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Best neighborhoods in Pinellas

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    Do you want to live in Florida or to be even more specific, in Pinellas County? Then, you have to organize a move, find moving companies Pinellas County, etc. However, before you go onto the organizational part of your move, you should choose a place to live. There are many best neighborhoods in Pinellas since this county is quite large. Almost one million people live in this county. As for the cities, Clearwater is the county seat while St. Petersburg is the largest city in the county. Without further ado, here are some of the best places in Pinellas county. 

    The first tree neighborhoods that deserve your attention

    You should first read about neighborhoods in Tampa and then in St. Petersburg. When you choose one, you can tell Tampa movers where to deliver your items. 

    • East Lake – is the best neighborhood for raising children since it has the best public schools in the area. As for the population, it has 32,315 people living in this neighborhood.  
    • Oldsmar – a true suburb of Tampa. The population is around 14,444. Many young professionals live in Oldsmar and the public schools are highly rated. 
    • Tarpon Springs – the best suburb of Tampa to retire with a population of 24,974. It is densely populated but it has many lovely parks for recreation as well as restaurants and coffee shops to relax and eat.


    top view of the best neighborhoods in Pinellas
    It is important to choose the best neighborhood for you

    The second four best neighborhoods in Pinellas  

    Let’s see the second five neighborhoods that found their way on the list.  

    • North Shore – this neighborhood is in St. Petersburg. Almost 9,000 people live here. Many would say this is the best neighborhood in the entire Pinellas County. It is an urban neighborhood with many fancy restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Residents tend to be liberal and highly educated.  
    • Old Southeast – yet another neighborhood in St. Petersburg. It has a population of 1,497 people. The neighborhood is a mix of urban city and suburbs.  
    • Crescent Heights – probably the best neighborhood in St. Petersburg to raise a family. Most families own their homes. However, unlike the previous two neighborhoods, residents tend to be conservative.  
    • Euclid-St. Paul – the last neighborhood in St. Petersburg. More than 2,500 live in this neighborhood. Additionally, it is a typical suburb.  
    boats on the sea
    St. Petersburg has many beautiful neighborhoods worth considering

    The facts about life in Pinellas County

    There are many reasons why you should live in Pinellas County. For example, the weather. It is always warm and sunny while winters are mild and without snow. In addition to this, you do not have to pay income tax, which is a great advantage. Then, the unemployment rate of 3.2% is smaller than the national average of 3.9%. Apart from this, Pinellas County has seen a recent job growth of 2.3%. Next, the cost of living is a bit higher than the U.S. average by 1.6%. However, you will save time on commuting as it is shorter by 2 minutes than the national average of 26.4 minutes. Lastly, the average cost of a family home is around $234,400 

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