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How to pack your kitchen for moving

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People decide to move for various reasons. The usual reasons are better job opportunities, marriage, the retirement of a simple urge to change surroundings. Even though relocation is a positive change, that is in most cases, the process alone tends to be stressful. First of all, relocation is not something we do often, therefore for most people it’s shrouded with mystery. Next, there are so many factors that must click together in order for everything to run smoothly. Last, but not least, adapting to new surroundings is a challenge for most people. New city, new people, new rules. In order to lower the stress levels, you need to create a relocation plan. That plan should include every action you plan on taking, from hiring professional movers FL to learning what are the best supermarkets in your new area. Today we will give you some hints that will help you to pack your kitchen for relocation like a pro. Stay tuned.

Organize a day of cleaning and removing the mess

Before you start preparing for the move, you need to declutter your home. There are several advantages to doing this step. First of all, it is easier to function in a clean and organized space. You will slim-down the chances of forgetting anything if you are not surrounded by mess. Next, you will be able to save some money on moving quotes. Every local moving company FL has different terms and moving quotes, but the basis is the same. The price of your move is determined by the distance and total weight of your shipment. So, the less stuff you move, the less you will pay. This is why you should do some decluttering. Throwing things in the dumpster should be your last option. Before you do that, see if it is possible to sell or donate some of your stuff. There are people in need and this is your chance to give something back to society.

To pack your kitchen for moving you have to clear the mess first
Do some cleaning before you decide to pack your kitchen for the move.

To pack your kitchen, you have to get packing tools

When you finish the decluttering phase, make an inventory list of stuff you are taking with you. Determine how many boxes you will need for the move and establish the box labeling system. Remember that instead of overstuffing the boxes it is better to get a few more. If you wish to do the packing on your own and save some money along the way, you need to buy some packing tools. For this task you will have to visit your local DIY store or to shop online. You have to buy to following items:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrapping material
  • Packing paper
  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors

If you have friends who moved recently you can ask them to give you any leftover boxes. If you are moving in a hurry, we advise you to hire professional packers. Take a look at moving the company’s website to see if they offer packing services as well.

How to pack fragile items

The kitchen is full of fragile items like wine glasses or expensive porcelain plates. These must be packed with extra care to avoid any unwanted scenarios. The best way to do this is to wrap glasses in bubble wrap and to stack them in cardboard boxes. Any leftover space could be filled with old clothes. Soft fabric does an excellent job of protecting your precious belongings. To pack your plates, we advise you to lay them horizontally in the box with a layer of packing paper between every two plates. Label the boxes as fragile to inform your moving crew that those boxes must be handled carefully.  This is especially important if you are moving long-distance, and all those fragile items will spend a few days in the back of the truck.

Picture of a kitchen
Kitchen is full of fragile items, so you need to be careful when packing them

How to pack your kitchen appliances

In order to prepare your kitchen for the move, you have to pack the kitchen appliances. So how to pack all those toasters, mixers, juicers, blenders and other small kitchen appliances? Well, the best way to pack these is to put them in their original boxes. If you still own those boxes of course. If you don’t, you can use ordinary cardboard boxes, but make sure that appliances are carefully wrapped in packing paper and that boxes are safely sealed. Thoroughly wash the appliances before packing. You want to start life at the new address with a clean kitchen. For large kitchen appliances like fridges or stoves, you should consider hiring professional assistance. These people are experienced and know how to handle and pack heavy kitchen appliances.

Picture of a fridge
It is better to leave the large kitchen appliances to professionals

How to pack other kitchen items

Pans and pots. They can add weight quickly so be careful when packing those. The best strategy is to stack them horizontally and put packing paper in between. To pack your silverware, use a sturdy plastic box or a wooden crate.

Do not pack at all

Yes, you are reading correctly. You should seriously reconsider packing food or cleaning products. Why would you bother packing all those items when you can buy new ones upon arriving at your destination. It might be cheaper to buy new ones if you take moving quotes into account. On top of everything, food and cleaning products are prone to spilling, going bad, or simply making a mess in general.

Additional tips

One last piece of advice for the end. Prepare an essentials box before you start packing. These are the items that you will have by your side during the move. Also, try to pack items by the frequency of use. Leave the items that you use on a regular basis until the last moment.

If you follow our advice on how to pack your kitchen closely, this doesn’t have to be a tedious experience. Just make sure you have a good plan and that you stick to it. Don’t forget to label the boxes. It will be easier for you to unpack. Have a safe relocation.

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