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Alternate packing materials for when you don’t have any

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When you think about moving, most people imagine dozens of moving boxes. This is expected as packing is the largest part of the move. For this reason, you need to gather all the necessary packing supplies. Usually, these would include cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping, moving peanuts, tape, etc. However, what should you do if you do not have any of these? Maybe you are moving last-minute, hence you do not have enough time to gather everything. On the other hand, maybe you are on a tight budget. This means you can’t spend money on packing supplies. Therefore, here are all the alternate packing materials for your move. 

Use your suitcases as alternate packing materials 

You are already using suitcases for your clothes when traveling. Since moving is essential traveling, pack your clothes in suitcases. This is especially convenient if you love to travel. You can save money on moving boxes. In addition to this, suitcases are not only made for clothes, especially when you are moving. For example, you can put books inside, documents, small appliances. Basically, everything that you want and that can fit inside. It is very convenient to use suitcases for many reasons. First, you will save money if you use your suitcases. Second, a suitcase has wheels. Therefore, you can forget about lifting and carrying heavy items since you can wheel them. Lastly, suitcases have pockets so you can put smaller items inside. Because of their shape, movers from moving companies in Belleair will have easier time place suitcases and they will offer the necessary protection for your items. 

black suitcase as one of the alternate packing materials
Suitcases are great for almost everything

Tote Bags, Purses, and Backpacks 

Tote bags are fashionable nowadays as they are highly convenient. These bags are great for shopping, organization, storage solutions, etc. Since you can use them for everyday purposes, moving should not be any different. You can use tote bags as a protective material. Place inside small and fragile items, such as picture frames, kitchen utensils, and similar. In addition to tote bags, you can use purses and backpacks. Again, it is quite logical since these two are already made for storing items. For example, purses are perfect for small and valuable items, such as jewelry. Since you should not let movers transport the jewelry, here you can bring with you in one of your bags. The backpacks are great for packing makeup,for example. Place all the small items inside and take it with you. This is a great way to prevent thefts or items gone missing.  

Alternate packing materials – baskets and hampers 

Do you like picnics? If you do, then you probably have a basket or two made just for picnics. Since you are moving, you can use your beloved picnic baskets as alternative packing materials. However, do not just place the items inside and close the lid. You should not pack your picnic basket as this as well. First, use bubble wrapping. Make sure every item is properly protected before closing the lid. In addition to this, you should place your items vertically in the basket. Which items should you put inside? Plates are a good choice for picnic baskets. Apart from this, hampers are also a solid choice. You can put shoes inside as one example. You might think that you can only use these alternative packing supplies when organizing a DIY move. But even if you hire moving companies in Gulfport, you can still use them. 

kittens in a basket
You can also use baskets when moving

Dresser drawers and briefcases 

Moving heavy furniture seems like a nightmare. They are not only heavy but in most cases large. Disassembling large pieces of furniture is a smart option. However, yet again, you have dozens of smaller parts that you need to wrap and put in the moving boxes. In order to avoid this, you can use some parts of your large furniture as alternative moving boxes. For example, dresser drawers are perfect for packing. You should remove them from your dresser. Put all the items you want inside. Lastly, make sure to wrap the entire drawer so your items will not fall out during the transit. In addition to this, you can use briefcases. Again, you should not leave important documents with the rest of your items since they are not easily replaced. For this reason, put your documents in a briefcase and take it with you. 

Alternate packing materials – wrapping supplies 

Usually, people use bubble wrapping to protect their items. However, if you do not have any in your home, do not worry. There are other protective materials that you can use when moving. 

  • Newspaper – newspapers might be older than bubble wrapping in the shipping industry. For this reason, wrap your items using daily newspapers.  
  • Magazines – magazines are perfect for separating fragile items. In addition to this, you can easily recycle both magazines and newspapers after the move. 
  • Old clothes – yet another perfect solution for protecting your items. Cut up your old clothes and make wrapping materials for your items. Later, you can use these pieces of clothing for cleaning and dusting your new house.  
  • Office paper waste – or in other words, new packing peanuts. When you have to fill up the extra space in your boxes, use shredded paper.  
  • Junk mail – the same purpose as shredded paper. 
Business newspaper pages
People have always used newspapers as wrapping material

The last set of recommendations 

In the end, here are some more recommendations to use when you do not have any usual packing supplies. 

  • Re-sealable Sandwich Bags – make sure to wash them before using them for your move. Apart from this, they are great for small bolts and screws. Just make sure to label them. 
  • Garbage bags – again, perfect for clothes and other unbreakable items. Later, you can reuse them for garbage.  
  • Sheets and bedding – you can use it for packing your clothes and making small packages like people used to do it when suitcases were not a thing.  

When you are using alternate packing materials, make sure to organize the items properly in the moving truck 

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