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Get ready for an interstate move in a month

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Moving is rarely an easy event! Even moving down the block is bound to put some strain on your mental and physical health, and don’t get us started on the prospect of moving farther than that. So what happens when you have to go through an interstate move? Think that it will be hard? How about having to get ready for an interstate move in a month? Not only will you have to find and hire reputable out of state movers in such a short period of time, but you’ll also have to make all the other necessary arrangements. Don’t know how to do it? Well, we have some ideas!

Don’t rush when hiring your interstate movers

It’s a fact that you only have one month to find a reputable moving company, do a background check, and schedule your moving day. And that’s if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a company that’s available in the period of your move. If not, you’ll have to search and search, and search some more until you find residential or commercial movers FL that are worthy of your time. With so much to do and so little time, you might think that rushing things is the right way to go. You might hire the first company that seems decent and you might make a huge mistake in the process. 

A white alarm clock.
You have just enough time to prepare for an interstate move in a month that’s ahead.

In the days of rising moving scams, you have to be extra careful when putting the faith of your relocation into someone’s hands. Should you make a wrong choice, you could find yourself paying ransom money just to get your belongings back.

The best way to get ready for an interstate move in a month is by calling in the troops

Now that you have reliable movers by your side, you can feel free to relax – but only a bit. You have made a great first move, but this type of relocation will require a lot more help than that. You’ll need to have all of your friends and family members by your side, helping you take care of different moving chores. What can your friends help you with?

  • Gathering packing supplies. 
  • Decluttering your closet.
  • Organizing a yard sale. 
  • Taking care of your pets/kids. 
  • Assist you when packing your belongings.

Of course, you can’t expect them to carry the entire burden instead of you. They are there to help, but you are the one who leads. What we also suggest you do is distribute the tasks ahead of time, and make sure everyone knows what their job is. Otherwise, there could be a lack of communication which can only put a strain on your relationships.

Three women helping each other prepare for an interstate move in a month.
Why let your stress level go through the roof when you can call in your friends for help?

A good packing plan will go a long way

Packing is the most complicated part of any relocation – or so we’ve heard our clients say. Unless you pay for packing services FL, this is one major undertaking you’ll have to take care of. Mind you that by now, you only have maybe even less than a month, and you are always advised to start packing 4 to 6 weeks before your moving day. The only way to have any sort of success in this endeavor is by making a solid plan for packing and actually sticking to it.

Decide which days will be dedicated to decluttering. Make a plan when you want to pack your kitchen, when the bedrooms, etc. When do you plan to pack your large appliances and when your king-size mattress? These and many other points should be covered in great detail in your packing plan.

Speaking of packing, you might forget to make an inventory list of your belongings when getting ready for an interstate move in a month. Or you might not have even known that you are supposed to make one. We here at Big Mans Moving always make a list of your belongings when loading the moving truck, but we always advise our clients they do the same when packing their home.

A man writing in a notebook.
Never forget to create an inventory list of your belongings when going through an interstate move.

Get a new driver’s license when preparing for an out of state move

In case you want to drive in the new state as soon as you relocate, you’ll have to have a valid driver’s license. And you can only have that by obtaining a new license from your state’s DMV. Depending on where you are moving to, you’ll need to have different documents to be able to take out a new license. What the usual requirements include is:

  • Proof of residency
  • Old driver’s license
  • Proof of social security number
  • Additional forms of identification

Find a new school for your kids

Do you think you are going through a huge change? What do you think your kids feel like? They are the ones who are going to be torn away from their friends for no apparent reason. It will be up to you to ensure they not only make new friends but also continue to receive a great education. You can ensure that by searching for some good schools in your new area and transferring your child’s records once you find a suitable match. Extra tip? Make sure that the extracurricular activities support your child’s interests.

Of course, these aren’t the only things you’ll have to do to prepare for an interstate move in a month. But these are the basic guidelines you can work with and make your relocation an easier endeavor. As long as you remain calm and keep reminding yourself that you aren’t THAT pressed for time, everything will be okay. Keep the excitement about your new life at a maximum level and it will be much easier to overcome all the difficulties that come with this process. From our Big Mans Moving team, we wish you good luck!

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