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Moving with pets – tips and tricks

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Moving with pets is not easy. They are living beings, and not objects to be packed and stored away when needed. No, you need to take special care when you are moving with your pets. Moreover, you need to make sure that they are comfortable at all times. There are simply a lot of things to worry about when moving with pets is concerned. Fortunately for you, we have prepared a short guide to help you with this. The guide contains tips and tricks about how to make your move with pets as enjoyable as possible! We hope that we will help you.

Things to understand about moving with pets

While moving on your own is hard enough, moving with pets can be a nightmare! You need to take care of two different things – your regular move and your move with pets. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier for you!

moving with pets is easy when they get together well
A cat and a dog playing
  • Get help if you need it: Disregarding an animal is never nice, especially if you can do something to prevent it! You can hire someone to look after your pets while you deal with the move. Moreover, you can hire someone to deal with the move while you deal with the pets. The solution is always there, you just need to find it!
  • Remember that your pets are living beings: Cats, dogs, fish, birds, snakes, those are all living beings you might have as pets. Keep in mind that they have their needs and daily schedules, so plan accordingly! The last thing you want is to leave your pet home alone for hours while you deal with your moving or packing process. Find a solution.
  • Pets can be hard to transport: Your pets are used to certain environments. If you change the environments, you will change their behavior. For example, some pets don’t like long car rides or to leave your house at all. Some love being outside all the time, etc. It is important to understand that transporting your pets might be a problem. Always make sure that they are as comfortable as possible!
  • Don’t let your move influence the lives of your pets: By this we mean do not put your move on the first place. No, living beings are always number one on the list. A good idea to avoid this might be to leave your pets at your family’s house or somewhere you know they will be treated as you treat them. Remember, no rush, just plan ahead and make sure everything goes well with your precious little critters.

Get reliable equipment

It is easy to get a free moving estimate and calculate what resources you will need for the move. However, it is not easy to put your pets in the picture as well. You will need reliable moving equipment, depending on the type of animals you keep. For example, there are special cat boxes people use to transport their cats to the vet and so on. Always make sure to have at least one of them at your disposal if you have a cat. Trust us, the move would be otherwise impossible!

A pug jumping around its new home
A happy little pug

Also, make sure to have enough food and space for your pets during transport. Some journeys might take a while and some might take even longer to finish. Make sure that your pets always have what they need during transport. That way if your vehicle gets broken you will at least know that your pets will have enough food and water for the journey. Basically treat them like babies (they are to a certain extent!).

Call some experts beforehand

Before getting equipment and/or necessities for the road, call the experts for some insight. A lot of people who do local moving or long-distance moving know a lot about how to transport pets from one place to the other. You can trust their judgment. Believe us when we say it, they have done it a lot, even on a daily basis! So, always try to contact experts beforehand. The happiness of your pets depends on it!

Never forget the following when you are moving with pets

So, the list might be long, but make sure never to forget the following:

  • Pets come first: Always, always and always. You can never forget that they can get hurt during the move if you are not careful enough. Never forget that pets come first.
  • Plan in advance: Since this is not an easy task, plan in advance for your move. You need to know every detail beforehand and you need to have everything in mind. Also, make sure that you double-check everything. Trust us, it can be a life-saver!
  • Learn about everything you can: Educate yourself about moving with pets. It can mean a lot in certain situations! For example, did you also know that your pets can get homesick? Make them feel at home as soon as you arrive at your new location! Consult with your moving company as well.
  • Always have a back-up plan: A back-up plan is needed when pets are concerned. They can sometimes do things we least expect them to do, and that might hinder your move. For example, your cats might go missing just before the move, or your dog might not like the professional movers. Always have a spare plan if something like that happens!
  • Let your professional moving company know in advance: Let your movers know that you will be moving with pets. Maybe they can help you out! Who knows, they probably move with pets regularly, so they can share some tips and tricks with you for your future moves. Every bit of information can come in handy sometimes!
moving with pets forms bonds
A girl and her dog watching a sunset together

Overall about moving with pets

Overall, moving with pets is much harder than moving regularly. There are living beings you need to take care of in the middle of a stressful situation. However, those are your pets and they go wherever you go, no questions asked. After all, a bit more stress is totally worth it the love you will share with them in your new home! We hope this helped you out!


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