companies evaluate the items being moved. And get a detailed estimate from them. The more estimations you get, the more information you will have. You should know that the mover’s estimator should actually come and see the items to be relocated. Hence he or she should provide you with a reasonable and accurate estimate can be provided. You may think about phone and internet estimates. They can be a useful tool for a rough estimate. However, they are no substitute. So it is important that a trained and experienced estimator come to your house in person.

Plan everything ahead and get to know the moving estimates in Florida

Schedule your relocation and know the moving estimates in Florida

Schedule your relocation wisely. You need to think about the right season for the move. And also think about your budget. For instance, late May through August is usually a busy time for moving companies. Hence it’s best, if it is possible, to schedule a relocation during spring. Or late fall. Also, keep in mind that weekend rates tend to be high. It refers to both truck rental agencies and moving companies. It can be hard to schedule a relocation during the workday. So it is important to organize advance. Hence you could get a day off and relocate on time.

Schedule your relocation in advance

Moving estimate and contract

Your moving company must give you an estimate and contract, in writing. It is crucial for the movers to do so before offering you the moving services. And the estimate and contract must be signed by both parties. It should include:

  • Name, telephone number, address, and state registration number of the moving company
  • Date the contract or estimate was prepared
  • Adequate vehicle and delivery address, name, and telephone numbers of the shipper
  • Name, telephone number, and address where the items will be confined, if necessary
  • All descriptions and total of all costs and services should be provided
  • Acceptable forms of payment that are available

Before you sign the contract

You should make sure that all the services you requested and require are on the estimate and contract. You should provide your delivery address and all phone numbers where you can be contacted at. Also, check your homeowners’ insurance policy before moving. In order to see if you are covered for damage or loss during relocation. If not, the insurance company should provide a solution for your policy. Additionally, you may be able to arrange with the moving company for a full replacement valuation. Always be aware of your timeline for moving to Florida.

Businessman giving contract to a person
Get all of the information before signing the contract

Liability for Loss

You need to know that moving companies are required to assume some basic liability. They can do it by carrying legal liability valuation and insurance coverage. Also, movers must carry cargo legal liability coverage. Because the loss or damage to household belongings results from the negligence of the mover. With all of this in mind, you should know that you must read carefully about moving estimates in Florida and get to know as much as you can.

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