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Bradenton vs Lakewood Ranch – which place is better for singles

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So, you’ve decided to move and narrowed down the choice to Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch. On top of that, you’re single and not quite sure which place is the better option for you. Let’s be honest, making a correct decision will be nearly impossible. It’s gonna come down to personal taste. However, a few key differences between these two towns may impact your decision. It’s important to say the pros outweigh the cons in both of these cities. In the “battle” of Bradenton vs Lakewood Ranch, only one will come up to the top. After you’ve read this article, it’s gonna be up to you to decide. Whichever one you choose, Big Mans Moving can help you out in the moving process.


Bradenton is located along Florida’s Gulf Coast, south of the greater Tampa Bay area and north of Sarasota. It’s the county seat of Manatee County, Florida. Bradenton is also the largest city in this County with a population of nearly 60 000 people. Due to a high growth rate, this number is increasing rapidly. A high growth rate impacts the city in both good and bad ways. To be able to see the full picture of living in Bradenton we are gonna dive deep into its pros and cons. Later on, when we fully unravel Bradenton vs Lakewood Ranch enigma, you can make a comparison and decide for yourself which place is better for you. If you stick with Bradenton and it ends up being your final decision, movers Bradenton FL will be more than happy to help you move.

Pros of living in Bradenton

The motto of Bradenton is “the friendly city”, which right at the start inspires hope. Residents of this city are friendly and believe that their future is bright. This is exactly the type of people you want around you. There are so many things Bradenton residents can be proud of. Beautiful parks, amusing public art, fun and entertainment. Bradenton is a wonderful place to work and to play. Now let’s look at some of the top reasons to eventually move to this lovely city.

Cost of living

When you are deciding on where to live, the cost of living plays a vital role. Also, you want to spend as little money as possible when moving. Bradenton has a lower cost of living compared to Lakewood Ranch and other places in the County. The cost of housing is also significantly lower. About 18% than the national average. Other expenses such as groceries, utilities and healthcare expenses are fairly affordable in Bradenton.

There is no state income tax in Florida, including Bradenton, and the sales tax is 6% which is lower than most cities in the US. We know that cost of living is usually the main reason people move to a different place. If you choose Bradenton, Manatee County movers will gladly help you arrange the moving phase.

Woman counting money
Calculating the cost of living plays a key role in deciding where to live

Fun, entertainment, boating and watersports

One more significant benefit of living in Bradenton is that all the major entertainment activities are close to each other. Some of the biggest attractions on the planet are within a short drive. However, if you’re interested in only the activities inside the city, Bradenton has a lot to offer. The city is surrounded by waterways which makes the perfect place for water activities. This includes fishing, boating, swimming, etc. If you’re a fan of this kind of entertainment, you will certainly enjoy it in Bradenton. But if you’re not, there are many other activities you can indulge in. It would be stupid not to mention a large number of quality restaurants, parks, gyms, culture and musical festivities, and many others.

Sunset over water
Access to water areas can decide between Bradenton vs. Lakewood Ranch

Cons of living in Bradenton

A lot of the cons that we are gonna mention can also be pros for some people. Let’s take the weather for example. Even though it never snows, summers can get quite humid and hot. It also rains quite a bit in Bradenton. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Moving on to a more serious con which is a crime. Recently, the rate of crime in Bradenton has increased and that fact to someone could be a deal-breaker. Another thing that is a pro and con at the same time is the growth of the city. An increase in residents brings other problems like increased traffic, congestion, etc.

Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is a suburb of Bradenton. It’s a master-planned community with a high quality of life. Lakewood Ranch is home to approximately 35 000 people. Even though Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch are close to each other, there are quite a few key differences. When we talk about location, everything we said about Bradenton also goes for Lakewood Ranch. All the important and interesting places are nearby. Almost everything in Lakewood is one step above Bradenton, but that comes with a higher price. If that doesn’t represent a problem to you, Movers Lakewood Ranch FL will help you move in.

Pros and cons of living in Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is so well maintained due to the fact that everything was carefully planned. It’s a perfect place to live for singles and families alike. It’s a city full of culture, amazing wildlife, solid architecture, high-quality schools and many more. As for the cons, considering that you are single, you might find Lakewood Ranch too peaceful. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Lakewood Ranch has no happenings. On the contrary, there are a lot of music festivals and similar activities. So, if you end up choosing Lakewood Ranch as a place to live, you will never be bored. The biggest con that Lakewood Ranch has is a high cost of living and property prices.

Squirel and other wildlife could give an edge to Lakewood Ranch when deciding between Bradenton vs Lakewood Ranch
Diverse wildlife is something that you will see every day in Lakewood Ranch

Bradenton vs Lakewood Ranch – Final thoughts

Now that we’ve gone over the pros and cons of both places, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s up to you to summarize everything we mentioned and make a decision for yourself between Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch. In our opinion, because of the cost of living, we give a small edge to Bradenton. If you don’t mind that, Lakewood is a great choice too!

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