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Pros and cons of renting a moving truck for interstate move

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Interstate relocation is something that not too many people have the right information about, besides that it is telling us that someone is moving from one state to another. But, due to that reason, you will have a lot of miles to cover. It is not pleasant even to think about this. It is all because it represents a threat that you have to overcome. One of the important decisions that you have to make is regarding the way of transportation to your new home. Should you even consider renting a moving truck for interstate move? Before you let long distance movers Clearwater FL handle everything, learn all about this matter and whether it is important to handle it on your own!

Pros of renting a moving truck for interstate move

  • More control for you
  • Flexible schedule

More control for you

When you rent the truck on your own, you will have control over all your items. When you have interstate movers Florida doing everything, they will have your stuff for some period of time. It is not comfortable to let other people keep their stuff like this. If you choose to get the truck and move by yourself, you are the one that is controlling everything!

Flexible schedule

When you do things your own way, you are the one that makes the schedule. When you go through movers, you have to respect the schedule and the pickup date. By handling this on your own, you can be more flexible if you can’t something on a specific day.

a woman making a schedule for renting a moving truck for interstate move
You will have more freedom if you move by yourself

Cons of renting a moving truck for interstate move

  • More expensive
  • Higher responsibility

More expensive

Even though this may sound like it is not true, it is a fact. If you have a local move, it could be logical to rent a moving truck. But, when talking about an interstate move, it is often more expensive than if you have rented labor only services FL from a reliable moving company. So, have this in mind if you still want to rent a moving truck for the state-to-state move!

a bunch of dollars
Moving interstate on your can turn out to be more expensive

Higher responsibility

When you do everything by yourself, you are in charge. This is obvious. But, when you look on the other side, this means that you have to cover everything, planning, the gas, money, etc. On the other hand, if you have a reliable moving company by your side, like Big Man’s Moving Company FL, you are not in the loop and in danger. Make sure that you understand this well because there is a lot of work regarding a long-distance move!

Handle your interstate move properly if you are renting a moving truck

It is crucial that you know all the dangers of going alone in a difficult task like the interstate move. You have to plan your interstate move properly and avoid any potential problems. On the other hand, going through reliable movers may be an easier choice but it is still a ton of work that you have to do!


The main misconception is that renting a moving truck for interstate move will make everything harder. Why should you do it when you can let someone else handle it? But, as you can see, there are also some good sides to doing this and you should know them so you could make the right choice. Choose wisely and have a nice interstate relocation!

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