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Best cities in Florida for military retirement

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What are the best cities in Florida for military retirement? There are too many cities in Florida to see and visit. But not all of them are suitable for people who are wishing to reiter. Here we made a list of some cities that are worth checking out in search of your retirement home.

Florida and military retirement

When someone says Florida, people think of many things. And not many of them think of retirement. Well, we are here to tell you that Florida is not a bad place for military retirement. There is no place in Florida that movers in trinity FL cant reach and help you move and spend your days easier. Here we have some of the cities we believe are a nice fit for our retired heroes.

  1. Sarasota
  2. Fort Myers
  3. Miami
  4. Orlando
Elderly couple enyoing retirement on a beach bench
Relaxing on a beach bench with your spouse is a perfect example of how to spend your military retirement in Florida


One of the cities in Florida for military retirement that we recommend is Sarasota. Stationed on the southwest coast of Florida it is renowned for its beaches, resorts, environmental amenities, School of Architecture, and many more things. It also includes Sarasota Bay in its territory. It’s a nice relaxing place for military retirement as it offers a lot of activities but relaxation at the same time. Without a lot of noise and crowds.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is one of Florida’s tourist destinations, as well as one of the cities good for military retirement. The population is around 87,103, and it has a nice geographical position. Sitting on the gateway to Southwest Fl. It’s one of the cities in Florida for military retirement we would recommend as it has a nice history and is not as expensive to live in. Military movers FL will provide you with a comfortable move to Fort Myers.

Night viev of Miami
Some people pick bigger cities to enjoy their retirement and experience new people and things


Some people choose to relax and go to a small city when retiring. But that doesn’t mean there are no people who choose a big city. Some people pick Miami as one of the cities in Florida for military retirement. They spent a lot of their time and lives in the military living under strict rules. So now it’s their time to relax and live for a change a new kind of life. With a crowd of tourists and locals, bars and beaches, and a lot of different people and cultures mixed together Miami is perfect for those who want to retire in FL and let loose a little. There are many local movers FL that will do a good job of moving our things without worry. And you can take that time to note down what you want to try and do in Miami.


Last on our list of cities in Florida for military retirement is Orlando. Orlando is a big city with a lot to offer. From sightseeing, parks, and outdoor activities to indoor relaxing spas, hotels, and many more. It’s a perfect place for those who want to go to a big city, but with less chaos than Miami. No matter which city you pick Big Man’s Moving is sure to help and move your things with care.

We hope we were even a little help in your quest to find the perfect cities in Florida for your military retirement. Have a nice time enjoying whatever you picked even if it was not on our list of cities.

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