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Expert tips for packing glasses for the move

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    Moving has a lot of ups and downs. On one hand, it’s probably one of the most exciting life events you can experience. On the other hand, it can be quite stressful. Especially if you are packing and relocating fragile belongings. That’s why it’s paramount that you learn how to approach packing glasses for the move, among other things.

    So, if you are moving locally, long distances, or even halfway across the country, the tips these movers Clearwater FL are going to share with you today, can hopefully help you on your journey to having a more peaceful and stress-free relocation. Moving doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be quite an enjoyable experience. Don’t believe us? Let us show you how.

    A cat sitting on a ceramic plate.
    Make sure to keep your glassware and kitchen utensils out of harm’s way.

    Expert tips for packing glasses for the move

    We think one of the most important phases of moving that gets often overlooked is learning how to pack appropriately. And we don’t just mean packing your clothes, and books. We also mean learning how to pack your fragile belongings. Things like packing a chandelier, TV’s, and in this case – glasses. Now, why is that? Well, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it? If you fail to pack your fragile items for the relocation accordingly you are risking potential hundreds if not thousands of dollars in reparations. That’s why it’s so important to know how to pack, or…

    … hire someone who knows’s how to pack.

    While you might try packing glasses for the move on your own, we really advise against that. You are going to need a lot of packing materials that you normally don’t have, and buying them could set you back. And not only that, if you don’t know what you are doing, you might pack your belongings improperly. And if that is the case you are risking a lot of unnecessary damage to your valuable glassware. That’s why we always recommend to our clients to hire packing services Clearwater FL.

    two people holding cardboard boxes
    Moving is not just easier with help but it’s also quite cheaper, as well.

    A professional moving company that will help you pack all your belongings into adequate moving boxes. On top of all that, you can rest assured that even if an accident does happen during the relocation, you still have moving insurance covering your potential losses. It really is the best option.

    Or do it by yourself.

    If you decide not to hire moving companies Wesley Chapel FL, and relocate by yourself, here are our top tips in order for you to pack your glassware accordingly.

    fragile sign on box
    If you are packing by yourself, don’t forget to label your moving boxes.
    • Use a dish pack box. These are large moving boxes that have double thick walls that provide extra protection for your glasses.
    • Roll up newspapers and place them at the bottom of the moving box to provide a nice shock absorber.
    • Pack your glasses in packing paper. If needed use two layers or more.
    • Place the packing paper with the glassware in it, into the moving box.
    • Fill empty spaces of the moving box with packing peanuts or newspaper.

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